The Ventriloquist

Chapter 31: Put The Mind To Work

Vixie smiled at her newly formed name. She hated being called Mangle, for it made her insecure about how she looked, but then again, the puppet made nasty nicknames for all his workers. She remembered calling the toys Little Dolls, and the V1's Walking Scrapyard's. She felt sick to her stomach at the thought of her befriending that monster, she felt so oblivious and blinded by his cruel wicked ways. But she knew it wasn't all his fault; he was sick in the head after all...

Fritz brushed off his dust gathered arm (that had been attached all this time) and watched as the frail old rabbit figured out a way to achieve their plan. An idea blasted into the old souls mind like a hurricane.

"Right, here's what we're going to do. Vixie, I need you to make an excuse as to why Fritz is fixed. You are going to pretend to still be on the puppets side, saying that you needed him for some reason. While you have them all distracted, I'll sneak round the other way and get to the computer. It'll only take me a few minutes" he explained proudly.

"I hate to offend you, but are you sure you're mobile enough to get round?" asked Fritz cautiously, as to not upset him.

"No no, I'll be fine..." he assured, though really he wasn't sure how he was going to do it.

"Vixie? You in?"

Vixie had turned round and was wandering to the other side of the room, her mind cluttered with thoughts of the past. A frown was once again engraved on her face, as if being happy was a crime.


"What? Oh yeah, yeah... Lets do it" she agreed, alarmed and snapping out of her painful thoughts.

The boys nodded and got in position. Vixie grabbed Fritz's arm and began to creak open the door slowly. Though she was scared, she was a good actor, and could hopefully pull off a convincing show. She dragged Fritz along, her face angered and pained. She faced the puppet, who was looming over the six bodies sprawled across the floor, the oil and blood merged and drying on the once nicely polished floor. He glanced up, unhappy and surprised to see her.

"I see you weren't killed" he stated, rather uncaring.

"I'm tougher than I look boss. Thought you could do with two extra workers" she replied.

"Oh how thoughtful of you, Mangle" he hissed sarcastically.

"Good work here, finally beat them aye?" she pointed out, observing his prize on the floor. She grimaced; the poor things.

"Mmm, isn't that right Scrapyard's?" he called to the V1's, who appeared behind the curtain strewn on the wall.

Vixie locked eyes with V1 Foxy, who smiled weakly. Perhaps she had taken his advice after all, but her act seemed all too real...

"I wish you'd call us by our proper names, Strings" retaliated V1 Freddy.

"OI! You'll be dead scraps if you ever call me that again, cub" he hissed back.

Fritz glanced at the computer, astounded by the rabbits hidden agility. He was flicking switches and pressing buttons at a fast pace, his face fully concentrated. He looked back up at the marvellous machine, the gleaming light beginning to fade.

"Come on Springtrap, you can do it..." he muttered quietly.

"What was that?!" snapped the puppet, heading towards Fritz. He suddenly felt intimidated by the feeble bodied soul.

"Nothing sir" he muttered as obediently as he could sound, not agreeing with the whole acting process.

"A little enthusiasm goes a long way, you seem to have inherited some characteristics from this excuse for a bear" he retorted, pointing a long finger at V1 Freddy. The bear rolled his eyes in response.

"Hey! You better respect me, unless you want me to shut you down!"

The puppet began to become suspicious of the bears movements. He began to twitch, falling back into the wall. The twitching turned to flailing, his arms flying left, right and centre, small sparks flying from his body. He shook violently once more, before the light in his eyes faded and he fell flat on the floor, lifeless.

"What the-..." the puppet trailed off.

V1 Chica began to abruptly shake, before suffering the same fate as V1 Freddy, falling to the ground in a state of death. V1 Bonnie then too joined them, its face cracking due to its deformation. The last one left was V1 Foxy, who locked eyes once again with Vixie.

"Well done Vixie... Good luck" he whispered, before his dirty gold eyes flickered, and then turned off for good.

The puppet looked around in shock, before being confronted by Fritz and Vixie, both snarling and irritated.

"You wouldn't dare" urged the puppet, though he was terrified of their strength.

"No... You're right... We wouldn't dare, would we Fritz?" agreed Vixie.

Fritz looked confused, before Vixie winked at him, wanting to reveal something in style.

"No, we wouldn't" he joined in.

The pullet tilted his head in confusion.

"But he would..."

The two stepped back to reveal Springtrap holding the puppets dreaded box, its red ribbon teared to allow the box to open. Fritz and Vixie grabbed the puppet by the arms, dragging him across the floor as he struggled and fought them. He screamed in their ears, but it was blocked out by cheers of victory sounding in their minds. They threw him in the box before shoving the lid on quickly, Vixie sitting in it to avoid him breaking out. They sealed it up with many layers of red ribbon, knowing soon the puppet would suffocate and die. Die the painful death he deserved.

"It's over, it's finally over" exclaimed Fritz happily, relieved.

"Not quite yet".

"Indeed Vixie, we've got these guys to save..."

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