The Ventriloquist

Chapter 45: Is It All Over? (FINAL)

The Panda's P.O.V:

He's back. Back for us and all the secrets we've hidden away for him. I dread to think what he wants from us. The man on the phone, the missing link that stayed near the scene, the answer under everyone's noses, and nobody caught him. It makes me sick. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes for the first time since he used us for bad, was his sly looking face and his condescending blue eyes, hazed and shrouded in mystery. I couldn't move, in stiffness and in terror. I glanced next to me, keeping my movements minimal. Poor thing; he looked as fear stricken as me.

I listened hard to his instructions, focusing on his tone and actions. Kill them? Save no-one? Oh God, does he mean... Them? I can't bring myself to kill them, I can't do it. He told us to do him proud, or face the end poor Mari did. I never liked the look of his suit, but he was such a gentle character... Until he messed with him. I charged through the door, telling myself to do it. But seeing them all there, huddled together, I knew at once who the real enemy was. Yes, Mari had caused pain and despair, and even brought back the old models, who should've been left alone. I knew them back in the day, back at Fred-bear's, and that other place we got moved to that I can never remember the name of. And yes, the vixen caused more screams than I've heard in a lifetime. But, we all know who made them do it. We all know who's sick and twisted mind forced them into a life of crimes...

He wants rid of these guys, I can tell. He's scared of them, I know he is, timid bastard. Maybe he killed that man, the man laying by my feet, but he wouldn't face these guys. But, why aren't they fighting back? Are they scared too? I can see the end before it begins, the bad ending, in the nightmare. He started shouting, urging us to kill them. Only the next step in his plan, before he kills the owner and leaves country. Fazbear's will fall deep into the suspicions of newspapers and articles, nobody really knowing what happened that fateful day. That day is today. I can't fight him, it's no use, but I know what lies beyond life for an animatronic.

I've been there once before you know. The delicate oblivion sugar-coated by a realistic cover of pure white. It's intimidating, it's frightening, but it's not forever. The soul is broken beyond repair, lost to this eternal scrapyard, but who's to say it cannot be revived by another's? Think of it as an exchange; somebody can exchange their own soul to give one animatronics life back. But, their soul then disappears; lost and obliterated, never to be seen again. They'll figure something out up there, I know they will.

Taking out my rage, I did what he wanted, starting with the toy looking ones. I winced as the chicken squealed in pain as I killed her, followed by the vixen whom I remembered. She tried to fight me, but my strength built up over a course of years was no match for her. Facing the blue rabbit, who trembled in sight of me, I seized him by the neck and ended his pitifully short life. Then... It came to two bears and a cat...

I had no trouble with the white cat, staining her fur with the oil of her golden friend, who tried to fight me, but his feeble body gave in too quick for me to comprehend. I came face to face with the last of them, the others finished off briskly by my two companions. I... Couldn't do it. My heart began to flutter, my eyes widened. There wasn't many people who swept me off my feet, but he was one. His face, posture, manner, I blushed furiously. I got lost in his angered gaze...

"What's wrong with you? You sick, sick thing! I'll kill you!"

His words pained me as he tackled me to the floor. I tried to blurt out the words, that I couldn't help it, but his face... I was transfixed...

"Stop staring at me! You monster! Go on, fight me! See if I care! You killed my friends and my sister, put me out of my misery!"

I couldn't do it, even when he was proposing the opportunity. I could see my friends becoming impatient, not to mention the angered snapping coming from... Him...

"Hurry up Miya!" hissed one of them.

"You heard your friend! Get on with it! I'm begging you, I'm actually begging you. I've no reason to stay anymore" he wailed, tears streaming down his eyes as he held me to the floor, tempted to choke me.

I shook my head.

"I'll do it for you then" sighed the other of my friends, who was who I couldn't tell.

I saw the shape of a squirrel approaching the bear, his claws unsheathed and teeth bared and gleaming. I couldn't let him win, I couldn't let that sick man win, and to that I needed one of them alive. I pushed him off me, my strength throwing him at the wall, knocking him out. I felt guilty, but at least he wouldn't have to watch.

"Do you want to let him win? Really?" I asked my friend, staring him straight in his scowling hazel eyes.

"Oh come on Miya, I want to get this over with so we can go back to sleep. Away from the pain in this world. You do understand, right?"

"You should listen to him".

The chilling voice of him shook my circuits. I crossed my arms and hunched my back. The sun splashed on my back, making me aware of the time. The silence made room for us to hear distant gasping. No... Don't let it be the owner...

"Fritz? Sparky? Where are you?"

The panicked cries of a man grew louder and louder, until he made eyes on him.

"Mr. Lavender? What are you still doing here? Your shift is over".

"I'm aware Mr. Fitzgerald. And my shift isn't the only thing that's over"...

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