Long Forgotten

Chapter 10

Kaoru’s POV:

I could still feel the tingling sensation on my left cheek when we were in the car along with the rest after we left Arisa’s house. It felt somehow sweet and wonderful.

“So…. What’s with you two?” My brother asked me with a huge smirk on his face. Everyone leaned in to me with curious, yet eager faces, to know my answer.

“W-w-what are you talking about?” I retorted turning away to face the window as I evaded the question. I felt heat creeping up from my neck to my face.

“Don’t try to run away, Kaoru.” Hikaru leaned even closer to me, grinning from ear to ear. “We all saw what happened there. We just pretended that we didn’t so Arisa won’t get too embarrassed being caught on the spot…”

“S-s-she just did that to say thanks!” I rebutted but my face, I knew, was telling the total opposite of what I was saying.

“But you two look really sweet together!” Honey exclaimed elatedly, with Mori agreeing with a nod.

“Kaoru, do you love her? Because, if you don’t, please don’t mess with her feelings.” Haruhi stated bluntly, yet seriously.

“I can’t believe my daughter falling in love with one of the shady twins!” Tamaki moaned at the corner of the car. He’d gone into his pathetic corner again.

“I-I…” I don’t know what to say… It’s true that I get worried when she’s sick… and sometimes I’ll think of her… smiles… the things she says… her beautiful sketches…

Then it hit me. I really do love her. I nodded.

Haruhi smiled at my reply, and so did the rest.

“Well, if you do love her, then as her father, I’ll give my blessings!” Tamaki stated defeatedly, taking out a napkin to wipe his ‘tears’.

“Senpai, she’s not your daughter anyway.” Haruhi reminded him, but as usual, it was fallen on deaf ears.

“So~ my dear brother~” Hikaru smirked teasingly. “Are you going to confess to her?”

Immediately, my face flushed even more. “Errr…. Maybe…”

“You’ve to confess to her soon Kao-chan! Or she might be taken away!” Honey warned as he hugged Usa-chan.

“According to my observation, though she’s a new student and has not been confessed to yet; she’s already been a subject in most guys’ conversation. It’s just a matter of time before she gets confessed to.” Kyoya stated as a matter of factually, typing away on his laptop.

I felt myself tensed up at the information.

“That’s it guys! It’s operation: HELP KAORU CONFESS TO ARISA!” Tamaki declared enthusiastically.

Everyone began starting to help me plan for my confession. I hope everything goes well.

The next day…

Arisa’s POV:

“Arf~!” Aoi barked, wagging her tail beside me as she tried to wake me up.

“Hmmm… five more minutes…” I groaned. I’ve not been able to fall asleep yesterday until it was five in the morning. I was tossing and turning, wondering how am I supposed to react and what am I supposed to say later when I meet Kaoru.

“Arf~! Arf~!” Aoi bent her head and licked my face.

“Ok! Ok! I’m up!” I giggled, stroking Aoi as I continued to lie on my comfy bed. “Boy, you sure are energetic in the morning!”

I reluctantly got out of bed and headed to the bathroom when my door burst open.

“Ms Arisa! Wa… Oh! You’re up! Your parents are on their way downstairs to have their breakfasts already!” one of my maids, Linda, called out.

“I know. Thanks Linda!” I smiled and headed to the bathroom before going downstairs to join my parents.

“Ohaiyo Mommy! Daddy!” I exclaimed as I carried Aoi down the stairs with me. I don’t want her to hurt herself again before she even recovered from her injury.

“Meet Aoi!” I brought her up to my parents to see. “Isn’t she adorable? I found her wounded on my way home yesterday with the Host Club.

“Aww~ she looks just like you!” My mom exclaimed in delight, taking Aoi from me gently and stroked her.

“She’s really resembles you. Must be her eyes.” My dad stated.

I giggled, “The Host Club said the same thing too.”

“So how’s the new game coming on Dad?” I asked as I hugged him from behind.

“It’ll be out pretty soon sweetheart!” my Dad grinned, patting my head.

“Don’t forget! I’ll be the first one to try it!” I reminded and winked at him as I sat down beside him to have my breakfast.

It’s been a few days since I’ve seen my Dad. He was up all day in the office working with his subordinates to finish up the newest game they’ve invented called, Crash! I’m so excited to try it.

“Boy Daddy, have you been putting on weight?” I teased him. Even though he’s so busy, my mom always brings him his meals to the office, and I can say it’s A LOT. Sometimes I even wonder how he can finish them. But then again, how can anyone resist from eating my mum’s homemade meals? Though we’ve maids and everything, my mum always insisted that she wanted to cook (somehow it’s her passion), so we didn’t hire a cook you see. ^_^

“Really? I guess so… Ah! Arisa, having you been putting on some too?” my Dad teased back as he poked me lightly on my side which caused me to shriek and fell into pits of laughter.

Well, and that how I spent my breakfast this morning. You can guess it’s more like a bonding time for us. First it’s teasing, then came poking, then came chasing till we almost forgot the time until Rin came in to remind us.

In school…

I was shuffling, walking down the hallways to class, yet preventing myself from doing so at the same time as well. I felt so embarrassed that I kissed him yesterday.

What I going to say when I see Kaoru! Oh my... what should I do?

