The Ventriloquist

Chapter 25: Be Prepared

Goldie was frozen in fear and wonder at the sight. He wanted to listen in, but he didn't want Sparky seeing her father in such a position, fearing she might make a noise or do something drastic. He had to think fast.

"Sparky, go and find Bonnie for me will you, perhaps even that chicken, she might be of use to us" he suggested, trying not to add suspicion.

"Oh... Ok" she obeyed sadly, turning back and crawling through the tunnel, sighing slightly.

Now he was alone, Goldie peered back into the grate, keeping low and deadly still to avoid detection. He gulped as Fritz muttered some menacing words into the poor mans ears, Jeremy looking a mixture of heart broken and terrified. He'd put so much into this place, and this was his thank you. Goldie wanted to go up to them all and punch them in the face, but that would be foolish. But he knew in his heart that he'd make sure Jeremy got a happy ending, even if it killed him...

"Are you going to stop him?" asked The Vixen, slightly overwhelmed.

"Perhaps. I want to see how much he remembers about his father, and if he'll kill him to obey orders" The Puppet pondered wondrously.

The knife glimmered in the gracious moon light, casting reflections all round the oddly quiet room. Fritz stood with one had on the back of Jeremy's neck, the other gripping the blade tightly. He meant business.

"F-Fritz. Don't do it" whispered Jeremy pre-cautiously.

"Quiet! I would have killed you instantly if you weren't fixing me, but no human will take advantage of my damaged state. Pathetic." he hissed back.

"D-Do you even remember who I am?" he asked, fearing the answer might push him to the limit.

"All I know is that you're bad news. Thats what my boss told me" he answered quite professionally.

Jeremy bowed his head, used to the harmful object blocking his escape. His son didn't know who he was, the only person who truly mattered to him. That, and his sister...

The memory of Eve tackled his mind like a rugby player, punching him over and over, taunting him for letting her go so easily. Her pretty little face, her sparkly green eyes inherited from him, her adorable little smile. That was all gone from his life, in a worse way than he thought. Her mother had brought her back to the pizzeria for her ninth birthday to visit Fritz and Jeremy, and the animals she'd grown to love. She'd found a golden bear in a closet, and in an attempt to revive him, electrocuted herself and sent into paralysis. She 'died' hours later, her entire family crying over her. What happened to her after then was a mystery, but he'd give up his life to have her alive. It was coming up to her fifteenth birthday, the day when he and Fritz would always lay another reef of flowers by her grave, each another colour representing the animatronics. It was brought to his attention that perhaps this year he would no longer be around to fulfil his ritual...

"Well, are you going to kill him?" asked the puppet, pressuring Fritz.

"No... No... Something doesn't seem right. Why do I remember his face from somewhere?" Fritz began to mutter to himself.

Jeremy's eyes lit up, perhaps the bear did remember.

"That`s preposterous, you've never seen him in your life!" he hissed back.

"Yes I have! Don't lie to me, this is no stranger... Dad?"

Jeremy began to smile, something he'd never much done these past weeks. The two looked at each other, not knowing what to do with his newfound memory. All that they knew was they were father and son, a bond that could never be broken...

The Vixen looked at The Puppet, and he looked back at her, nodded simultaneously.

"Kill him".

Back with Sparky

Sparky began to crawl back, disappointed that she couldn't witness the action. Still, Goldie must know what he's doing, he knew better after all. Making a few turns that she recalled, she began to listen out for Bonnie, or anybody for that matter. After a few minutes of silence, only the faint whirring of the vent systems, she heard two voices heading her way. They were muttering quickly, their tone suggested they were in a hurry. She followed it, not knowing what else to do. She began to see blue and yellow in the distance, charging towards her. She called out, wondering who the blue person was.

"Chica? Is that you?"

"AAAAH! CHIKA GO BACK!" screeched the blue person, now more clearly a rabbit.

"Calm down Bon-Bon, I remember her, she's friendly" answered Chika.

Greeting Sparky elegantly, Chika began to calm down her friend who seemed shaken up.

"Don't mind Bon-Bon, he gets a little fretful from time to time. What are you doing here, I thought you were with the gold bear?" she asked.

"He sent me to look for you, and perhaps Bon-Bon, we need help in attacking the puppet" she explained.

"Ha! No chance! I'd much rather die than face him again!" chuckled Bon-Bon rudely, receiving a hard nudge from Chika.

"We'd be happy to help, only we used to 'work' for him. We ran away first chance we got, that monstrous piece of-"

"MMM! I see! Well, thank you anyway. We've got to find Bonnie first, then we'll think about attacking him. I wonder where she's got to anyway..." silenced Sparky hastily.

"I'm right here" came a voice from down the hall.

There was Bonnie, crouched smugly, holding what appeared to be a head.

"What is that!?" exclaimed Chika, disgusted.

"This my friend, is called revenge".

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