The Ventriloquist

Chapter 44: Behind It All

With one huge thud, the man fell to the ground, dead. Vincent smiled briefly, before placing his knife back in his pocket and began to drag the dead Mike towards the Spare Parts Room. He knew what he was doing, he'd done this many time. He fished out an old rusted key from his other pocket and clicked it into the door, minding the smudged trail of blood trickling behind him, its crimson tone giving him satisfaction, the evil in his aura at ease now blood was spilled. Wheezing as he did, he almost threw Mike near a pile of boxes, dusting off his hands triumphantly. As the moon light filtered into the room, almost as though it followed them via the deceased, the dreaded box caught Vincent's attention, the artificial redness alerting him. He turned his attention to it, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

"So they defeated you after all. You were a sickly young boy to begin with, long limbs, skinny as twig. Oh well, hopefully now with the help of him, your replacements can finish off the job" he muttered to himself, continuing with his business.

Using the moonlight as a light source, he fumbled about next to the oozing body, ignoring the foul stench of blood erupting from it. He pushed away old manuals, some now blood stained, searching for something, but what? It had to be here, he was certain of it! After a few more minutes, his cloudy blue eyes lit up.

"Found you"...

Back with the animatronics:

Rippling the floor with pain induced wheezes and cries, the animatronics leapt out their circuits. Grabbing the hand of whom ever was next to them in fear of an attack, they glanced at one another in silence, looks of fear and anguish pulsing out their eyes. Bon-Bon was the first to react, grabbing Chia's arm and peering out the door. Freddy approached them, grabbing them by the shoulders and pulling them back.

"You heard what Jeremy said! Vincent can't see us, remember?" he whispered urgently, taking a quick glance outside before escorting the rabbit and chicken away from the scene.

"Freddy, I doubt it matters anymore. He's in the Spare Parts Room; I can hear him clashing around. He can't access the safe, and even if he can, Jeremy took the key. He's been here before, and from the sound of that thud, he's bad news" explained Bonnie, trying to keep her voice below speaking level.

Freddy signalled to the boys to follow him. Foxy squeezed Chica's quivering hand in reassurance, before joining him along with Goldie, Bon-Bon and Fritz. Sparky leapt from her seat, stopping her brother in his tracks. He turned round in surprise, facing the cat with a look of excitement and interest painted on his face.

"What's wrong?" he asked, but he knew fully well what she wanted.

She shook her head, taking hold of his wrist and making her way back. He followed resistantly, wishing he could join in on the action as one of the guys. He sat down and sighed, looking up at the larger version of himself mouthing something at him. He could make out 'good choice'. He smiled; perhaps Freddy would treat him like one of them now.

Led by Foxy, they followed the sound of careless clashing in the puppets final resting place. It was clear that they all hoped it stayed that way. But the question was; why would a man, perhaps a murderous man, want anything to do with what lied in there? The question picked at Freddy's mind, almost to the point of annoyance.

Foxy stopped abruptly, leaving the timid rabbit and small golden bear stopped behind him. Foxy turned round, disgust written in his expression. He pressed a finger to his lips, perking his tatty red ears up to listen. Freddy pressed his own ear against the wall, eager to hear what was going on inside. Between crashes and tumbles, a distant mumbling could be heard...

"You've kept well, considering how long I've had you hidden away. You've kept my secret, right? The secret about the notorious Purple Man, the man behind the killings. Course you have, you're animatronics, disabled at that! Still, once I get you up to scratch, you'll help me, you three. Get rid of that Jeremy once and for all, along with his children and stupid little animal friends. You'll help me get rid of this place, cover up my secret and bury it to the ground.

And in years to come, the murders will still be the question on all officers' mind, still the talk of the town, still giving Fazbear Entertainment a bad reputation. And in those years, I'll sit back a know I got away with it, with the help of a squirrel, a panda and a dog. Sounds stupid saying it now, but under those fuzzy costumes, you're all killing machines, like me. You're all like me, you're my friends.

But, you'd better do well, I advise you do. That puppet thing disobeyed me, he let a bear and his team of animals defeat him and therefore me, and look where he got. Stuffed in a box by his so-called side kick; that fox was always a pesky thing. Good thing I supplied her parts to turn her into a deadly little thing. Yeah, that's where old Vincent's been these past years; working at Fitzgerald's own supplying company. The guy on the phone, the Phone Guy if you will, that's me. I've been planning this for years ever since I let the knife slide into that child's heart, I've been in close quarters to the place, dangerously close, without anyone ever knowing. It's like I'm a natural already!

Right, that's the lot of you started up. I can't wait to see the look on Jeremy's face when he sees all his little friends after you've finished with them! See this as a game of search and destroy. Save no-one, pity no-one, and most importantly of all, tell no-one".

Freddy thought he was about to throw up, or cry, or faint. There were no words for it, no set emotion, nothing. He stood there dumbfounded for a few moments, letting all he heard set in. They were all going to die, it was clear to see. He prayed Jeremy would call in sick, or perhaps just stay at home, anything to keep him away. For he knew, he'd see his son and daughter, along with all his friends, dead. He and the others, almost stumbling on one another, sprinted back towards the stage, tears streaming down their faces. It was considered un-manly to cry, but knowing they'd have to watch those they loved die before there eyes, they were excused.

"Foxy? What's the matter? Why are you crying?" asked Chica as he barged inside.

Without responding, the four sat beside their bewildered friends. Foxy wrapped his arms round Chica, who still looked completely oblivious. Freddy began to whisper what he'd heard in brief to Bonnie, who upon hearing it, threw her arms round the bear and stared into oblivion. Goldie, Fritz and Sparky bickered in terror, whilst Vixie and Chia hid nervously behind Bon-Bon, who tried his hardest to stay calm, not wanting to upset his closest friends.

As the vague sound of clunking metal grew louder and louder, and the cackles of a troubled man echoed through the early morning, the sudden realisation hit those who hadn't already been affected. This was it; the last straw. The final countdown, the brief few moments before everything went dark. As the clock chimed six, the door swung open, three figures looming beyond the darkness. Executioners, ordered by their master, who were forced to impress, or the gavel dropped on them too.

This was it

This was the end

The end of Freddy Fazbear's.

The end of the legacy surrounding it

The end of the happiness, joy and innocence.

But the question that would remain until the place was a windswept mess full of forgotten pain and anguish, would never be answered. What could bring someone to kill? Insanity? Repressed issues? It's quite hard to tell, but we all reside to one, depressing answer, that lived, thrived and died inside this very building.

Soulless beings.

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