The Ventriloquist

Chapter 36: A Splash Of Colour

As the day dawned upon the broken pizzeria, light splashed colour onto its bare walls. Jeremy stood up from his position, studying the room. He shook his head.

"I don't like the look of this place, hows about we give it a bit of colour?" he asked, turning around to face the other animatronics.

"I guess so, but isn't getting Freddy and Bonnie active again top priority?" asked Chia, glancing at the slumped rabbit.

"I can order their parts today, and they'll hopefully arrive this evening. I just want to get everything ready for tomorrow" he explained, smiling.

"Tomorrow? You mean, we're opening again?" asked Chica excitedly.

"Yeah, with a whole new set of shows. Vixie and Foxy in the cove, Chia and Chica in the kitchen, Bon-Bon and Bonnie duetting on guitar, and Freddy, Fritz and Sparky hosting the main show. It's going to be great, I promise".

Chia and Chica squealed with joy, whilst Fritz patted his sister on the back. It would be weird performing as robots, but at least they were familiar with the guests and stage. Jeremy grinned, glad that the cast were all up for it. He grabbed his mobile and called up the parts department, chuckling at their sarcastic response.

"Another batch Mr. Fitzgerald? Are you sure you're not building a car?" asked the worker.

After ordering the parts, Jeremy fetched a box of paints and decorations, leaving them on the floor for the crew to view. He also placed down a mop and bucket, making a few of them groan.

"Right, um... Chica and Foxy, you guys make a start on the show stage. Make it look like the old place, but better. Bon-Bon and Chia, you guys clean up the kitchen. Goldie and Sparky, you two set up the dining hall. Fritz and I will set up the cove. Then, we'll all meet back here. I've got a surprise for you all" instructed Jeremy calmly.

The robots set to work, selecting a few pots of paint and decorations and heading for their designated rooms. Chia and Bon-Bon chattered excitedly, skipping towards the kitchen. Foxy wrapped his arm around Chica, grinning as she bickered about designs. A shape appeared from inside the cupboard.

"Mr. Fitzgerald? What do I do?"

"Ah Vixie, I've got something special for you to do" he greeted, making his way towards the final box. He beckoned her to follow him, standing over the mysterious box. She followed him obediently.

"Open it".

She bent down nervously, ripping the tape with her claws. She unboxed the ridiculous amount of packaging until she laid eyes on some parts. Parts of a new animatronic.

"What`s this?" she asked curiously.

"That will be the new animatronic that will be present in this room, once it's finished. You my friend, have the task of building him. The instructions are inside there somewhere, you'll know what to do".

He left the fox to build his idea, leaving with Fritz towards the cove, holding a box full of paints and decorations. She began to lift out the parts carefully, laying eyes on its face. She found the manual at the bottom of the box, flicking it open.


She tilted her head curiously. Balloon Boy...

She began to screw the parts together, glancing at the manual occasionally. This was a job she was familiar with. She took a chance to examine him after she'd put him together whilst connecting his wires. He was a short, chubby boy with chocolate brown hair and light blue eyes. He wore a red and blue striped shirt with three white buttons sewn onto it, and a matching hat to go with it. After finishing his circuits, she added a BALLOONS! sign to his right hand and two plastic balloons to his left. She stood him upright, admiring her work.

As she finished building Balloon Boy, Jeremy appeared from the door, smiling at the finished product. He clapped, amazed at her record time for building him. She blushed, dragging her toe across the floor.

"Wow Vixie! Great job! Now, we're going to turn this place into a Game Area" he cheered.

"All finished boss! Wait, who's that?"

Chica and Foxy appeared from the door, followed by Chia and Bon-Bon, peering over them to see the new robot.

"Get Goldie and Sparky for me will you" he ordered, wanting them all to see him.

After a few moments, the cat and bear joined the group, followed by Fritz.

"This, is Balloon Boy. He will be the new mascot of the new Game Area. We're going to build it today" he introduced.

"Will he be able to... You know... Think for himself?" asked Foxy shyly.

Jeremy and Vixie shook their heads in unison. The others bowed their heads, rather sad about it.

"No, his build is quite basic. He'll only be able to move his upper torso and hands, maybe his face. He's got a couple of phrases built into him, but he'll turn off after hours" explained Jeremy.

"Well, we've got a lot to do if we want to get this room finished by tonight" stated Fritz, glancing at the uncared for room.

"Come on then, lets get on with it".

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