The Ventriloquist

Chapter 40: Beyond The Grave

Fritz would be lying if he said the voice didn't scare him out of his skin. He turned round abruptly to see a bear standing a few feet away from him, his arms folded and looking far from discerning. Fritz stared at Freddy wide eyed and shocked, clutching the key tightly in his hand. Freddy moved towards the smaller bear, not leaving his stance.

"I'd put that back if I were you".

"Well, you're not me. You don't understand the pain my sister and I are going through" he answered bravely. Freddy kept his calm nature present.

"True, but I do understand the pain your father has been through. That thing won't free you! All you'll do is put your lives at risk and give your father a heart attack, and that isn't what he needs right now".

Fritz suddenly felt guilt wash over him. Freddy was right, it would give his father a heart attack. But surely he'd understand why they did it? He scratched the back of his head, looking down at the silver key. He glanced up at Freddy, who showed no intention of grabbing it from him. He guessed that he wanted to see him make the right choice on his own, but he couldn't. He began to make his way towards the door, trailing his other hand behind him.

"You've made your decision, but all you'll do is cause another scene and give your father another reason to be protective" called Freddy, rejoining Bonnie.

Fritz scowled; the bear had no idea what was going on. He began to walk faster towards the room, grumbling to himself. His unintended slipped phrases made him more determined to fix what the puppet broke. He flew round the corner, heading towards the door. Thankfully, none of the other animatronics were there guarding, perhaps helping his father and Sparky fix the conveniently broken curtain rail. He stopped at the door, his speech getting worse. He reached up with the key and pushed it into the slot. He turned it a few times until the lock clicked. He placed the key back under his hat and reached for the door handle. Would he wait for his sister? No... Once they knew that it worked on him, they'd let her do it for sure...

Pushing the handle down and opening the door as quietly as he could, Fritz entered the room and switched on the light, closing and locking the door behind him. He didn't want to interrupted. He turned his attention to the box placed in the corner, its red ribbon still shining bright red in the blinding light. He stepped towards it, his fists clenching in anxiety. Ripping the ruby ribbon, he opened it reluctantly to see the monster that ruined his life. Now, he'd force it to fix him.

"Hello Fritz..."

"Freddy, don't you think we should tell someone what he's done?" asked Bonnie, facing the bear.

"Of course, but, do you really want Jeremy to know? The poor man's only just recovered from the last time the puppet was near his children" he asked, staring into the rabbits pink eyes.

"I suppose not. I'll let Foxy and Chica know, if you find Chia, Bon-Bon and Vixie. But it's going to tough" she agreed, sighing.

Freddy nodded, kissing her on the cheek, before they split up. Bonnie left for the kitchen, praying that at least one of the chickens were there. She creaked open the door, peering around. Thankfully, Chica and Foxy were inside, chattering whilst Chica cooked. They smiled as she walked in, but it faded at her startled expression.

"Hey Bonn, what`s the matter? You look a bit on edge" greeted Chica, wandering up to the rabbit?

She began to explain the situation, Chica's face growing more concerned by the minute. She placed a hand over her beak, gasping into it. Foxy grew curious and joined the two, scowling as he heard more.

"Well we've got no time to lose, come on! We've got to find Jeremy!" exclaimed Chica, grabbing the fox and the rabbit and starting for the show stage where she heard his voice coming from.

"Chica wait!" cried Bonnie as she was dragged by the arm. The chicken didn't hear her.

"Jeremy!" she exasperated, flying into the show stage.

"Chica? What's the matter?" he asked, stepping down from the ladder he was stood on.

At that moment, Freddy and the toys burst into the room, being led by Chia. Bonnie glanced at the bear, rolling her eyes. Seemed chickens had a knack for grand entrances.

"It's Fritz! He's got into the Spare Parts Room!" cried Chia, still panting.

"Oh no..."

"No more of the pleasantries puppet, you know why I'm here" hissed Fritz, staring at the almost lifeless puppet. The air had almost fully drained from his box, and it was clear he'd suffered as a result. The puppet looked up at Fritz, smiling sweetly.

"Of course, your lifeless body is taking its toll on your distinguished circuitry. A shame, a dear shame. But I know the secrets, the secret on getting what you wish" he bribed nastily.

"Well go on!" he urged, his voice nearly raised to a yell.

"It's simple. Dump your bodies in another animatronic" he answered.

"What other animatronics are there? Don't think I'm stupid enough to leave without answers you pathetic piece of rubbish!"

He was beginning to grow impatient.

"You're testing my own patience boy. Just look through this room, its got a name for a reason" he hissed back, his carved smile sending shivers down Fritz's back. He was interrupted by something hitting the door.

"Guests?" asked the puppet sarcastically. Fritz tutted and wandered towards the door to listen.

"He's locked it, stupid boy! Fritz! Can you hear me?"

It was Jeremy, his voice filled with panic. He chose to ignore it, considering he called him stupid. He looked back at the withered puppet, trying to get up from his resting place. The place where he should've died along with all the pain he caused.

"Move one inch closer to me and I'll kill you" he growled loudly. The puppet obeyed and moved back. Fighting with Fritz would be fatal to him.

"Fritz! Get out of there now! It's no use, he'll lie to you! He's using you!" called Bonnie, trying to reason with him.

He wanted to prove them wrong, prove to them that his choices were right. But would that be proving the puppet had some good in him? That stopped him in his tracks...

"Just, tell me how I can stop myself from (killing everyone) talking like this" he pleaded to the puppet, calmer than usual.

The puppet beckoned him forward.

"Restoration boy, restoration. Leave an old soul to rest now, leave this room until I'm no more".

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