The Ventriloquist

Chapter 7: A New Beginning

Squeaking heavily, the doors of the truck were closed, and the roar of the engine kick started the journey. Bonnie peered through the small cracks on her claustrophobic crate and made eye contact with Freddy. He too looked as terrified as she was, and mouthed a few words at her.
"We'll all be fine, don't be frightened".
She hunched her shoulders and sat in the corner of the crate, hugging her knees tightly. Each bump made her jump in fright, every turn making her circuits twist. This torture seemed to go on for hours, but only a mere forty-five minutes later, the truck slid to an abrupt halt. Quiet muttering could be heard from a few men, greeting each other formally. Bonnie thought she heard one give his respects to Mr. Fitzgerald about Fritz; it seemed the whole town for miles knew about his disappearance. She missed Fritz and worried terribly for him, where was he?

After a painfully slow half hour of unloading and unboxing, she and her band mates were finally taken from the truck and wheeled inside the building. A rush of warm air struck Bonnie's face through the cracks, bewildering her. She came to a stop and felt herself being lifted up a couple of steep stairs before being rested on a flat surface, finally still. She watched as a shiny black crowbar ripped off the front of her crate, and the sight she saw was unforgettable.

The new Show Stage had a completely new look. Multiple colourful, shining banners reading 'Lets Celebrate!' and 'Lets Rock!' were hung from the ceiling. Many posters of her and her friends were hung all over the brilliantly blue and pink walls. The familiar purple curtains were replaced with baby blue ones, donning curved yellow suns instead. The oak coloured stage with a glossy finish shone from the stage lights being tested as she stood, dumbfounded. In her peripheral vision she saw Freddy and Chica being placed beside her. Chica whimpered quietly as Foxy's crate was taken to a different room, a new Pirate's Cove perhaps? Bonnie's quivering hand was met with Freddy's; he squeezed it tightly. He held it until Mr. Fitzgerald and his old co-owner entered the room.
"I'll give you time to settle in this evening Jeremy".
"I wish you the best on finding your son, mine and my families hearts go out to you".
"Thank you kindly".
"Good night".

Mr. Fitzgerald's P.O.V
Despite my mind being only concerned for my sons whereabouts, I did find the new place quite magnificent. There was no way he'd end up here, but part of me hoped that whoever had the disgusting and evil soul to take Fritz had kept it within the walls of Freddy's. I walked towards a chair and slumped into it, my face cupped in my hands.

I began to cry softly, the fresh tears slipping between my fingers. I'd never cried this much in my life, and he'd only been missing two and a bit days. I felt as though nothing was being done about it, and they didn't care about Fritz at all. But I did. He was all I had left, my wife betrayed me and took my daughter with her. I still loved my daughter and I wished I'd be able to see her again, but she was very attached to her mother and not me. I'd failed as a father, I'd managed to lose him, perhaps for good, if he hadn't survived whatever they'd done to him...

The thought made me cry harder. The thought of him strapped to a chair, screaming and wailing for me, but I wasn't there for him. The thought of them beating him, harming him in any way. The thought of him lying dead in a pool of blood, wishing he'd had a father who could protect and look after him like he was supposed to. I was beginning to lose hope I'd ever see him again...

I'd lost it completely. Blinded by my own tears, I threw the chair at the stage, and felt guilty and it hit Bonnie straight in her stomach. I swiftly ran up onto the stage and checked to see if it had damaged her. A small patch of her fur had come loose. What was happening to me? I threw my arms round her fluffy purple neck and sobbed my heart out. Though she was motionless, I could've sworn she'd put an arm round me. She wasn't programmed to do that with her roaming servo on, but I was too worked up to care about that. Whatever they'd done to Fritz, whoever it was, they would pay a high cost for reducing me to such deeds...

Fritz's P.O.V
I woke up in agony. I felt as though every inch of me was screaming internally, begging and pleading for it to end. I wanted to scream, but I was too terrified. I could barely see, but I could hear pretty much fine. A blurred figure stood above me, but it wasn't human. Blood and tears trickled down my face and onto the floor. I was badly wounded, and with nobody but the thing that took me for company, I'd soon meet a sticky end. I tried to listen to the voice over my stuttered and raspy breathing.
"That's the second" spoke a female voice.
"Excellent work as always, vixen" answered a terrifyingly sinister male voice.
"What shall we do with this one?"
"Well, Toy Freddy needs a sentient" he suggested.
"Is he still alive?"
"Yes, but we need them to be alive during the stuffing, or the soul won't transfer to the servo".
"Can they actually be restored after?"
"Yes, but only by that Golden Bear, and he'll never find these two, not on my watch".
"Shall we begin?"
"We shall".
Death. All I could think of was excruciatingly painful death. I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed to every god I could think of that it would be quick. I prayed that my Father wouldn't grieve for long, and that he'd find happiness with another woman one day. As I felt my head lifted off the ground, I braced myself for the pain to come...

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