The Ventriloquist

Chapter 33: Leave Me To Rest

Springtrap bowed his head graciously, before making his way to a work bench. He lied down slowly, every metal joint aching and creaking. He rested his head back, closing his weary eyes. He heard Vixie approach him slowly, her shadow looming above him, her ears drawn back in upset. He opened his eyes once more to see her holding a tool box, gripping it tightly. Her eyes brimmed with tears, unwilling to let herself do this.

"I'm so sorry Springtrap... I don't want to do this" she whispered, clearing her throat.

"You'd be doing be a favour dear, a soul like me shouldn't have made it this long. My parts are going to a better place" he assured her, smiling.

"Goodbye Springtrap, I won't ever forget how you've helped us all" she croaked.

She was joined by Fritz, Jeremy supported by him.

"Goodbye" they repeated at the same time.

"Wait Vixie. Just promise me something. Take care of Goldie, all of you. My parts won't stabilise him that well".

She nodded briskly, before pushing his head back gently. Taking in the scenery one last time, Springtrap closed his eyes, being overwhelmed by darkness. He felt her claws poking his chest, looking for his off switch. She found it, hesitating.


And Springtrap was no more...

Time Skip (1 hour)

Nervously, the three stepped back as Goldie's newfound body began to restart. At first he was motionless, his face expressionless and bleak. Then, he began to twitch, his eyes beginning to open. He weakly opened his bright white eyes, straining at the bright light. He felt stiff, stiffer than he'd ever been. His vision focused to see two robots and a human looming over him, their faces worried and upset. He groaned, trying to sit up, but failing and falling back down. He looked around as far as he could see, before his eyes widened.

"What? Am I dead?" he murmured, staring up at Fritz.

"Not quite" he answered intently.

"Welcome back Gold" greeted Jeremy, happy to see the golden bear alive.

Vixie had already wandered off, not wanting the abuse that she knew she was going to get. She sat beside the remains of Springtrap, only his face and thin shell remaining. She sniffed; she felt guilty and devastated. She would have given up her sad little life to save the old soul.

"Mangle? What are you doing here?"

Goldie had managed to sit up, supported by Fritz and Jeremy. He didn't look angry or scared, more bewildered and surprised.

"I don't know. It should've been me" she answered gravely.


Fritz went and sat beside her, staring into her one golden eye, trying to figure out why she was in so much pain. He wanted to do something to help her, however difficult.

"Hey, when this is all over, how about we fix you up?" he offered good heartedly.

Her ears perked up.

"R-Really? You'd do that for me?" she asked, overjoyed.

"Now Fritz, don't get ahead of yourself. We've got these guys to fix..."

He trailed off. The two looked at him, trying to work out what he was thinking. They looked at him, and back down at the five robots. They locked eyes on the oil stained cat. Had Jeremy realised who she was? His eyes had widened and he stood up slowly, walking with heavy footsteps towards them. He fell to his knees beside the cat, his hands quivering. He had...

"Dad? We'll fix her and she'll be okay. Please don't cry" he begged, not wanting to see his father upset again.

"Goldie, when can you start?" asked Jeremy urgently.

"I... Don't know" he muttered, rubbing his head tiredly.

Jeremy looked down at the cat, stroking her head.

"What has this business done to this family?"

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