The Ventriloquist

Chapter 35: Family

*Continued 2 hours after previous chapter*

After Foxy's shock of first seeing Chica, he demanded that they fix her before his eyes. The operation was complex due to her broken state, but after a back breaking couple of hours, Chica was back to her old self. The sun crept up over the horizon, splashing light into the once dismal room, casting many shadows on the old grey walls. As Chica began to reactivate, Fritz and Vixie looked around at the last three casualties. They knew Freddy was stable enough, but they feared that his circuits were faulty. His system was advanced, more so than any other. It was impossible to replace, so the fear of losing the main guy was higher than ever.

Foxy was becoming more comfortable having the new Vixie around, her newly formed sweet nature gave him hope that she'd changed, but it was hard to tell. Still, he made an effort to be friendly to her, despite how much pain she'd caused him and Chica, not to mention their relationship. But, she was the reason his girlfriend was alive again, so he couldn't complain.

Fritz bent down beside his sister, examining her body. Her ligaments were twisted and some snapped, and most of her oil was spilt on the floor. He frowned; this would take a while. Surprising them all, the door flew opened, with Jeremy appearing behind it holding a large box. He carried it in slowly, placing it on the floor beside the cat. Fritz studied his father, noticing a change in him. The dark circles under his eyes had disappeared, he looked refreshed and awake. There was colour in his cheeks and he looked excited; what did he have planned? He opened the box and peered inside.

"Morning Jeremy, what's in the box?" greeted Chika happily.

"Parts. I found Sparky's endoskeleton and ordered the parts. We can fix her" he responded gleefully.

"That's great!" exclaimed Chica, standing next to her doppelgänger.

Jeremy looked up in confusion.

"Wait, what? Two Chica's?" he chuckled.

The two looked at each other.

"Yeah, I suppose. One of us needs a new name" admitted Chika, scratching her head.

"Can't you just emphasise Toy Chica's name? Like Chica and CHIKA?" joked Goldie.

The girls giggled; maybe not.

"What about Chia?" suggested Vixie as she fumbled in her tool box that she had grown attached to.

"Yeah... Ok" Chia agreed.

The others nodded in agreement whilst Jeremy unpacked the parts and laid them out on the floor. He noticed how disgusting it looked. This place was getting a revamp when this was all over.

"Right, lets get to work. Hey Foxy, Bon-Bon, can you give me a hand?" asked Jeremy, beckoning the two robots.

They nodded, kneeling beside him and beginning to take out Sparky's broken parts. She had to be held together whilst they did to avoid her breaking completely. Vixie and Fritz watched from a distance, marvelling on the mans hard work. Chica was sat beside the broken Bonnie, whimpering at her friends destroyed state. Goldie assured her that she and Freddy would be fixed soon, but that didn't stop her from feeling hopeless. The clattering of tools stopped abruptly, and the robots eyes all pointed on the newly formed cat, sat up and nervous.

"Where's the puppet?" she asked nervously, looking around.

"Sparky, he's gone, dead. You're fine" assured Fritz, sat beside his sister.

"Don't be afraid, nobody's going to hurt us" added Jeremy, hugging his daughter. Tears of joy rolled down his face, a first.

Sparky sat with her father far a while, before looking up at Fritz, a serious expression planted on her face.

"What happened to Bonnie?"

Chia and Bon-Bon sat beside her, Chia trying to hide Bonnie for her view.

"She's... Not in a good way..." said Fritz through his teeth.

"What? What happened? She's gonna be okay, right?" she asked nervously, worried for her friend.

"She'll be fine. Just worry about yourself for now" assured Jeremy, putting his arms round both his children.

No matter what they were, or what got in their way, their little broken family would always survive. It had been many years since he'd been able to have both his son and daughter with him together, and the memory of it would be dear to his heart for as long as he lived. He didn't care if they were animatronics, or what people would think, as long as they were together, nothing else mattered. The thought drifted through the morning air into the sunlight, there to rest for all their lives...

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