Long Forgotten

Chapter 12

Arisa’s POV:

After Kaoru left yesterday, I had been a daze till this morning. All I knew was that my face had been blushing and there was a warm and fuzzy feeling in me. When I woke up this morning, I was practically on cloud nine! I had been smiling since then and even on my way to school. Everyone at home seemed to have noticed my happy mood and I guess it was kind of contagious.

On my way to school, I started to feel nervous and fidgeted in my seat.

I wonder what I should say to Kaoru later. I lifted my hand to my lips and remembered about the kiss last night. Heat began to rise up from my neck to my face again and I grinned from ear to ear.

“Arisa-sama, we’re here.” Rin announced.

“Arigato Rin!” I grinned and alight from the car. “See you later! Oh! I’ve club activities, so I’ll call you when it’s time to pick me up! Jaa ne~!”

I headed to my class.

Oh! I should first thank everyone for helping us to be together! Maybe I could treat them something? I thought as I walked.

“Arisa, Ohaiyo!” Kaoru, Hikaru and Haruhi said enthusiastically as I walked into class.

“Ohaiyo!” I called back.

When my eyes met Kaoru’s, I blushed and smiled when I remembered about the kiss. I quickly took my seat.

“Here,” Kaoru said and handed me a small note. I tilted my head to one side and looked at him confused. I unfolded the note and it read:

"Hey, Kyoya said that we have to keep our dating a secret in order to keep the ‘brotherly act’ together when we’re hosting. Sorry."

I smiled and wrote my reply:

"Hehe~ *I drew a cheesy face* it’s alright for me ^_^

I actually kind of expected it.

Looking at the bright side, at least I won’t have those crazy fans of your to bombard me with questions right? *wink*

I don’t wanna get chased by them. *I drew a scared face*

*I drew another face with a tongue sticking out*

Well, we could always be together when they’re not there ^///^

Teehee~ <3"

I handed the note back to him and saw him suppressing a chuckle after he read it. Then after, the rest of the day in class passed like any original day.




The Host Club is open for business!




Today everyone is wearing a police uniform. And yes, I’m wearing it too, since I’m part of the Host Club now, I’ve to wear it.


“We’ve got to start to get ready now,” Kyoya stated as he wrote on his black book.

“HAI!” everyone replied, saluted and went to get dressed.

“Come on Ari-chan!” Honey said as he pushed me into the dressing room.

“Do I have to get dressed too?” I asked.

“Yeah, because you’re one of us now. You’ll be wearing this. It’s specially made for you.” The twins chorus as they put their hands on either side of my shoulder.

“Hey! Stop harassing my daughter you shady twins!” Tamaki proclaimed, grabbing me by the shoulders and yanking them back in gesture of protection.

“But why are we dressing as cops?” Haruhi and I asked.

“Because we’ve never done it before!” Tamaki explained with satisfaction and pushed me into the dressing room. “Well then, hurry up and get dressed up! Our customers will be coming soon!”

“Ano, are you sure I’ve to wear this?” I asked as I came out of the dressing room, wearing a policewoman uniform, looking down at myself.

“KAWAII!!!” everyone, except Mori and Kyoya who were grinning, exclaimed, making me blushed. Hikaru pushed Kaoru to my side and I saw his entire face turned into bright shade of red.

“Y-you really look very cute!” he confessed as he tried to keep himself composed but it’s wasn’t working.

“Arigato!” I gave him my widest smile.






“Welcome!” I did the Host Club usual routine with them as I stood beside Haruhi when the door opened.

At the door, was a little girl, probably six to seven year old? She had blonde hair which was tied up into two pigtails and a large pair of beautiful teal blue eyes. She was wearing red and pink sailor uniform. She looks so adorable!

“My!” Tamaki said, “What a special guest we have here. Welcome, lost little kitty.”

The little girl just stared blankly at us as though we were some aliens.

“Neko-chan, where did you come from nya~?” Tamaki cooed as he bended down towards her.

She stood silent for a moment, her head tilted a little with her finger below her chin; then pointing at us, she exclaimed, “Reverse harem! It’s a reverse harem here!”

“Huh?!” we all froze, going pale.

Tamaki started to laugh nervously, together with Kaoru and Hikaru, as he hits his ear slighty, as if he’s trying to get some water out of it. “Oh this is bad! It seems like there’s still some water in my ears from swimming.”

Hikaru puts his fingers in either side of his ears and started giggling nervously with an innocent grin on his face. “Indeed Inspector General!”

