The Ventriloquist

Chapter 38: The Grand Re-opening

After a long night of waiting, dawn skipped over the cloudy skies and awakened the world, and the bitter cold of December crept up on them. The restless animatronics awaited Jeremy's arrival, including the new revived Freddy and Bonnie. They were studying the new pizzeria in awe, pleased to be alive. They supported one another as they stood up as
Jeremy's car pulled up in the car park. The pizzeria opened at ten, and it was currently eight thirty. He stepped inside merrily, his shirt and tie done respectively.

"Morning guys, big day today!" he greeted as he stepped into the show stage.

"Morning boss" they chirruped back.

"Now, not all of you will be performing today. Foxy, you'll be at the cove as usual. Chica and Chia, you'll be in the kitchen serving the food. Bon-Bon, Fritz and Sparky, you'll be the band for today. Er, Fritz, you'll be called Fred, if you don't mind..."

Fritz shook his head, not caring what his stage name was.

"Er, Freddy and Bonnie, you'll be introduced today, but in the script I've put that you're practising for the performance" Jeremy chuckled.

"Totally" giggled Bonnie, rolling her eyes.

"And as for you, Vixie, you'll be introduced too, but that you're not ready to perform. Your parts will be in this evening, and you'll be in stage by tomorrow" he finished, smiling at the surprised vixen.

"You mean, I'm getting a new body?" she asked, unwilling to believe it.

"Of course! It's the least you deserve! But um, we'll have to make a few changes to it. It might be for the best that people don't recognise you exactly. I'll... Make you a little more pink..." he decided then and there.

She bowed her head in shame, to be met with sympathy.

"Don't worry Vixie, you'll be off to a new start before you know it" assured Chia, trying to cheer her up.

"Yeah... You're right" she agreed, trying to be positive.

It seemed everyone was content, until a voice popped up.

"What about me?"

It was Goldie. Jeremy bit his lip; he hadn't thought about Goldie...


The bear looked horrified. Was he going to be shut down?

"Maybe he can introduce the Game Area for now. Be with Balloon Boy until something pops up" suggested Sparky urgently, not wanting the bear to be left without a show.

"Yeah, good idea Spark" agreed Jeremy, before setting up the lights.

Today would be a good day...

Time skip: Opening Time

As the guests began to pile in, the robots quivered in fear and excitement backstage. Bon-Bon had revised his guitar music over and over, and Sparky was prepared to sing and recite her script. Fritz watched as his father greeted the guests, all of which asking how he and Fritz were. He of course had to lie and say he went back to his mother; there was no way he could tell them where he really was. He sighed; it was usually him who greeted the guests...

The children piled into the show stage, directed by Jeremy who winked at the cast back stage. The lights flashed on and the theme music played, and the nervous robots walked out on stage. The uproar from the crowd gave them the confidence that they needed as they began to recite the script.

"Hey kids! Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!" began Fritz.

"We've got a lot of new faces to introduce! I'm Fred, Freddy's new buddy! This is Sparky the Cat, and Bon-Bon, our old Bonnie's guitar dueller. Over in the Kitchen, Chia joins Chica in making our new pizzas, and starting soon, a new guest will be joining Foxy the Pirate Fox over in the Cove! Also new tomorrow, your old pals Freddy and Bonnie will be taking to the stage with new songs and shows prepared just for you! And, don't forget to say hi to Goldie and Balloon Boy over at the all new Game Area! Alright then, let's strike up the band! One... Two...(don't let them escape)...".

Jeremy began to get worried. Maybe it was just a bug in Fritz's circuits... He so hoped it was. He listened on as Sparky and Bon-Bon joined him in singing. There were no weird glitches during that; he sighed in relief. Carrying on with the performance, Sparky began to speak.

"Make sure you head over to the kitchen and see Chia and Chica! They are preparing a whole load of delicious (help me) pizzas for you and your family to enjoy!"

This was getting worrying. Jeremy glanced around at the audience. Thankfully, nobody had really noticed the hissed terms. He was on edge until the curtains were drawn after the performance, and the guests began to head over to the kitchen. He rushed past them, needing to talk to Chica. He burst through the door, making the chickens jump.

"Alright boss?" she asked.

"No. The show was fine, but Fritz and Sparky slipped in phrases like 'don't let them escape' and 'help me'. What's going on with them? Bon-Bon was fine!" he exasperated.

"That's strange. We aren't the technical ones here, you'd better ask Vixie or Freddy, one of them might know what`s going on. We'll keep the show going" assured Chica.

Jeremy nodded, thanking them, before heading to the office where the three broken animatronics were staying. He flew through the right door, gasping slightly. Their heads turned as he entered, tilted.

"You okay Jeremy? You seem stressed" asked Bonnie, sitting up. Jeremy smirked; her hand was joined with Freddy's. She blushed accordingly.

" Fritz and Sparky, they keep adding phrases in their scripts, evil ones. What's going on with them?" he asked hopefully.

Vixie piped up.

"It's because there's a corpse inside them" she stated.

"What!?" exclaimed Jeremy.

"The corpse of them. Their spirit is trapped, it's trying to get out and wants help. It needs the puppet, it's the one who took their lives away and he can set their spirits free" she explained smugly.

"That's preposterous! They probably dumped... Their bodies... Somewhere..." he trailed off, hating to hear it out loud.

"Hey, don't worry. They might want to get into the room where the puppet's stored though, so I'd keep that key hidden" suggested Freddy, pointing to the silver key dangling from a hook.

Jeremy grabbed it, unlocking the safe and placing it inside. He shut it, hoping never to see that key again.

"I don't think they know the pass code. And anyway, they wouldn't know where to look for it. I'm not having either of them in with that thing" he snapped irritably.

The three nodded, agreeing. Going inside with the monster could be the death of them, even though it was clear they'd killed him. But nothing could keep such an evil machine from his work, not even death itself...

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