The Ventriloquist

Chapter 3:: The Final Performance

Early morning sunlight struck the pizzeria, presenting its marvellous colours previously hidden from last night's darkness. However, the sun was deceiving, for the late November chill still bit and chopped at the passers by. As the clock chimed 6AM, a triumphant squeal could be heard from the security guard, as he skipped merrily out of the place, pleased to still be alive. Mr. Fitzgerald rolled his eyes as he unlocked the large double doors of the front desk and held them open for a young teenage boy. He was well acquainted with the animatronics, and they in turn enjoyed his company.

"I'll see you later Dad" he called as he wandered towards the Show Stage.

"Bye Fritz" he called back.

Fritz was Mr. Fitzgeralds only son, who he was rather attached to. His wife had divorced him a while ago and forced Fritz to change his name back to Smith, though he always called himself a Fitzgerald. He was sixteen years old, tall for his age, with hazel coloured eyes and short brown hair. He entered the Show Stage, switching on the large spotlights above his head and drawing back the violet curtains of the stage.

"Morning guys" he greeted happily.

"Hiya Fritz!" responded Chica merrily, who ran up to him to give him a hug.

"Good to see you mate" called Bonnie from behind the curtain.

"Morning" added Freddy, who was leant against the wall studying his microphone.


Foxy was sat on a beanbag staring into space, lost to his own depressing thoughts. Fritz hated to see him like this, he was always his favourite as a young boy. He recalled a drawing he made for Foxy on his ninth birthday, where he and his younger sister would always come. Their parents divorce meant that his sister went with their Mother, so naturally Fritz stayed with his Father.

"Come on Foxy, what's happened to the old Pirate Captain? Those kids look up to you they do, don't disappoint them!" encouraged Fritz.

"They wouldn't want to see me like this, I shouldn't perform today, there's no point" he grumbled quietly.

"There is always a reason to go out and make those kids happy" answered Freddy.

"Yeah, he's right. It was four years ago, most the kids don't even know what happened, their parents the same. Plus, you didn't even do it, you know that" agreed Fritz, preparing the stage whilst he talked.

"I'm starting to forget that I'm innocent" replied Foxy, starting to get a little emotional.

"Hey, don't get upset".

Bonnie hurried over to Foxy and put her arm around him. He was the newest of all the animatronics, and she being the eldest female took him under her wing. She was like an older sister to him, but Freddy never saw it like that. As he glanced over at the two, his gaze was fixed on Bonnie. He began to feel resentment towards the fox, bitter anger and rage. He knew what relationship the two had, and he wished Bonnie would take her attention off the 'depressed' fox and focus more.. on him...

"Earth to Freddy!" he heard someone shouting.

"Freddy! Come on, we need to help Fritz!"

It was Chica who snapped him out of his trance. He'd always liked Chica, her kindness, humour, even her sarcasm amused him. She and Foxy were a perfect match, when Foxy wasn't in his current state. There had been times where Chica had come crying to either him or Bonnie, claiming she felt Foxy didn't love her any more, and it was all her fault that he was like that. That was one of the reasons he'd spent more time with her recently, but he knew there was another reason. He hated to admit it, but was he trying to make Bonnie jealous? No... of course not...

Freddy began to connect up the wires to the power source, and as he did, the wonderfully bright coloured stage lights splashed colour onto the room. Chica grabbed hold of the ropes attached to different back drops, whilst Fritz recited Bonnie's guitar music with her. Foxy had made an effort to be useful, and had started to lay the table with cutlery and plates, but he did it was a sad expression permanently carved on his face. His thoughts were always back at that night, four years ago. The anniversary of it had just passed, and Foxy was surprised that the place was still open after the commotion it had caused.

"Don't jinx it Foxy, you know too well it will happen if you do" he muttered to himself.

As the time neared 9AM, and customers had started to flock in numbers, Fritz had a quick word with Foxy before he rejoined his Dad at reception.

"Are you sure you don't want to perform? I've seen a lot of children wearing pirate outfits" he asked hopefully.

"Then they can do the show" he grumbled.

"Foxy, they love you, you're their favourite of them all! You were my favourite you know, when I was younger".

"That's nice of you matey, but I'm not the ol' fox I once was" he replied, his pirate accent slipping back in.

"If you won't do it for yourself, or the kids, do it for me, it'll be the last I ever-"

"What?!" he snapped.

"Nothing! But please, I'd really like to see my old mate perform again..." he admitted, blushing slightly.

Foxy smiled for once at him blushing.

"Oh alright then, I'll get myself set up".

Fritz clapped his hands together like a giddy ten year old girl, and quickly unlocked Pirate's Cove for him to get in position. He checked one last time that the others were in position, before rejoining his Dad.


Still continuing his smile after watching the fox perform once again, Fritz rejoined the animatronics to do some 'repairs'. That`s what he told his Dad anyway. His Father had no idea that the robots were alive, and he intended for him never to find out. It was his secret, and his only. He saw an array of coloured eyes as they heard him come in, ranging from a kind blue, to a wonderful pink, to a deep purple and to a dirty gold. He flicked on the smaller and less bright set of lights and sat on the stage. His smile faded when he realised what he had to tell them. Whilst he waited for their servos to turn on fully, he observed the building around him. Memories of his childhood flashed before his eyes, mainly of ones when his family was together. They were truly happy with this place, until that fateful day when his Mother admitted her terrible crime.

Disgusted, that was one way to describe how he felt, when his Mother admitted she'd been having an affair and wanted a divorce. They'd met the guy before once or twice, a body builder who seemed more interested with the gym than of his new girlfriend. Neither him or his sister liked him very much, but she felt forced to go with her, as she had a strong bond with her Mother. He missed his sister everyday, but if seeing her meant seeing his Mother again, he'd pass.

"Fritz? You alright?"

Freddy and Bonnie had been sat next to him for a while, looking concerned.

"Yeah, yeah I'm alright" he sighed.

"Are Foxy and Chica awake yet?" he added quickly.

He didn't want to do this to them, but he had no choice.

Bonnie called for them, and as they appeared around the curtains, Fritz felt even more guilty.

Since Foxy performed again for the first time in a week, he was feeling much better. He kept saying that this place hadn't seen the last of Foxy, and had his arm around Chica.

"What`s the matter?" asked Chica gleefully.

Fritz sighed.

"Guys, there's something I need to tell you. We've received a letter from the co-owners of the previous pizzeria, and they want us to invest back in them again. But we can't afford to keep both of the restaurants, so in a couple of days they're taking everything here and moving to this new pizzeria.... including you guys..."

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