Kaoru copied his brother and giggled, “Indeed! There must be something wrong with our ear if we’re hearing a little girl saying things like ‘reverse harem’.”

Seeing their actions made me want to giggle, but I held it back. How can such a little girl know what is reverse harem?

The little girl lifted her index finger and said bluntly, “Shuchi nikurin (sorry, I’ve no idea what it means)!”

Everyone froze and went pale again.

“Yeah! There’s a shuchi nikurin in here!” the little girl exclaimed excitedly as she bounced up and down.

She pointed to Kyoya, “You’re a glass character!”

Continuing to Honey and Mori, “You’re the loli-shota boy, and the stoic type!”

Then she moved to Hikaru and Kaoru. “Twin-cest!” she emphasized.

“Gariben (aka. Gariben means bookworm)!” she ended with me and Haruhi as we gulped and looked at eachother.

Do I really look like a bookworm?

She turned to Tamaki who had flinched defensively, terrified of the insult coming his way. However, fortunately for him, the little girl started to tear up and mumbled, “Onii-chama….” (it means big brother)

Suddenly she jumped into Tamaki’s arms and exclaimed, “You’re blonde! So you must be him!”

“We’ve never heard of this before! You have a sister, Milord?” the twins asked.

“N-no! Of course not! I’m sure I don’t have any siblings! I think…” Tamaki defended himself.

“But you two really look alike now that you mention it!” Honey stated with flowers magically popping around him. “You both are blonde!”

“Hmm… Are ‘glass character’ and ‘onii-chama’ considered in the same group of words?” Kyoya thought out loudly.

“Well, at least you were not called as gariben like us…” Haruhi and I rebutted.

“Eto… what’s your name little girl?” Tamaki asked while carry the girl.

“Kirimi!” the girl replied with satisfaction as she hugged him.

“Kirimi-chan, are you sure that I’m your big brother? I’m pretty sure I don’t have a younger sister…” Tamaki said.

“Maybe you’ve mistaken him for someone else?” I asked.

Kirimi frown at us and started to look as if she’s going to break into tears, “Are you sure you’re not my onii-chama…? You’re blonde just like him…”

Being the emotional Tamaki (as he’s always easily moved), Tamaki picked her up and spun her round and round exclaiming, “I understand! I’ll be your big brother from now on! Your onii-chama! How CUTE! How cute!”

“Even if you’re easily moved senpai, do you think it’s really irresponsible to make empty promises to little kids?” Haruhi scolded.

“I’m not irresponsible!” Tamaki replied, playing with his ‘new little sister’. “I’ll take good care of her! I will bring her back home with me!”

“What should we do now?” Haruhi frown.

“Aww, she’s so cute!” I exclaimed, going forward to join their fun. I really love little girls like her. They are just so adorable!

“Maybe she really has a big brother in this school…” Kyoya stated.




“Kirimi~?” a weird and spooky voice said, making me flinched and stepped back.

Everyone turned to the direction of the voice. It was coming from a creepy door, which had appeared out of nowhere, and a blonde guy came out from it.

“Ano…, who are you?” the twins said in unison.

“It’s a foreigner!” Honey exclaimed.

“The door had changed, didn’t it?” Haruhi stated.

“Don’t tell me you’re…” I realized that he looked kind of like Kirimi.

“Kirimi,” the blonde cut me off as he came out from the door smilling.

“Master,” a bald man, wearing a suit and had a scar that trailed down the left side of his face, stepped out from the creepy looking door.

“You’ve forgotten your cloak,” a lady, wearing a maid’s outfit and had two long thin pigtails, too stepped out from the door.

They threw a cloak and a black wig onto the blonde. Everyone, well except me, were shocked.

“NEKOZEWA-SENPAI?!” they yelled.

Who’s this Nekozawa-senpai? I looked at everyone curiously.

“Who’s he?” I asked.

“Umehito Nekozawa, President of the black magic club, and he has photophobia.” Kyoya briefly explained to me.

I nodded.

“Master Umehito is vulnerable to bright lights. That’s why if he doesn’t wear this robe, he won’t be able to withstand it and will collapse. He even has to wear a dark wig to cover his fair hair!” the maid said dramatically, which kind of reminds me of Tamaki.

“Unfortunately on the other hand, his sister, Miss Kirimi, really despises the dark.” The bald man continued.

“So, this little girl is Nekozawa-senpai’s sister right?” Haruhi and I asked, pointing to Kirimi who was clinging to Tamaki’s neck.

