The Ventriloquist

Chapter 29: Convincing Story

Mangle watched from her perch, horrified. The man seemed terrified of the malfunctioning rabbit, his eyes barely visible through the dimly lit office. She had to find some way of distracting Springtrap away from the guard; she glanced swiftly around for options. Clawing her way across the ceiling, seeing as it was the only option, Mangle edged her way down, slowly and quietly.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" screeched the guard.

"em pleH" pleaded the choking rabbit.

"I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT" he replied, clearly unsettled.

"Don't worry, calm down" calmed Mangle as she approached him slowly, her fluffy hands up in reassurance to him that she wasn't a threat.

"MONSTER! YOU'RE A MONSTER!" screamed the man, before quitting his job and charging out.

Mangle bowed her head in sorrow. The hard truth was that he was right. She was a monster, her mangled body horrific and terrifying. She hated herself, that was for sure.

"?KO uoy erA" croaked Springtrap worriedly.

"Let me fix that for you".

She padded towards him and flicked a few switches on his visible voice box until a spark flew and a light flashed on.

"Thank you. It's been broken for so long now" he thanked graciously.

Mangle then realised he had a very distinguished tone to his voice.

"Listen, Springtrap, I need a favour. My friends have been attacked by the puppet and his team of V1 robots. I need you to shut them down. Theres a computer in the lair that controls their servo, and with the right mind, it can be shut down" she explained awkwardly.

"No way. Sorry, but an old soul like me can't do that!" he dismissed, before heading towards the airy vent.

"Wait! You said something about a cat. Perhaps the one you meant was the one who needs you help" she suggested wisely.

"I doubt it. There's been many cats, tried and tested, scrapped and restarted. Candy, Cindy, Whiskers, Felix" he began to name.


The name fell dead into the gloominess of the office.

"She's alive? Who got her out?" he asked urgently, making his way back into the office.

"Out of where?"

"The nightmare of course! A few of us got trapped there, her being one. Does she still remember what I did to her, or what I will do considering how far it is in the future?" he asked rhetorically.

"Now is you chance to pay her back if indeed she does".

"The last thing she'd want is to see my face again! But then, I would be sort of paying back a debt..."


"Alright, lets do it".

Mangled sighed; although she got the rabbit on her side, there was no way of getting him to the lair without breaking him. She peered into the darkness of the hallway, its mystery engulfing her imagination. A sudden light illuminated it. She glanced at Springtrap. Maybe he was the smart soul that he was told to be after all...

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