The Ventriloquist

Chapter 5: Box Of Horror`s

Freddy stared at the box, his eyes transfixed on the horror of it. No matter how hard he tried to turn his gaze to Bonnie, or anything else for that matter, his eyes could not believe what he had seen, and had to analyse it fully.

"Freddy? What's the matter?" asked Bonnie worriedly.

"Look... Look behind you" he managed to blurt out.

Bonnie twisted around to see the box. Inside, was a suit. It resembled that of Freddy, bearing the black top hat and microphone, but it was a golden colour, though it's magnificent boldness had long since rotted with age. It was slumped in a corpse like manner, its arms and legs splayed and broken. It didn't look robotic... almost... human. The two soon began to realise that this was no animatronic. This was a human, most likely deceased.

Bonnie was the first to walk towards it, her curious nature toying at her with every breath. She bent down cautiously beside it and reached out to poke it. At first, all she felt was its crumbled, bristle like fur. But as she prodded its arm more and more, she felt lumps of something soft and springy. Human flesh.

Her eyes brimmed with tears at the thought of what happened to this poor soul. It must've been here for a long while, for the lumps of flesh were only lumps, it did not continue the whole way up the arm. It had been rotting, for the stench for foul, making Bonnie's nose shrivel up in disgust. But, despite its obviously dead state, it gripped onto a thin, moulded piece of paper, a note perhaps, from whoever had such a dark soul to kill this person. Freddy had joined Bonnie in fear and wonder, and grabbed the note almost instantly. He read it out grimly.


They glanced at at each, before standing up away from the body, in sheer terror and guilt. How had they not seen or even smelt this before? The corpse had been dead for a very long time, it would've stank this entire wing of the restaurant out. Bonnie was confused as she'd ever been. And what was building an army about? An army against who? For what? Who was this note even addressed to? Still, it gave Bonnie the shivers. As if the possessed music box recording wasn't enough to drive them out of the place, then this relieved all doubt.

"We need to leave" spoke Freddy finally.

Bonnie nodded, a small gesture, but it was enough to confirm that something was out to get them. Freddy pushed the box back, not wanting to disturb the body in its final resting place. He guided Bonnie out of her once safe haven, and swiftly left the west corner all together. He made his way to the Kitchen, gesturing at Bonnie to follow him, and as she entered the room, Freddy scanned for anyone lurking outside. It was perfectly silent, almost to quiet.

"Did you have any idea about that body?" he asked whilst shutting the door as quietly as he could.

"No! I don't know how I didn't notice it. It can't have been there the entire time, but it's too decomposed to have been dumped recently" she answered, scratching her head.

"I dread to think what's in the last box".

"I don't think I want to find out".

They sat in silence for a few minutes, trying to figure out what was happening. Bonnie was staring blankly at a wall, studying a small poster featuring her, Freddy and Chica. As the details grew more apparent, she noticed the many cracks surrounding it. More confusion lingered in the air, she had never noticed how broken this building was. As she drifted her gaze along the wall, more and more cracks were visible. This pizzeria was truly crumbling, just like their hearts and all sanity. Suddenly, nothing felt safe any more. The halls, haunted by an invisible, perhaps unreal beast, every shadow just another place for them to hide. Every corner, a death trap, every quiet room, another eerie silence to bring out all fears that were repressed long ago.

As the clock chimed 5AM, they were brought out of a trance. A quiet knocking could be heard on the kitchen door, before Chica emerged from it, a gaunt look on her face. At first, they just thought she'd found the corpse that they had, but as they looked closer into her fear stricken face, they saw more than just disgust.

"Fritz.... Fritz..." Chica kept repeating, stuttering on every letter.

"What about Fritz?" asked Bonnie.

"Gone... He's gone..."

"He may have gone home Chica" answered Freddy sarcastically.

"Taken.... Taken... He was taken..."

"By who?"

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