The bald man turned around and wiped his tears with a tissue, “Yes, you’re correct…”

Tamaki put Kirimi down and Nekozawa walked towards, in a somewhat even creepier way. Kirimi stood there looking up at him.

“Ki…Ki…Ki…Kirimi~ So that’s where you are…” he said as he glowered above her.

Gosh, he’s REALLY creepy… I shivered slightly.

Kirimi began tearing up and jumped to Tamaki, “Onii-chama! MONSTER!!!”

“It’s alright~ This cursed doll, Beelzenef, isn’t scary at all… The Nekozawa family has been worshipping cats for generations.” He continued, walking towards her.

“You know, I don’t think she’s afraid of the puppet,” Haruhi stated.

“It’s more like she’s afraid of you!” I said, hiding behind the twins. Gosh this guy really creeps me out. I really hate stuffs or people like this. It gives me the chills.

“~That’s most probably because of what you’re wearing. Come let’s help you!~” the twins pointed out as they went over to remove Nekozawa’s cloak.

“No!!!!! I’ll die!!!!” Nekozawa in turn screamed in attempt to stop the twins.

“Then, let’s make the room darker!” Honey exclaimed as he ran for the curtains to draw them.

However, he immediately stopped when Kirimi cried because she was afraid of the dark.

“There, there…” Tamaki tried his best to comfort her.

“Now this one is complaining.” Kyoya stated.

“Oh boy…” I sighed. This two are like the polar opposites of each other.

“This tragedy with those two having the complete opposite physical nature is exactly why they’re called the Romeo and Juliet of the Nekozawa family.” The maid added.

“But Romeo and Juliet were not siblings, and their situations are so different!” Haruhi and I stated simultaneously.

“I know that of course! This’s just a catch phrase I came up with because it sounded more dramatic.” The maid said.

Haruhi and I sweat dropped.

“By the way, we’re responsible for picking Kirimi-sama up from school.” The butler bowed.

“~Is everyone in the Nekozawa family is creepy and suspicious-looking?~” Kaoru and Hikaru hugged each other.

“What are you talking about!” the maid suddenly snapped. “The Nekozawa family is a noble family from Russia!”

“Noble family?” I tilted my head.

“From Russia?” the rest followed me.

“And there’s a legend in the family that for some reason, every once in a few hundred years, someone like Master Umehito who falls in love with the darkness is born…. May or may not exist!” the maid stated creepily.

“May or may not exist?” Honey asked.

“~So which one is it?~” the twins said in annoyance.

“Because of his dark robe, Master Umehito has never been able to get close to his sister, and Kirimi-sama has fallen in love with the prince-like brother when she sees in his portrait painting. Hence, ever since she knew that her brother was in the high school section, she’d sometimes come over to look for him like this. And of course, we’ve been comforting her with prince-themed story books… but in the end we ran out of materials and lately we’ve moved over to shoujo mangas where princes appear and she’s fallen in love with them.” She continued.

“Oh~ so she’s the culprit!” the twins and I exclaimed.

“So, Kirimi-chan doesn’t know that Nekozawa-senpai is her brother?” Haruhi pointed out.

Immediately, Nekozawa-senpai went into depression mode.

“Yes, we’ve tried convincing her about it, but she doesn’t believe it.” The maid replied.

“Poor Neko-chan!” Honey cried.

“Hai, that’s why I’ve always prayed for her to love the darkness,” Nekozawa-senpai said creepily.

“Nope! Shouldn’t it be another way round?” I stated, with the twins nodding in agreement.

“You should get used to brightness!” Hikaru said.

“What did you plan on doing to your sister?” Kaoru questioned.

“Let’s go Kirimi-sama, it’s time to go back.” The butler and maid said.

But they were rejected, when Kirimi couldn’t stop crying that she wanted to stay with Tamaki, her onii-chama.

“It’s alright…” Nekozawa-senpai said in defeat. “Don’t worry about me. Please… take good care of Kirimi for me!” He ran away after that.

“Siblings are always the cause if problems in any family.” Kyoya said bluntly.

“I envy them.” Haruhi and I blurted.

“I’ve always been a single child. However, even though they’ve other siblings, it’s somewhat sad that they can’t get along with each other.” Haruhi explained.

I sigh miserably and placed my hand on my head, “For now, I’m just the only child. But even if I’ve a sibling, I wouldn’t even know or remember…”

Haruhi came to me and patted me on my shoulder while the rest looked at me in confusion.

“Kirimi-chan, I’m sorry. I’m not your onii-chama after all.” Tamaki explained as he place Kirimi down on to the floor. “But, don’t worry Kirimi-chan! You’ve a much better prince-like brother than me.”

