The Ventriloquist

Chapter 37: Arcade Works

"We've got our work cut out for us, look at the state of this!" exclaimed Chica as she cleared out behind a few curtains.

Foxy and Goldie had been pulling down old curtains and rails whilst Chica sorted any junk hidden behind them. Bon-Bon had been mopping the blood and oil from the floor spilt from the victims; as expected, Fritz and Jeremy ignored it in fear of memories flooding back. Chia had been ripping old posters and pieces of very old wall paper from the walls, whilst Sparky and Vixie pondered about what to do with the dreaded box...

"Do we destroy it?" asked Sparky.

"Let your father decide on that. Either way, its got to go" sighed Vixie, shaking her head at it,

"Okay girls?"

Jeremy had come to check on them. He grimaced as he saw the box containing the evil sentient.

"We can't get rid of it, they won't let me" he grunted.

"Who won't?"

"The government. The old owners, the people who co-own this place bought it, and the suppliers said he couldn't be thrown away. I'll lock it away where nobody will ever see it" he explained.

Aided by Sparky, Jeremy lifted up the box, carrying it into the Spare Parts Room. He dumped it in a corner, grabbing some thick tape and sealing it fully. Sparky watched from a distance. She felt she should be happy that he was dead, away from her and her loved ones. But something wasn't right...

"Sparky? Sparky, you okay?"

"What? Oh, yeah I'm fine".

"Sparky, promise me something, for you and your brother. Never under any circumstances come in here without me or one of the others. Although he's dead, I can't risk either of you getting hurt by him again. We've all gone through too much. Okay?" he ordered, looking her in the eye.

Sparky nodded, staring at the floor.

"That's my girl" he exclaimed proudly, pulling her into a hug.

"I love you".

"I love you too Dad".

They were interrupted by Bon-Bon, who felt rather invasive walking in on them.

"Um... Sir... I've found a lock we can put on the door... To keep the public out" he stuttered awkwardly.

"Oh, thank you. Come on, lets get out of here".

He and Sparky left the nightmare behind whilst Bon-Bon bolted the lock on the door, handing Jeremy the key. He shoved it in his pocket, hoping he'd never have to use it. As he walked back into the pre-Game Area, he was surprised at how quickly the room was cleaned out. The crew had obviously had some great ideas, disabling the computer and deciding to turn it into a large, interactive model. He overheard Chia suggesting that they cover it in blue and red paint to match Balloon Boy, and after paint different coloured balloons on top of it. They had all agreed, fishing out the paints from a box. They obviously knew exactly what they wanted.

"I wish Bonnie and Freddy were here to help. They'd really enjoy it" sighed Chica as she began to paint.

"It'll be a nice surprise from them when they get their parts in" called Fritz as he tied a few ropes to the ceiling to hang off of.

The computer reached up over ten feet, so the job would take a few hours to get done to a high standard. Bon-Bon and Chia were building a mini carousel from old toy horses and laced tents. Sparky wandered over to help them, intrigued. Vixie has already began to hang up a few new posters on the bare walls, after adding some fresh white paint to them. Soon, they'd be filled with pictures drawn by young children, or paintings by the animatronics when they came to reflect on things. The pizzeria would be back to its old self in no time, all it needed was the big hearts of the children to fill it with life.

*Time skip: From morning to 8:00pm*

"I think it's done".

The four animatronics stepped back to admire their work on the computer. It now was filled with blue and red stripes, and black lined balloons coloured in yellows, oranges and pinks. The floor was polished a glistening around it, and a few party strings hung from the ceiling. The levers and buttons were now harmless, and only for the children's entertainment.

"Looks great if you ask me" added Foxy proudly.

After a day of back breaking work, not all focused on the one room (they had to clean out a few others too), the pizzeria was looking amazing, especially the Game Area. The carousel was up and running, skilfully put together by Bon-Bon and and Chia, and immaculately painted by Sparky. Their were tables and gift boxes, balloons everywhere, arcade games and prizes. Now all that was left was to activate Balloon Boy.

"Would you like to do the honours Vixie? Seeing as you made him?" asked Jeremy.

"O-Ok..." she agreed nervously.

She placed him by the door and bent down to open his panel. She flicked the switch and stood back hopefully, praying she hadn't disappointed her friends. A quiet whirring noise sounded from inside him, before his wonderfully blue eyes looked around.

"Hello kids!" it exclaimed, following its script.

"Thank god it works!" cheered Vixie, sighing in relief.

"Well of course it does, you made it!" added Chia, clearly acquainted with her building skills.

"Good job Vixie".

Vixie looked up and was astounded to see Foxy patting her on the back. She blinked a few times, peering into his dirty gold eyes.

"I can't stay mad and somebody who saved us all. You've proved you're sorry and have made up for it. Let's start afresh".

Vixie smiled, perhaps now she would finally be accepted. She stood and admired her work, pleased with herself for once. She hoped and prayed that she'd get a new body soon, so she could join Foxy out on the stage... Where she belonged...

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