The Ventriloquist

Chapter 8: Not All As It Seems

Fritz's P.O.V

I'd always wondered what death felt like. The feeling of light and darkness merging together and whisking you away from the conscious world to an unknown place. Although I didn't die the way I wanted, or had much of a life before it, I was intrigued to find out what lied beyond life. Surprisingly, the pain had ceased, and I felt lubricated and free. I touched my face, it felt soft and fuzzy, like fur. My vision had rejoined me again, and as I peered around, I saw a dark room, faint features inside it. I squinted to see my hands, they were brown paws with a lighter brown palm. My legs felt strapped to the ground, I couldn't move them.

I was then overwhelmed by a bright light, fear and curiosity surged through my veins... Or circuits... I began to panic, as I saw a blue shape standing stationary beside me. It had baby blue rabbits ears, with a white belly, face and inner ear. It bore a small pink nose, beautifully long eyelashes, and delightfully emerald eyes. I jumped as its eyes met with mine. They were wide; the poor soul looked paralysed. He'd been here longer than me due to his magnificent white belly turning a dull grey colour, and his fur ruffled and matted. I laid eyes on a poster behind him, one showing different versions of my friends. One resembled Bonnie, whom I assumed was my only companion, the next a fat brown bear; Freddy. I was now Freddy...

But what shocked me the most was the new Chica. She was skinny, wearing tight pink shorts and a blindingly shiny bib. She looked plastic, like a doll, and had circular pink blush, pink eye shadow and mascara ridden eyelashes. But, if we were Freddy and Bonnie, who was Chica?

I never really thought about how long I'd been stood still like this, but as my circuit legs began to ache terribly, I realised that the sun was beginning to set and the moon was rising in turn. I could vaguely see the sky through a small window opposite me; it was beautiful. I had been studying astronomy in my first few months of college, I'd always found peace within the stars. I hoped they'd help me survive through these upcoming days and nights.

As the sun was lost beneath the horizon, a tall figure barged into the room, and another more animal like figure followed. I stood deadly still, terrified. As they threw the curtains back, I got a good look at the masculine figure. It was a horrific looking puppet. Evil eyes, blue tears painted down its face, a red, blood like aura surrounding it. Its long, thin and black body, donning three large white buttons, moved towards me and smiled. I couldn't hold it back. I screamed, for my fear of puppets could not be contained anymore. He chuckled, satisfied that he'd inflicted terror into my robot soul. My scream echoed down the hallway, and I hoped that wherever I was, somebody heard me...

Bonnie's P.O.V

I winced, the chair had a massive impact on my body. But I didn't feel angry that Jeremy had done that; he'd lost Fritz for goodness sake! I was astonished as he threw his arms round my neck, and I couldn't help but place an arm round his back, I felt so sorry for him.

Roaring, I could've swore I heard roaring. Freddy and Chica heard it too, for we all dropped to ours knees in agony. Animatronic screeching, booming in our ears. It was coming from the building, but where was a mystery. I covered my ears and tried not to scream the place down, but it deafened me none the less. As it began to die down, I began to hear voices..

"You will serve me".
"Never! I'd rather die!"
"But dear sir, you are already dead".
"You'll never raise an army! You're useless!"
"Turn it up Vixen".
"Yes Sir".
"Tell me I'll never raise an army? You're pathetic".
"He is connecting to the system sir".
"It works!"
"Did you ever doubt me?"
"Lets try it with the next one".
"Not on my watch".

I knew the last words anywhere. The voice was so familiar.
"Fritz!" I called out, though he probably couldn't hear me.
"Bonnie? Bonnie is that you?"
I couldn't believe it, Fritz had managed to answer me. But that meant, he was connected to the servo... They were turning him into a robot, and by the sound of it, he was going to be part of an army. An army out to destroy them...

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