“Since you came here, Kirimi-chan has become our host club’s guest now. We, as the Ouran Host Club, exist for bring happiness to girls! That two siblings that yearn for each other, yet cannot be together… This is a problem that cannot exist! Starting from now, we’ll commence a great plan to reform Nekozawa-senpai into a bright prince character that Kirimi-chan likes!” Tamaki said dramatically.

“B-But, to reform Master Umehito’s darkness-loving character? Are you saying that’s possible?” the maid asked.

“Well, probably impossible…” I mumbled. You can never change a person’s personality in just a few days.

“Just because you’re easily moved, please don’t say such irresponsible things senpai!” Haruhi scolded.

Tamaki grinned, “Did you forget? We’ve someone who’s extremely talented at the reformation of character settings.”

“~You don’t mean…~”

“~It’s…~” the twins gulped. (Hikaru always speaks first please ^^)

“Oh-hohohohohohohohohohoho…” the voice echoed the whole room, as the ground began to shake. Soon after, Renge rised from the floor, standing on a kind of motor machine.

“~I knew it…~” the twins confirmed in unison.




Nobody’s POV:

“Your golden hair that flows through the candles…” Nekozawa recited, trying to act princely (like Tamaki unfortunately -_-). “Your shining skin that resembles ivory… Your smile that is more mysterious than a moonlit flower… Yes, it’s…”

“As ominous as a cursed wax figure!” he changed back to his creepy form as he advanced towards the Kirimi-like bear figure.

“NO! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!” Renge screamed, looking like a devil herself as she hit Nekozawa with a giant paper fan madly. “And who taught you to say that?! I said that it’s forbidden to use any occult terminology! You idiot! How many times do I’ve to say so that you would understand?!”

“B-But… my vocabulary holds nothing but stuff like this…” Nekozawa panicked as he backed away from devil Renge.

“Don’t you talk back to me!” Renge snapped as she continued to spank Nekozawa with the paper fan. “A prince cannot say sissy things like that so easily! Mori-senpai! Please add another NG word!”

“Wax figure right?” Mori said as he wrote down on to the black board which was already four-fifth filled with words.

“Renge sure is on a rampage right now.” Kyoya stated in amusement.

“She’s really into it!” Honey exclaimed, sitting on a table.

“~Though I’m not sure if those words will work on his sister…~”

“~Tono, are you just going to watch?~” (Hikaru always speaks 1st ^^)

“Because… I don’t want to be cursed afterwards.” Tamaki stated as he watched Nekozawa taking his lessons with Renge from a corner along with the others.

“Well then! Now that you’ve memorized most of the character setting lines, we should move on to ‘that’ soon.” Renge pointed out.

“W-Wait! It’s still too soon!” Nekozawa panicked.

“Evil Beam!” Renge announced as she turned on the flashlight and shone at Nekozawa, causing him to flinch away as far as he can. “Don’t lose your head to a mere flashlight! Show some guts! There’re no problems with your qualities, it’s just a matter of willpower!”

Nekozawa crouched in fear, until Renge finally turned off the flashlight.

“Most importantly,” Renge added as she pointed at Nekozawa. Your lines don’t even have any emotions. “You must see your practice partner more as Kirimi-chan!”

“I understand what you mean, but Kirimi’s face is not even like that! She’s not even that brown!” Nekozawa rebutted.

“No excuses!!!” Renge snapped again, her hair turning into snakes. Then, she changed back to her sweet form and continued, “You must see her with passion! With the eyed of your heart!” she pushed the Kirimi-like bear to Nekozawa.

“Yes! This’s all for the sake of Kirimi!” Tamaki emphasized. “If you can activate the eyes of your heart, then you’ll be able to see that doll as the real Kirimi-chan!”

Just then, the twins’ eyes sparkled devilishly.

“~Here tono! We’ve prepared something like this.” They said cheekily, pulling out a mannequin that wore a wig and a swim suit, looking similar like Haruhi. “Well then, make love to this Haruhi doll!”

Tamaki stoned out in front of the mannequin, “T-this… as Haruhi?”

“It’s important to set an example for everything!” the twins pointed out.

Tamaki sweat dropped. He calmed himself down, closing his eyes, trying best to picture the mannequin as Haruhi. Hence, entering into his world of fantasy.

“Ano…” Haruhi said, as she entered into the dark room, shocking Tamaki in the process.

