Long Forgotten

Chapter 13

“The beach?” Haruhi and I asked.

“Why would you want to go to the beach all of a sudden?” I continued, looking up at the twins, who were behind me, from my reading. Kaoru was playing with my hair as he and Hikaru announced that we’re going to the beach.

“~Yes! We’re going to the beach!~” the twins emphasized in unison.

“Haruhi said it before…” Kaoru added.

“That you wouldn’t mind going to the real beach!” Hikaru finished.

“Did I?” Haruhi looked at them absentmindedly.

“~Yes you did.~”

“~And besides, since Arisa didn’t go to the waterpark previously, so she’ll also be going with us.~”

“It’s not a bad idea…” I thought aloud. “Since I’ve never been to one before…”

“Poor Ari-chan! You’ve got to go with us this time!” Honey said.

“~And so… we’ve prepare swimsuits for you. They look cute, don’t they?~” the twins grinned devilishly as they moved aside to show us the hundred over pieces of swimsuits each worn by a mannequin.

I sweat dropped.

“This is for Haruhi,” Hikaru took out a mannequin wearing a bikini with pink frills.

“And this is for you, Arisa.” Kaoru took out one similar with blue frills.

I’ve got to admit, it’s really cute. But there’s one problem…My…

“I think that this kind of swimsuit would suit Haru-chan and Ari-chan!” Honey disagreed as he took out two mannequins wearing a whole piece swimsuit, but the twins waved it off.

“~You don’t get it, Honey-senpai.~” the twins held Haruhi up on each side of her arms and explained.

“~With her ‘flat board’ chest, she can fool everyone by wearing male uniforms.~”

“~And so having her wear a one-piece to expose her meager body would just insult her.~”

“~Hence, this piece we’ve carefully chose for her does a good job covering this problem with frills! And Arisa needed it so that she’ll look even cuter!~”

“Uh huh… that’s so considerate of you…” Haruhi and I said sarcastically.

“How dare you two keep sexually harassing my precious daughters!” Tamaki shouted as he pushed them away. “That’s quite enough!!!”

“So… are we going to the beach?” I asked.

“Whoever said we’re not?” Tamaki answered.

“Can Usa-chan come too?” I guess you can tell who said that J

“I guess there’re no objections.” Kyoya stated, writing in his coughcoughDeath Notecoughcough as usual.

“Mmm…” Mori nodded.

“Ehh… are we really going?” Haruhi grumbled. I knew she’d wished that they’re not going because she’ll rather be staying at home studying.

“Well then! To the beach, we go!” Tamaki announced dramatically.

“Don’t worry, you have me.” I patted Haruhi’s shoulder, going back to my book.





“~Why are we at Okinawa?~”

“Kyouya’s family has a private beach here.” Tamaki explained.

“This place is so beautiful!” Honey exclaimed as flowers magically popped out around him.

“~But we could have gone to the Caribbean or Fiji…~”

“Do you think that Haruhi and Arisa has a passport?” Kyoya stated as a matter of factually.

The twins agreed, “Ah…”

“Why thank you for being soooo considerate,” Haruhi said sarcastically.

I just ignored them. I smiled as I looked at the view. It’s really beautiful. Just then, a flash of a dark and blur picture came into my mind again and I winced. My smile had turned into a frown. These few pictures have been coming to me now and then, causing me a headache and lack of sleep.

“Come on Arisa…” Kaoru called out behind me as he held out his hand.

I quickly put on my smile again, slipped my hand into his and walked with him to where the others were waiting. I didn’t want anyone to worry.

“Ne Kaoru…” I asked the redhead in front of me as we walked.


“Can I not wear the swimsuit? I’m fine with wearing this sundress.” I was wearing the blue sundress Kaoru got me and a cardigan. I really love the material. It’s so comfortable.

“Why?” Kaoru turned back to look at me. “Oh… someone’s too shy to wear it?” he teased, giving me a devilish grin.

“No…” I look down at our hands holding each other. “I-I don’t want to show my back…”

He raised a brow at me looking confused. I sighed and removed my cardigan, showing him my back. There was a huge ugly scar across it.

“W-What…” he gasped as I quickly put my cardigan back on.

“Mum told me it was due to an accident because I couldn’t remember anything before I was five…” I looked at the ground now, fumbling at my fingers, not wanting to meet his gaze. I don’t know why I was trying to avoid his gaze. I felt embarrassed when I showed it to him. It’s like because of it, I’ve become imperfect to him.

