The Ventriloquist

Chapter 43: Vincent

"So, when is he coming Jeremy?"

The familiar voice of Bonnie surprised him as she stood in the hall, her eyes twinkling in the moonlight seeping in through the blinds. Jeremy had been sat in his office desk, trying to get everything ready for Vincent. He must've fallen asleep at some point as the clicked ticked by, as he found himself with his head in his hands sat in the office chair. He jumped, making Bonnie feel invasive.

"Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?" she asked nervously.

"What? No no, I was just resting" he lied, knowing fully well she didn't believe him. He smoothed out his suit and adjusted his tie, clearing his throat.

"He'll be here at midnight. That's why I'm still here, to greet him. He's just here to check nothing happens after hours, that's all" he informed, standing up and facing the rabbit.

"What about... Us... You know, being alive and all? Does he know? I'm aware Mike didn't, but will he?" she asked quietly, hushing her voice.

Jeremy shook his head, walking towards the rabbit to address her properly. She'd been in the industry for a long time, so he knew he could count on her to keep the others in check.

"Listen Bonnie, I need you to do something for me. Make sure Fritz and Sparky stay away from Vincent. He's had a rough past and he probably won't like having sentient animatronics near him. I know it kind of applies to you all, but, just keep a closer eye of them, for me".

Bonnie nodded, scratching behind her ears. She looked... On edge. Jeremy decided not to ask, not wanting to delve into her private life.

"Thank you" he ended, getting back to his own business. He checked his watch; 11:59. One more minute until-

His thoughts were interrupted by the main doors opening, and heavy footsteps appearing from a distance away. He checked the camera; Vincent had arrived. He hurried off to the entrance, watching the last glimpse of purple slip away through the door of the party room.

"Hello Mr. Lavender. Pleased to meet you" greeted Jeremy, holding his hand out for the man to shake it. He noticed how firm Vincent's grip was, it was almost... intimidating.

He got a good look at him. For his age, he was very tall, much taller than himself. He had deep blue eyes and a haunt, thin face. His matted black hair tried to hide a scar that just about trailed onto his forehead. He looked depressed... Or angry... And thoughtful...

"I'm Mr. Fitzgerald, co-owner of Freddy Fazbear's. Follow me, and I shall show you to your Office" continued Jeremy, whisking round and heading towards the office in an open manner. He checked to see if Vincent was following. He was, but he seemed to be very inquisitive about the place. He was murmuring to himself too...

"Here we are".

After explaining the controls and expectations to the new guard, Jeremy headed towards the door, bidding Vincent good luck as he left. He rubbed his forehead; that was like talking to a brick wall. He seemed so unresponsive, and not even in a rude way. He was concentrated, and Jeremy even felt as though he was distracting him from his train of thought. Queer... And strange...


"Fitzgerald? Doors open huh, you were always a night owl. Security'll kill you for it you know? Anyway, get out here, I want paying! You owe me!"

Vincent grumbled as he clicked onto the camera circulating the main entrance. A short man was stood in the middle of it, calling into the haunting darkness.

"Perfect timing, fool" he commented, smiling.

He left the office, which he was strictly forbidden to do, and headed slowly towards the entrance, hearing the mans calls louder and louder with each step.

"Come on Fitzgerald, I've not got all night!" urged the man rudely.

The man began to feel uneasy at the unresponsive nature, the eerie silence pierced by the single toned footsteps gaining on him. He felt beads of sweat run down his neck, accompanied by the hairs standing up on the back of it. A figure loomed in the darkness, only lit by the ominous moon falling from its height at midnight.


The man`s voice seemed shaky and high. Vincent stepped into the light, disguised by a mask over his face.

"Hey! Who are you? I'll kill you!"

Empty threats.... Empty threats.

"Fitzgerald? Come on mate, answer me! It's you, right?"

Vincent pulled out a knife, its blade shimmering in the starlight.


And it was Mike who fell dead in the innocence of the moonlight...

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