“E-eh? T-the r-real one?! W-when did you-?” Tamaki immediately threw away the mannequin that was in his hands.

“Kirimi-chan came over to the club room again today…” Haruhi continued her face showing disgust when she saw what Tamaki was doing as she glared at him. “…so if you’ve the time to be doing disgusting things like that, could you go spend time with Kirimi-chan instead?”

“D-Disgusting?!” Tamaki went into his state of depression, causing the twins to be rolling on the floor laughing.

“What Haruhi? You’re not good with children?” Kyoya asked, adjusting his glasses. “No, it’s not that I don’t like children… but Arisa-chan and I’ve been reading aloud to her around fifty shoujo mangas past three days.” She sweat dropped as she recalled. “Seriously, some of those were really filled with reverse harems and shuchi nikurins.”

“Say, where’s Arisa?” Kaoru asked in concern, but everyone’s attention were directed to the voice at the door.

“Onii-chama?” Kirimi called out as she walked into the dark room.

“Wait! Kirimi-chan! Don’t go in there!” Arisa called out behind her.

But she was too late, Kirimi had peered into the dark room and began tearing up.

“This room is s-so dark!” Kirimi brawled.

“It’s ok…it’s fine now…” Arisa went forward to hush and hug her.

“Kirimi-chan!” Haruhi went forward too.

“Aww, what’s the matter?” Tamaki went to her and lift her up high. ´There there! See? It’s not scary anymore!” Kirimi began to giggle as Tamaki turned in circles with her still up in the air.

Arisa’s POV:

I chuckled as I saw Tamaki trying her best to cheer Kirimi up. Though Tamaki is a goof, I’ve got to admit, he’s kind of good with little kids. I turned to look into the room and gulped. It’s dark. Too dark. I took a step back out of the room.

“Senpai?” Renge blurted. I look in her direction and saw Nekozawa holding up a flashlight in front of him.

“I’m a wonderful prince-like onii-chan… I’m a wonderful prince-like onii-chan… I’m a wonderful prince-like onii-chan… I’m a wonderful prince-like onii-chan…” he chanted to himself. “I’m not scared of the light! Evil beam on me!” he shone the light at himself.

“Yay!” Honey cheered and Mori clapped behind him.

“Nekozawa-senpai is finally able to point the flashlight at himself!” Renge exclaimed.

“~Bravo! Bravo!~” the twins pulled the party poppers.

“He did it!” Haruhi and I said, as we clapped.

“I’m sure Kirimi-chan would be very happy!” Tamaki shouted in excitement.

“Here Kirimi-chan!” he pulled Kirimi forward. “This is your real big brother!”

“Kirimi…” Nekozawa turned over to look at Kirimi. But instead, Kirimi shivered in fear and turned pale, because seriously he looked so creepy. I hid behind the wall outside the room. I slumped onto the wall and sat there.

It reminded me of something similar… but I can’t remember… I hugged my knees to my chest and rested my head on my knees. I tried my best to recall it, but it was of no use. All I know was that it just made me feel the chills.

Suddenly Kirimi burst into tears and dashed out of the room.

“Kirimi!” I heard Nekozawa shouted from the room before I ran after her.




“Kirimi? Where are you?” I called out, looking around for her, but I saw no one in sight.

I ran towards the courtyard in hope of looking for her, when I heard a crashing sound of the glass. I speed up my pace. I hope Kirimi is alright.

When I reached the courtyard, I saw the two siblings hugging each other.

“Seems like they finally got together.” I sighed and smiled.

Then, Nekozawa fell on to the ground.

Probably, he couldn’t take the light any longer… must have bathed an eternity worth of sunlight…



“Where have you been the whole time Arisa?” Haruhi ran towards me when everyone came to the courtyard to check on the passed out Nekozawa.

“Away from the dark room and out in the open?” I smiled sheepishly as I shrugged, earning her an understanding nod. Only she knew that I was afraid of the dark, if the others knew, especially the twins, who knew what tricks they’ll be up to.




Several days later…

Unfortunately, Nekozawa had reverted back into his old creepy form, wearing that gloomy black robe and holding a Beelzenef puppet in his right hand. But, somehow Kirimi seemed to have accepted him as her onii-chama and they’re getter closer now.

As for me, ever since that day, where I’ve walked into the dark room, flashes of images kept replaying in my mind. They were all dark and blur pictures which I could not make them out of. All I knew was that these pictures give me chills down my spine. It made me not want to remember them, but yet, my curiosity kept urging me to do so. And I’ve a feeling that I’ll find out about them pretty soon…

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