The Ventriloquist

Chapter 32: A Devastating Discovery

Fritz sighed as he stared at his friends and family, their lives fading dramatically. They had to act fast, or they'd vanish forever, Jeremy being the first to go. He rushed towards his father, lifting him from his pool of blood and setting him on a cleaner part of the floor. He studied his wounds; one to his chest, blood staining his shirt, another up his left arm and a few scratches to his face. He winced; how could he let this happen to his own dad?

"Vixie, fetch me some bandages, now!" he ordered.

Without another word, the fox hurried into the Spare Parts Room, searching frantically for them. Fritz checked his pulse, it was weak and fading. He listened for his breathing, little gasps sounding from his nose. Fritz sighed in relief, it was likely that he'd pull through.

"Come on Dad, wake up" he urged, giving him a little shake.

"Here Fritz, I found these and something to clean his wounds with" called Vixie successfully.

Fritz took them from her gratefully, cleansing his wounds before wrapping them in layers of bandages. He shook him gently again, before he fluttered his eyes open and closed.

"Dad? Come on, you can do it".

Jeremy opened his dulled green eyes and looked up at his son, still dazed. Fritz smiled, happy to see him alive. Jeremy too smiled weakly, pleased to see his son remembered him.

"Fritz?" he moaned weakly, trying to sit up. Fritz aided him.

"Don't worry, he's gone now".

"What... What happened? Oh my god, what happened to them?" he asked, noticing the five robots still laying dead on the floor.

"You all got attacked by them" said Fritz, pointing at the lifeless V1's. "But Vixie found Springtrap" he continued, glancing up at the rabbit stumbling towards the two.

"He shut them down whilst Vixie and I distracted the puppet, before we shoved him in his box, where he belongs" he finished.

Springtrap bent down beside Fritz, smiling at the confused man. Vixie joined them, before Jeremy sat up abruptly, leaning away from the fox.

"Hey! Its you! Get away from us!" he screeched as loud as he could, grabbing Fritz's arm.

Vixie lowered her ears in shame.

"Sir, don't fret. She's friendly, she saved our lives" assured Springtrap.

"No! You tried to kill my son!" he disagreed, trying to pull Fritz away from her.

"Dad, calm down. The puppet did a lot of things to us, don't you remember, he tricked me into thinking you were a threat to me. He did the same to Vixie, but she escaped and found me. Springtrap fixed me" he explained calmly.

Jeremy narrowed his eyes at the fox who looked close to crying. No matter what she did to make up for what the puppet made her do, nobody seemed to accept her. She stood up sadly and wandered towards the five dead robots, bending down beside Goldie.

"We've got to fix him first, he's the only one who can save these guys souls" she thought to herself.

She retrieved the tool box from earlier, beginning to rejoin Goldie's splitting arms whilst Fritz tried to calm his father. Vixie stopped, looking upset and devastated.

"Vixie? What's wrong?" asked Springtrap worriedly.

She looked gaunt, as though she'd seen a ghost.

"These parts, they're broken beyond repair. The only other robot who has these... Is me..." she explained in sorrow.

"Then we can order some more" snapped Jeremy irritably.

"You decommissioned me, remember? The only parts left are mine".

The truth dropped on them like a gavel. If they were to save Goldie, they had to take Vixie apart.

"There's got to be another way. I refuse to take you apart and kill you" grunted Fritz frustratedly.

"Why? All I do is cause pain to everyone I meet. I nearly killed you all, I made Springtrap risk his life to make it up to you all, and the first thing Jeremy says to me is he doesn't want me here" cried Vixie, holding her head in her hands.


Springtrap ran as fast as he could towards Vixie, gesturing for her to stand up. He studied her body, looking for something.

"What... What are you doing?"

He didn't respond. He then bent down and studied Goldie's ripped body, nodding as he did.

"Just as I suspected. I've got similar parts too. They aren't quite the same, and mime are a little rusted, but until you can get some new ones, I'll take the price myself".

Vixie shook her head.

"No way Springtrap".

Fritz joined the fox, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"It's for the best, it'd put him out of his pain".

Springtrap nodded in agreement with the bear. Vixie sighed.

"Okay... Fetch me the tools..."

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