But it’s just a thank you kiss right? Yes, just a thank you kiss! I nodded to myself.

But why am I so flustered! What if Kaoru knows I like him? Will he like me too?

Wait! What if he hates me? And hates what I did yesterday! Oh no! What am I going to do if he really hates me?! But I can’t run away forever! Ok, calm down…

Gosh! I’m so not calming down right now! Argh!!!

Still deep in my thoughts, I walked on to the class and bumped into someone, causing me to fall back and drop my sketchbook and my back.

“Ouch…” I rubbed my back.

“~Daijou bu Arisa?~” I felt a pair of hands help me up from both sides. Why does that feel so familiar?

“I’m fine, thank you.” I replied and looked up to see the twins in front of me.

Immediately, I felt my face heat up when I saw Kaoru. I quickly bent down to pick up my bag and book, only to find that Haruhi had already helped my done so.

“Thank you Haruhi!” I said gratefully, as she handed me my things.

“You’re welcome. Oh ya Arisa, there won’t be any club activities today. Tamaki-senpai seemed to say something about wanting to take a day off or something…” Haruhi said.

“Ok. Thanks.” I replied before taking my seat in class.

After that, everything seems to flow as usual like any other day. In class, I peep over to look at Kaoru, but it seems like as though the kiss on his cheek had never happened. However, something has changed. The twins and Haruhi would hardly talk to me today. They would mumble to themselves and they would rush off to god-knows-where, before I could even chat to them.

I guess I was being over reactive. See? I’m the only one still thinking about that stupid kiss! And now I bet that they even hate me now! They won’t even talk to me! The more I think about it, the more miserable I felt. I feel like going home now… At least at home, Aoi and Mom and everyone else won’t ignore me… it’s all might fault for being so rash! It’s all my fault…

I blinked my eyes, to prevent the tears which threatened to fall. The moment school ended, the twins and Haruhi disappeared again. I sighed.

“I need my brownies now…” I grumbled miserably to myself as I dragged my feet to the school gate.

Guess I’m really hated by them already…

I stopped at the school gate and took out my phone to call Rin, but suddenly, I felt myself being swooped up in the air. I looked up to see who it was.

“Eh?! Mori-senpai?!”

“Target captured!” Honey shouted as he saluted beside me.

“Good work! Now on to the next plan!” Tamaki ordered as he appeared in front of me, from nowhere.

“Eh?! What are you guys doing? Put me down!” I fumbled hoping to be released as Mori put me over his shoulders.

The next minute I knew, I was in a room in school with a pair of twins, wearing maid outfits, with evil smirks on their faces.

“~Konnichiwa Arisa-sama! Now if you would excuse us….~” the twins said.

Oh no… somehow I’ve a bad feeling about this…

“Nooo!!!!!!” I shouted as I tried to run away from the grasps of the maids, but depressingly to no vial. I swear, these maids are serious like demons!

Within seconds, I felt my clothing removed from me and was replaced with a blue dress with a purple cardigan and my sneakers were replaced with blue ballet-like shoes.

“Huh? What’s with this get up?” I asked, but the maids ignored me and lead me to the Host Club Room.

Is this some kind of prank to show me that they hate me? But…

“Welcome Princess, we’ve been waiting for your arrival~” the door opened in front of me and everyone was standing on either side of the door in a row while Kaoru stood in front of me not far away.

“What’s happening?” I asked as I was ushered into the room till I was right in front of Kaoru.

“M-Ms Arisa Hitori…” Kaoru said as shades of pink started to appear on his face, looking seriously at me. “I-I love you. And after yesterday, I’m even sure that what I felt about you… Will you be my girlfriend?”

I froze. After a few seconds, I felt tears that I’ve kept for the whole entire morning in class just now, streaming down my face.

“A-Arisa?!” Kaoru asked worriedly. “A-Are you ok? Did I do something wrong?”

I just shook my head and covered my face, trying to hide to tears as I broke down.

“I-I thought you guys are going to hate me…” I cried.

“W-what are you talking about? There’s no way we would hate you!” Kaoru rebutted as he bended down beside me, cupped my face to wipe off my tears with his thumb.

“But… But… you guys didn’t even talk to me in class today! And ran off before immediately during break and after school…” I sobbed.

“We were busy helping Kaoru prepare for his confession. That’s why…” Hikaru answered.

“Guess, we shouldn’t have left her alone.” Haruhi added.

“Yeah.” Mori agreed.

“Wait! But that’s not the problem now!” Honey exclaimed, bringing everyone back to the objective of their mission.

“Arisa, I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?” Kaoru asked as he held out a blue rose to me, blushing.

I smiled and hugged him. “Yes!” I could feel happiness bubbling within me, taking over all the sadness that was in me just before.

Everyone cheered.

“And now for the next part of the plan!” Tamaki shouted.

“Would you like to go on a date with me now?” Kaoru asked.

“Ok!” I nodded. “But… will they be following us?” I pouted.

It really feels awkward if there’re people watching you when you’re on a date with your boyfriend.

“Of course we will!” Tamaki exclaimed delightfully. I saw the rest face-palmed.

“No we won’t!” Hikaru argued and grinned teasingly at me and Kaoru. “Just have fun with your date!”

“Come on!” Kaoru pulled me with him to the car waiting at the gate of the school before the rest could follow us.

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