The Ventriloquist

Chapter 39: We Know Better

Time skip: After the Show (9:30pm)

The last few excited voices slipped outside the door into the cold winters night as the curtains were drawn. The show had a massive turn out, all the children thrilled to see the new attractions and old familiar faces. But none of the children were as happy as a certain fox, who squealed excitedly as her new parts arrived in the now empty car park. The only vehicle now parked there was Jeremy's black sports car, and now the large white van backing into the place. A few muffled voices could be heard outside, specifically Jeremy's and a delivery man handing him the box. Jeremy thanked the man and hurried in due to the cold, closing the door quickly.

"Here we are Vixie" he called from down the left hall. He thanked his lucky stars that a few closable doors had been added to the office, just like the old place. Hopefully, he could keep the key and other private objects away from the animatronics thanks to them.

"Oh thank you Jeremy! You don't know how much this means to me!" she cried, giving him a hug. He blushed feebly, feeling quite awkward. Vixie noticed, but to be quite honest, didn't care.

"Heh, you're welcome. I'll get everything set up" he replied awkwardly, wandering over to a large work bench.

A few faces slipped inside the office, namely Foxy and Chica.

"Good to see me second matey's parts" cheered Foxy, putting on his pirate accent. Jeremy rolled his eyes.

"I'm really excited to perform again! Do... Do you think the kids will like me?" she asked nervously.

"Of course they will Vixie!" assured Chica gleefully.

"Oh, Chica, I mean't to ask you something. Are Fritz and Sparky okay? I can check out their circuits before I get my new parts of it's noticeable" she offered.

Foxy looked down at Chica, looking agitated. She too looked up at him, seeming edgy and nervous.

"Er... It's kind of got worse. Even when they're talking normally they slip in the phrases. They do it more often when they're near... Him..." she admitted.

Jeremy span round in a flurry, locking eyes with the chicken.

"Keep them away from that room, and the safe" he ordered, beckoning Vixie to lie on the work bench.

The two nodded, leaving the room promptly. Jeremy set to work on Vixie, but his mind was really with his children and their connection to that thing. He couldn't let it grow stronger, or they'd all meet a horrific end...

"Where's the key?"

Fritz was pacing up and down outside the Spare Parts Room, his hands clasped behind his back. Sparky was slumped by the door, tapping her foot in thought.

"Dad took it, so where-ever he is, the key is" she hissed, agitated.

"Well we'll have to get it off him, I can't stand this, only that thing can free our souls and if it doesn't happen soon, I'll go insane" he snapped angrily.

"What even set this off anyway?" she asked irritably.

"Behaving like robots. The scripts, the shows, our dead spirits can't deal with it. It's killing me, all over again" he complained, racking his brain for ideas. Foxy and Chica appeared behind the door, surprised to see them so irritated.

"Guys, your Dad doesn't want you near here. Come back to the show stage with us, Bon-Bon and Chia are waiting" they offered nicely.

"He'd be torturing us to take us away from (hell) here. We need to get in there to (plot our revenge) free our souls".

The two looked astounded by Fritz. What was going on with him?

"Yeah, we'll (kill them) go insane if we don't (take their souls) get in there" added Sparky, making the situation worse.

"You'd better go and see him, this is bad" sighed Foxy, pointing to the office.

They obeyed without another word, knowing they'd be one step closer to getting that key. They trudged up to the door, exchanging devious looks now and again. They knew what they had to do. But, as the walked in, they were surprised to see Vixie looking the way she did. Her fur was beautifully white, with fluffy pink patches over her body. She now had two shimmering gold eyes instead of one and an evil gaping hole, and her teeth were polished and shining white. She looked amazing.

"Do you like it?" asked Jeremy hopefully.

To respond, Vixie let out a joyful scream looking at herself in the mirror. She looked like she was about to burst.

"I'll take that as a yes" he chuckled, before noticing his children standing in the doorway. Vixie ran past them, eager to show her friends her new look.

"Hi you two. You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, we just need a pretty big (knife) spanner. The curtain rail in the show stage is coming loose and we want to fix it for tomorrow" lied Sparky. She surprised Fritz with her spontaneous lie.

Jeremy believed her, trying to ignore her slight phrase in the middle of that. He headed over to the safe, punching in the four digit code. Fritz memorised it. 1 5 0 4, his Father's birthday. He should've guessed it. Fifteenth of April.

"Here you are, I'll come with you, give you a hand Sparky" he offered, knowing that if she refused, she was lying.

"Okay, thanks!" she thanked him merrily, winking at Fritz. Maybe that wasn't such a lie after all. Fritz lingered back in the office, waiting until they were out of sight, before punching the code into the safe and searching for the large silver key. He grabbed it triumphantly, placing it underneath his trademark Freddy top hat. He chuckled to himself, pleased it didn't take long.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you".

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