The Ventriloquist

Chapter 34: Manufacture

Jeremy bid farewell to the three remaining animatronics and made his way to his car parked in the car-park. He had been in the pizzeria for many days now and needed to go home and get some proper sleep. The ominous moon shone above him and the crisp winter air refreshed him. Fishing out his keys from his secure pocket, he stepped inside his car and began to drive off. He glanced at the empty passenger seat beside him, frowning. Fritz should've been sat there next to him, but for now, he belonged at the pizzeria as a performing animatronic bear. The realisation hit him like a brick and he sighed. He'd feel lonely now, for a long time coming...

Vixie, Fritz and Goldie sat around the mess of robots, quiet and awkward. Goldie leant back on his hands, still feeling weak and dazed. Fritz sat next to him, his legs crossed and gaze low. Vixie grew tired and slumped against the wall in an attempt to sleep for a few hours. She closed her weary eyes and let her hands fall beside her, sleep creeping up on her by the second. During her course of dreaming, she recalled the painful memories of being under control by the puppet. How ridiculed and looked down upon she was. How disrespected and underestimated he made her feel. How broken and regretful she felt inside. She never doubted that Fritz meant what he said about getting her a new body, but it would never cover up how much she hated herself. But perhaps she'd gain her confidence, something she'd always wanted to have back...

She was awoken with a gentle shake. She fluttered open her eyes to see Fritz looming over her, looking pleased and excited. She sag up and rubbed her eyes, looking around inquisitively.

"Vixie! Guess what?!" squealed the excited bear, giddy and happy.

"Tell me" she sighed, sitting up.

"Bon-Bon and Chika woke up, all by themselves! They must be regaining strength!" he cried, leaping to his feet and joining Goldie.

Vixie leapt to her feet and ran over to the blue rabbit and yellow chicken, who were being checked by Goldie. She noticed how frail and unstable the golden bear looked; the deceased rabbits body wasn't providing enough for his physique. The two recently awakened toys locked eyes with her. She braced herself for the tormenting and insults. But she was greeted with none. She dared herself to introduce herself with her new name, scared of the outcome.

"Hi... I'm Vixie..." she greeted, barely above a whisper.

"Hey. We've heard a lot about you" greeted the chicken, smiling.

"Yeah, you're a bit of a hero if I don't say so myself. Saving Springtrap and us, rebuilding Goldie, killing the puppet. You deserve more than what you get, that's for sure" added the blue rabbit, nodding.

Vixie perked her ears up, smiling.

"Hero? Me?" she questioned gleefully.

Goldie and the others nodded. Vixie blushed; that was something she never thought she'd be known as.

"I don't know how, but about an hour ago, these two woke up. I've fixed them and cleaned them since then, but it was amazing how they'd recovered so quickly. Quite a miracle if you ask me" explained Goldie, still astounded.

"Do you think Sparky and Bonnie will wake up too?" asked Vixie hopefully.

Goldie shrugged.

"Too hard to tell, but Bonnie won't. She's in too much of a bad way to wake up normally, but if she's lucky, Sparky might, though she'd be in a lot of pain" answered Goldie, trying to keep optimistic.

Vixie looked over at the three other V3's, slumped and deactivated.

"What about them?" she asked, pointing towards them.

"Well, Foxy's fine, and Freddy only needs a few repairs, but seeing the girls like this wouldn't be good for them".

"But we need more help on the subject! Can't we at least active Foxy? He's fine!" pleaded Fritz, standing above the fox.

"Alright, stand him up" Goldie gave in.

The three other toys bit their lips. Did they have any idea what it would do to Foxy seeing Chica like she was? The mess of parts hanging on by a thread? Still, Fritz was right, having an extra pair of hands would mean quicker progress. And besides, the pizzeria needed to start up again soon...

Goldie and Fritz stood Foxy up, wheezing due to his weight. Fritz held him upright, whilst Goldie bent down and flicked his power switch. The foxes ears perked up quickly, his eyes lighting up gold. He looked around nervously, not recognising anyone. Vixie made herself scarce, in fear of Foxy lashing out on her after what she did.

"Huh? What?" gasped the fox. "Who are you?"

"It's me Foxy, Fritz" welcomed Fritz.

"Fritz? You're... Alive? And who's this?" he asked.

"That's Goldie, the golden bear we rescued. That's Bon-Bon and Chika, the other toys" introduced Fritz gleefully.

Foxy's expression turned angry. Surprisingly, he hadn't even noticed Chica.

"Where's the toy fox?" he snapped, enraged.

Fritz grew scared.

"Foxy calm down, she's been making up what she did from the start. She saved us all" he assured.

Foxy looked surprised, but still angry.

"Saved you all huh? Any proof?" he asked, folding his arms.

"Well, she found Springtrap, an old wise rabbit, who found me and with her help, fixed me. She was the actress behind killing the puppet, pretending to be on his side to trick him. She fixed Goldie using Springtrap's parts, who sacrificed himself. She got my father and I back together, and is going to help fix your friends... And my sister".

Foxy suddenly turned gravely pale... And worried...

"Chica? What... Where is she? Is she alright?"

The toys glancing at Fritz, who locked eyes with Goldie. They winced, what would they do to sugar-coat this?

"She's there..."

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