The Ventriloquist

Chapter 6: Case Closed

Sunday approached like a hurricane, blustering in to sweep the entire contents of Freddy Fazbear's, including Fritz for that matter. Despite his sons disappearance, Mr. Fitzgerald had no choice but to continue removing the stage equipment from the building and load it onto the truck. Guilt and sadness welled up inside his throat, and tears brimmed from his musty green eyes. Sympathetic calls could be heard from the numerous removal men and even passers by, who were well acquainted with him and Fritz, making him feel more certain of help in finding him.

The whole of yesterday had been spent searching for clues of his supposed abduction, as it was clear Fritz hadn't left the building himself. Carpets were torn up and examined, walls and desk searched for prints, samples of hairs and other body fibres taken left, right and centre, but nothing was found. The fact that it was a pizzeria occupied by many people almost certainly messed up the whole investigation, but they had to try.

As Mr. Fitzgerald entered the Show Stage once again, he disconnected the last stage light, a delightful green colour, and boxed it up. He peered at the robots, laying eyes on the red fox standing tall and motionless. Even though he'd agreed to put him back on stage, he never fully trusted him again. Could he had possibly done something similar to Fritz? The thought toyed at his brain; he clenched his fists in fury and upset. Still, there was nothing to say Foxy had anything to do with it, so he tried to ignore the worried thoughts of Fritz lying there, covered in his own blood... Dead...

The Show Stage looked bare without its familiar features and wonderfully pleasing curtains. Only the robots themselves remained inside, trying not to twitch. The removal men, one short and fat with childish dimples and ginger hair, the other a tall, skinny man with remarkably blue eyes, began to box up Freddy. It took them both to lift him off the ground and into a large crate, before hammering nails loudly into the cracks and wheeling him out. He hated to admit it, but Freddy was terrified.

One by one, the robots were boxed up and loaded onto the truck. Foxy and Chica seemed to be still, perhaps asleep, making Freddy feel very alone. He waited and waited to see the fourth crate loaded into the truck, but it didn't come, where was Bonnie?

"Ah, last one aye" cheered the short man
"At last" grumbled the tall one.
"She`s a real beauty this one. Kept well for her age".
"The new design doesn't look anything like her. Perhaps the designer didn't like Bonnie".
"Perhaps they thought she was a bit too feminine, but they didn't have to make her blue!"
"In fact, they've changed all of them".
Bonnie tried not to gasp. What did they mean toy ones?
"Its a bit of a shame they decommissioned them".
"Due to bugs I assume".
"Yeah, being attached to a criminal database would mess up circuits".
"I wonder what's happened to them".
"Apparently they disappeared. The other co-owner said he put them in the spare parts room, and before he knew it they were gone!"
"Don't be ridiculous, toys can't just vanish!"
"Well of course not you dumb-ass, someone's taken them!"
"Who would want a few toy robots?"
My question too".

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