The Ventriloquist

Chapter 26: Paint The Walls With Their Blood

In The Puppet's Lair:

Jeremy stiffened at the puppets harsh words, hearing his heart pound heavy. His whole face tensed up, his fists clenching, bracing himself for the fox to lunge at him with her teeth bared, tearing him limb from limb. But to his surprise, it was not him that they wanted dead. He felt his sons hand lift from his shoulder and back away towards the other end of the room, the fox brushing past him and aiming towards Fritz. Jeremy span around in surprise, watching the fox unleash her claws from her paws and snarl at Fritz. He looked prepared to fight the vicious vixen, but uncertainty and anxiety was washed over his face. Jeremy scowled; no fox would kill his son without a fight. He rushed towards her, a spanner gripped in his right hand. Strangely, the puppet seemed unbothered by the whole situation, perhaps testing the vixen to see if she could handle a middle aged man and a bulky animatronic bear by herself...

Enraged, Jeremy stopped behind the oblivious fox, steps away from Fritz, and hit her straight with the spanner on her head, making her yelp in pain. A trickle of oil ran behind her head, staining her well kept fur. She turned around in a fury, her teeth bared and claws ready to deal some damage. She went to attack him in spite of Fritz behind her, but the bear would not allow her to hurt Jeremy. He ran from behind and grabbed her back the neck, attempting to throw her on the floor. But she was strong, stronger than either of them imagined, and Fritz winced as he was punched straight in the face, sending him tumbling backwards. The two began punching and kicking each other, irritated by their equal strength. Jeremy stood dead in horror as he watched his son pinned against a wall. The vixen grabbed Fritz's left arm, and with an almighty crack, ripped it straight from his body. A piercing scream echoed all down the vents, occupied by many secretive robots, who all heard the agonising wail.

Goldie couldn't watch for much longer as the bear was torn apart by the fox. He kicked the vent cover out and scrambled to his feet, not caring who saw him. He looked around in horror, his friends either dead, deactivated or being killed. He laid eyes on Jeremy, who seemed to recognise him. He looked grief stricken, perhaps reminded of his 'dead' daughter by his presence. But the real issue was the puppet, who approached him with his hidden claws prepared. This was his fight. But Sparky didn't see it like that...

"You!" hissed the puppet, pointing his claw at the golden bear.

"You're supposed to be dead! Along with that stupid nine year old!"

"I'll break you!" screeched Goldie, as he lunged at the puppet.

Sparky and the others were watching from the other vent, not knowing what to do. The toys looked at each other in fear, whilst Bonnie couldn't take her eyes off her friends. The dream she had, it was real.

"Oh my god..." she murmured, her hand over her mouth.

"This is worse than we thought..." added Bon-Bon, watching the fights in the distance.

But Sparky had other plans than to watch.

"Right, listen, I'm only saying this once. Chika, Bon-Bon, help Fritz fend off that fox. Bonnie, try and get Goldie away from the puppet and get Jeremy to safety" she ordered.

"What about you?" asked Chika.

"I've got plans for that monster..."

Bon-Bon and Chika clambered out of the vents, their fists clenched in terror. Avoiding detection by the occupied puppet, they sprinted past Jeremy and lunged straight at the vixen. Bon-Bon jumped on her back, pulling at her ears and scratching her. Chika helped Fritz over to the other robots, grimacing at their state. Bonnie had to bring herself to pass her friends, tears welling in her eyes. She approached Jeremy, his face overwhelmingly relieved to see her.

"Bonnie! You're back! With the bear! he exclaimed in glee.

"That`s not the only person I'm back with" she added, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the puppet.

She glanced up at the ceiling, nodding at Sparky who had climbed up the wall to attack the puppet. The clock ticked, the punches were thrown, the oil was spilled and the lives were avenged. Sparky leapt from the wall, Bonnie grabbed Goldie from his cowered state, the vixen screeched as Bon-Bon pursued in attacking her, and Chika tried to shake Fritz awake. As the cat landed in front of the puppet, her eyes scowled and angered, he soon realised who she was.

"Eve?" he tried to pronounce, wondering whether his eyes deceived him.

"Not any-more".

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