The Ventriloquist

Chapter 42: Make Sense

As the morning went on the next day, the children piling inside in their numbers and the shows more popular than ever, all Fritz could think about was the puppets last words. Restoration... Restore what? He couldn't put his finger on it. Sparky on the other hand seemed to handle the irritation of their evil speech impediment. Their father was sceptical about letting either of them out of his sight, but he knew the others would have his back; they too were cautious when near that box.

After the performance, in which Vixie enjoyed meeting new children and the whole experience in general, the robots gathered back in the show stage to discuss the matter at hand whilst Jeremy was occupied talking to the security guard who quit his job on a terrified whim.

"Listen Mike, these animatronics are harmless!"

"Don't bullshit me Jeremy, that thing was trying to kill me".

The two men argued for a good few minutes, leaving the team time to formulate a plan.

"So when will the puppet suffocate? It can't be much longer until he goes" asked Chia.

"Not long now, another ten minutes perhaps" Foxy estimated, glancing at the cat and the smaller bear.

"What did he say to you Fritz?" asked Bonnie, more on the subject.

"He told me restoration was the answer... That's all he'd tell me" he answered, staring the rabbit straight in the eye.

"That's it? You mean we've got to search through that whole room? With him in it!?" exclaimed Freddy irritably.

"Easy Freddy, he'll be dead" calmed Bonnie, searching for Bon-Bon's support. The blue rabbit nodded graciously.

"The question is, how do we get in there without Jeremy noticing? He won't want us anywhere near it" he grumbled, his blue ears flopping forward at the inconvenience.

Bon-Bon looked around, searching for someone with an answer. He caught eyes on Sparky, who was looking above them. He too looked up, only noticing the vent system they were well acquainted with. Memories of him and Chia crawling through them in a panic, in fear that the puppet would kill them for trying to escape. The memory made him shudder. But maybe it was what they needed...

"He's got eyes everywhere, he knows all the passages and rooms here" stated Chica.

"Perhaps, but does he know the vent system?" asked Sparky rhetorically, still looking up at the intimidating enclosed passages right above their heads.

"Foxy, Fritz and I can't fit in there!" exclaimed Freddy, examining the size of it.

"Yes you can. If Springtrap could, then you probably can" corrected Vixie.

"When do we do this? Now? Tomorrow? Next week?" asked Foxy, raising his voice slightly.

"Ssssssh! Hear that? Jeremy's coming! We say nothing about this, you hear me?"

It was Goldie's voice that warned them. He'd been keeping watch at the door for him. He darted back to the group, not wanting to seem suspicious to Jeremy as he turned a corner into the Dining Room. He heard him muttering to himself about something, most likely the bitterness of Mike. He'd been a timid man since the day he started. None of them doubted that he wouldn't return, so the hunt for a new guard was probably under way.

"This is all I need right now... Let down, utter let down" grunted Jeremy, trying to vent his frustration before he made his way to the animatronics. He couldn't be bothered to put on a fake smile; they probably listened to the whole scene anyway. Walking into the show stage in annoyance, he pulled out his phone and checked his emails. He'd sent out a public email to all his contacts asking if anyone they knew would be interested in the now vacant job. He had a message from an old friend of his.

From: Robert Stephenson
Re: Security Guard Vacancy

Hello Jeremy,

In response to your email, I have a second cousin who is interested in the job. His name is Vincent Lavender, I hope he agrees to meet you at your restaurant some time this week. You'll have to mind his rather... dark personality. Been through a lot, you know? Hope to here from you soon.

Kind regards,

Jeremy smiled; he knew his old mate wouldn't let him down. He re read the name; Vincent Lavender. Odd surname... But that was besides the point. He greeted the animatronics with a slight spring in his step, his mood changing dramatically.

"You've changed your tune. Good news?" presumed Goldie, hinting that they'd heard his argument with Mike.

"Quite right. Seems we have a new security guard, or at least, someone interested. Vincent Lavender is his name, quite a weird surname if you ask me" he replied, sitting down next to Sparky and Foxy.

"Unique if anything. You sure he isn't dodgy?" asked Bon-Bon quite rudely, though they all knew he was just being silly.

"I hope not" giggled Chica.

Jeremy laughed along with the rest of them, but he didn't quite find it as funny. He'd had a rough past aye? Nothing could come close to what he'd been through over the past two months! But still; a dark personality... What could this man have done or seen in his life? And a second cousin? Robert was quite a bit older than him, closer to forty by a long shot, but this man would have to be in his early twenties, perhaps even just over eighteen. He held a quizzical look in his face, grabbing Bon-Bon's attention as he listened to Freddy joke about past events he and Bonnie had been a part of when the business was just sprouting.

"And then, we came in screaming, just to see how much of a wuss he really was. I've never heard such a high pitched wail from a grown man in my life! Right Jeremy?" recounted Freddy grandly, looking to Jeremy for support.

"What? Oh, yeah. Cracked half the windows" he agreed weakly, still deep in thought.

Sparky glanced at her father, trying to work out his thought process. They were right, the man`s surname did sound a little odd, but one could assume that Jeremy seemed a little more inquisitive about it than the rest of them...

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