The Ventriloquist

Chapter 27: Outnumbered

An eerie silence fell dead across the room, electric volts flying from the machine positioned in the middle of the room. Whilst observing Jeremy's expressions on the realisation that his daughter had returned, she had time to properly look at the masterpiece. Reaching high into the ceiling, a large cylinder with charges pulsing around it stood behind a large computer filled with levers and buttons that controlled each possible setting. It seemed faulty, for there was a flashing light illuminating the dark grey panel, its red glow intimidating yet oddly intriguing. She watched as the puppet backed away from the vicious cat, glancing at his team mate becoming weak from the persevering toys. Sparky approached him, her claws shimmering and teeth gleaming, ready to rip him to shreds. But two could play at that game, for the puppet realised he couldn't let a teenage girl beat him and found courage. They stood face to face, the dark abyss of his eyes almost inviting her inside, as if a backwards way of kidnapping.

"Second times a charm, cat" he spat angrily.

The two lunged at each other, clashing in a brawl of claws and teeth. Sparky hit him first, leaving a scratch mark engraved on his plastic face. He hissed before delivering a sharp punch to her face, leaving small claw holes in her forehead. Goldie joined her in the fight, refusing to see her beaten by that monster. He came from behind in attempt to rip his face from him, only to snap a few pieces from the edge. The puppet screamed in pain, before realising how beaten he already was. But he had allies that would do his work for him.

"Stop! Please! I am beaten, I accept that" he retreated, his claws sheathed and hands up.

"Good, come on Goldie, lets kill him" retaliated Sparky, enraged.

"Wait! I need to shut off the system, I'm the only one who knows who to!" he pleaded.

Sparky and Goldie glanced at each other, before nodding. The puppet smiled and headed towards the panel, giggling to himself as he did. Bonnie and Jeremy watched suspiciously as he flicked a few switches. It seemed normal, until he picked up a microphone from a case and spoke into.

"Now you keep your end of the bargain, old timers".

Before any of them could brace themselves, four seven foot robots lunged from every angle, representations of the main four. Freddy, a lumbering bear with wires splayed at all angles, much like the real ones state now. Chica, her beak looking like a hot mess, stumbling towards them. Foxy, his body ripped apart and hook sharp and jagged. And worst of all, a faceless Bonnie with no recognition of who it actually was. As the six of them, excluding the still unconscious Fritz, backed away into a little circle, Sparky closed her eyes and awaited the excruciating pain she was about to witness. She'd always wondered what actually dying felt like, whether it would be worse than her stuffing. As something seized her by the ribs, she hoped that her friends, her father, her brother, would survive in as less pain as possible, and that her death would be swift and of a sophisticated way...

The last any of them could remember was the feeling of oil pouring out from every angle, their circuits jamming in every joint. Even Jeremy could remember his blood spilling on the floor, being lifted and thrown about until he could remember no more. These machines were controlled by that fiend, and he had succeeded...

"Excellent work my friends. I thank you" thanked the puppet.

"What happened to the fox?" asked Bonnie, pointing to Fritz slumped in a corner, his arm strewn on the floor.

"Never mind that, she was too weak to deal with those two to really deserve my protection" he dismissed unforgivably.

"I hope you plan on cleaning the floor" muttered Chica, glancing at the oil and blood painted on the floor.

"With this victory? You'd be mad, duck" taunted Freddy.

"You're just as bad as Foxy" retorted Chica.

"Wait, where is Foxy?"

The three glanced around for the broken fox, but he had vanished. They feared he'd been killed, but the likely hood was more heart breaking than they'd ever imagine, and it was true. Foxy was camped in a closet with the vixen, shaking her awake. She fluttered open her eyes before locking them with the fox.

"Foxy? They-They deactivated you?!"

"It's not the Foxy you know. I'm the first ever Foxy, the one... You should've replaced..." he sighed.

"How are you still alive after all these years?" she asked, sitting up.

"The Puppet activated us in return for a favour. But I hated the sight of that thing, I want him dead. Everyone does, except those three, oblivious fools. Seems hopeless doesn't it? Those six all crushed. But I know how we can win, but you've got to be on my side" he explained.

"Of course! But the only one left is Fritz, and I don't know if he's even alive" she added, feeling guilty that she'd done that to him.

"No, there's one more. A rabbit".



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