The Ventriloquist

Chapter 28: The Past Revealed

Mangle stared up at the decaying fox, his eyes barely visible due to the darkness surrounding the small room and the lack of energy flowing to them. What did he mean before them? Foxy could sense that she was unable to process what he said, so without warning, he told the tale...

"Long ago, back when Freddy's was in its newest, there was the first restaurant; Fredbear's Family Diner. It starred Freddy and his golden doppelgänger; Goldie. They were very popular, though the actual animatronics were very basic, only functioning above the waste. So naturally, some staff members would put on similar costumes and go dance with the children. But someone used a Goldie suit for something other than entertaining the kids. A child was stood outside the pizzeria, but was not allowed to enter for an unknown reason. He was lured round the back and killed by the man, left to rot outside the place. When word got around, the place was closed down, leaving Goldie's performing days with it".

Mangle gasped, Foxy just nodding in confirmation.

"Then they opened a second pizzeria, calling it Freddy Fazbear's, the first of its type. They introduced Freddy again, followed by myself, Bonnie and Chica. We were a success, our technology slightly more updated as you can see. We ran all through the 1970's and through to the beginning of the 80's, until the imposter who killed the poor boy was found out to be the employee working at Freddy Fazbear's. The place was immediately closed down, the man finally arrested and charged. For three years, many court cases were happening based around it, and that's when Jeremy got involved with the business, determined to turn it around and create a new name for it. In 1986, this place was opened, leaving us V1's used for parts. Ever recall The Spare Parts Room? That's where we were left..."

"Until in 1987, the dreaded year, you destroyed it. You know what you did, destroyed every Foxy's reputation with your foolish acts. You were in full control, yet you still unleashed those fangs and almost killed someone. The character framed was me! But naturally, V3 Foxy, the old pizzeria opened in 1990's Foxy, was mocked for it, due to his uncanny resemblance to me. I didn't bite him, he didn't bite him, you did" he hissed.

"But now that place is gone, and 1993 is dawning soon. The V3's moved back here due to the co-owners back in 1987 wanting Jeremy to invest back in them. But we all still remained. You lived in disrepair for five years, waiting for your chance to strike. Here it is, and you're here, relying on an old soul like me to bail you out, to trust you after you teamed up with the puppet. But I can't blame him, and do you want to know why?" he asked.

Mangle gulped, but nodded.

"I don't blame him, because he's been here all along. He needed a friend who was alone, and you so happened to be. He was the first victim, the one killed outside the pizzeria. His soul possessing the only old animatronic that nobody used anymore because of its hideous looks. The Marionette, keeper of the music box. He still looks for the man who took his life away, and what he doesn't know is that you're just as bad as his murderer. But what he doesn't know can't hurt him, right? You find Springtrap, lurking somewhere out in this desolate place, and you do what you need to. You may not be able to fix what you did back then, but you can fix what's happened here today. You can clean the oil from the floor, you can put the energy back in their systems".

"How? I'm a mangled fox and he's a decayed rabbit? We're no good put together!" she cried.

"The solution doesn't always lie in how hard you can punch. Sometimes, all it takes is a little knowledge. If you can convince him and get to that computer, you'll see how the story unfolds. You don't have much time before the animatronics shut off and the man loses too much blood, so hurry!" he instructed, before leaving the room promptly.

"I'll never forget what you've done!" she called back.

"Oh, one thing. Don't tell anyone I saved you, I get enough teasing from the other V1's as it is".

Mangle smirked, he reminded her so much of V3 Foxy, it was ridiculous. It was confusing, having three generations of Foxy's, each with the same name. Now, how to get out of here without being spotted...

She glanced around for a vent, spying the room with her one keen eye. She spotted an opened grate on the ceiling, and with the help of a few stray boxes, climbed inside it and began to wander through the vents. How she'd find Springtrap was a question she couldn't answer, this place was huge. She just kept crawling, not caring where she went. She just had to find the rabbit at whatever cost. She began to notice a screaming sound in the distance. It wasn't robotic in the slightest... Almost human...

She neared the source, dreading the outcome. She peeked inside the room using the grate that connected to it. Her suspicions were correct, a human was stood in the corner of an office type room, cowering in fear with a torch gripped in his left hand. What the hell was he screaming at? She glanced to the right and found the answer. There was Springtrap. But he didn't seem to be trying to attack the human, not in the slightest.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" screeched the man.

"epoh ylnO. tac eht pleH"

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