The Ventriloquist

Chapter 9: ERROR CODE 1-9-8-7

The Puppet's P.O.V

Error! What did it mean error? Servo 1-9-8-7 was abandoned long ago, the V.3 animatronics had no way of connecting to it! They were locked on servo 1-9-9-2, a safer and less unreliable servo, to keep them from giving out, much like what happened on that fateful day. These V.2 toys were attached to a criminal database, and with the help of the vixen, I could programme to attack all adult humans and V.3 robots, the ones who replaced them. I'd been here all along, I know everything, I see everything, always alert, always thinking...

Becoming infuriated by the boys stupidity in trying to fight back, and his apparent communication with the others, I seized his throat and stared straight into his newly formed blue eyes. He choked and spluttered, gasping for air, but I held him in that position. I heard cries from voices I wanted dead, I couldn't stand to hear them for much longer. Before he passed out, I let him go, my piercing eyes transfixed on his shaking body. The Vixen connected his circuits to the large mechanism, and pulled the lever to activate its power.

I'd been waiting for this for many, many years. The chance to finally dominate Freddy's, to seek revenge on the man who trapped my soul in this feeble body. I loathed it, wanted to destroy it. Perhaps that`s why I'd taken to The Vixen, who's mangled body resembled how we both felt inside. She was dangerous, a weapon, that I could use to my advantage in the long run, in turn for my trust and companionship. This pizzeria belonged to us, not the imposters who now resided in it. Although they too had been met with their end by the man I wanted dead, they were not like me. They never understood, and they never would. I equally despised of the purple rabbit, for she reminded me too much of him.

I blocked out the impeccably loud cries of the boy, who's voice became more robot like and distorted by the minute. He called for his Father, he called for his friends, he even called for his sister. Little did he know, that my army would be kept in a little family circle. Though I had rounded up my old, scrap like friends from the early days, who would help me in return for a chance to repair themselves, and a few others I'd slain throughout my years of misery, I had a place for a member of his family, and it wasn't inside Chica...


"Vixen! Can't you see it isn't working? It's the V.3 pieces of scrap! We have to eliminate them!"

"How? We've only got one of the toys on our side! One against four won't work!"

"Don't be so foolish, I've got allies in more places than you'll ever know".

"Then what do you suggest?"

"Hand me that crowbar. It's time I brought back a few old friends into the equations".

Jeremy's P.O.V

I stood in absolute shock. Bonnie...Bonnie was speaking...They were alive?! I stood above her, my eyes wide and hand over my mouth. I saw Freddy and Chica staring worriedly at me, partly for Bonnie, and partly in fear of what I might do now I knew their secret. But that was not my concern. My concern was that Bonnie could access to where-ever my son was, and was talking to him. I listened to what she was saying, and tried to hear Fritz, for I just wanted to hear is voice again.

"Fritz! Are you okay? What have they done to you?"

"I'm dead Bonnie! They've killed me and I'm dead!"


"Bonnie, listen to me. Whatever I end up doing if they connect me to this servo, however much they force me to hurt you or the others, or even my Father, just remember that your all my friends and I wouldn't want to hurt you if I could control it".

"Where are you!?"

"I don't know! They've already locked one into the servo and I'm next! He said something about bringing back his old friends to kill all of you because by talking to me you're disrupting the servo with you own. Just, look after my Dad and each other. Tell him not to leave the building or follow any noises he hears, we might be closer than he thinks".

"Of course Fritz. Wait, what? No! NO! FRITZ!"

Then it all went quiet, deadly quiet. Bonnie was in shock, her eyes wide and breathing quickly. Freddy and Chica had long since bent down beside her to keep her as calm as they could, stroking her back and trying to listen to their conversation. She stood up, her gaze still fixed on a spot on the floor, before looking up and facing me. By the look on her face, Fritz was in grave danger. My heart pounded.

"We're all going to get killed unless we do something" she whispered.

"What`s happened to my son?!" I asked, perhaps pressuring her a little too much.

"He-They've-killed him-and-are-t-trying-to-turn-him-into-a-r-robot" he managed to stutter out.

My worst fears just became a reality. I felt faint. Fritz-Fritz was dead. I fell to my knees, yet more tears rolling down my face. Before I really started sobbing again, a felt a furry hand on my shoulder. It was red. Foxy had rejoined us all.

"Don't give up laddy, I've found hope"...

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