“Okie dokie!” Kaoru adjusted my cardigan and held my hands. I looked up at him in confusion.

He beamed at me. “Don’t worry about that. You’re still you. Come on. The others are waiting.”

It suddenly felt as though a stone was removed from my chest and I began to grin along with him as I followed him by his side to catch up with the others.




I sat at under the huge umbrella with Haruhi as I watched the others entertained their guests. Yes, unfortunately, the Host club members had to work too. Tamaki was sitting on a rock, making his ‘princess’ swooned over him, as usual; with Kyoya standing at the shore not far from him, keeping track of the time he spent with his guests. The twins were playing volleyball with their guests, well they wanted me to join them but I decline. I’m not a sports person, though I love playing basketball and bowling. And well, Honey and Mori were somehow doing stretching exercises with some girls, which looked pretty funny to me.

“Why do we have to be hosts at the beach too?” Haruhi groaned beside me.

“Yeah… my guess, Kyoya wanted to earn more profit?” I muttered under my breath.

“Haruhi-kun?” a voice called out behind us as Haruhi and I turned around.


“Haruhi-kun, you’re not going to swim?” the girls, wearing cute swimsuits asked. To tell the truth, I kind of envy them since I can’t wear it as they’re bareback.

“Ahh…I enjoy watching the ocean more than swimming in it.” Haruhi explained.

“How about you Arisa-chan?”

“Oh, same here too! I prefer admiring the scenery. Sometimes it might give me some inspirations!” I winked at them, pointing to my sketchbook on my lap.

“Then, is it alright if we join you two?” they asked shyly.

“Why?” Haruhi and I asked them back.

“You should go take a dip since you’re wearing cute swimsuits!” Haruhi continued.

I nodded and added, “You girls look very cute in them.”

The girls blushed and I could see hearts above their heads. Boy, they’re so easily touched.

“Haru-chan! Ari-chan!” Honey exclaimed excitedly, wearing a pink bunny float and waving at us with a pink shuffle in his left hand and a pink pail filled with shellfish beside him. “Let’s go hellfish hunting!”

“Ano… did he meant shellfish hunting?” I turned to Haruhi who sweat dropped.

“Yeah. But anyway, I’ve never heard of being able to dig up shells around he…re?” she turned into shock when she noticed the pink pail beside Honey.

“Ah!” we shouted, even more alarmed now when we noticed that we were surrounded by shellfish and crabs.

“Tonight’s side dishes are going to be splendid! They look so delicious!” Haruhi said, grinning from ear to ear as she examined them.

I smiled, she’s happy as long as it’s related to food. So cute! I walked away and towards the sea, feeling the sea breeze and enjoying the cool seawater flowing pass my feet. I love this feeling; it’s so calm and soothing.

“Senpai! Tonight’s dinner’s going to be huge!” I heard Haruhi shouted in the distance. I chuckled quietly. This is the only few times when she would get excited during an outing with the host club.




The host club had been busying bothering with Haruhi since just now. I heard them say something about finding out what’s her fear was. Oh well, it’s good for me in a way, since I would be able to have some peace. I’m really never going to get bored looking at the scenery. In fact, I’ve come up with some costumes for them if they were to have a ‘beach’ theme when they’re hosting I guess. But one thing bad was that I wasn’t able to spend some time with Kaoru, not that I would be able to anyway. With all the guests still here, we can’t stay too close or let our dating leak out, or I’m sure Kyoya would want to bite our heads off.

I sighed and massaged the side of my head. This headache is driving me crazy. But the thing that bothered me the most was still those blurry dark pictures. It’s kind of pissing me off. Stupid brain…

“Arisa-chan, daijou bu?” Haruhi asked in concern as she picked up a shellfish not far from me. Well I did tell her about the pictures and the headache when she saw me wincing just now and had forced an explanation out of me after making sure that the other host club members weren’t around. Seriously, when it comes to this kind of stuffs she sure is observant about it. But when it comes to other stuffs like relationships, she’s so oblivious to it.

“Yeah… nothing to worry about.” I waved her off.

“Hey Haruhi-kun! Arisa-chan!” I looked up and saw the three girls on top of the cliff waving at us. “The wind feels so good up here! Do you want to join us?”

“Hai!” I went up the cliff and join them, as I changed the subject.

“Be careful! It’s dangerous!” Haruhi warned.

“Waaa!” I exclaimed and looked out at the scene of the sunset. It’s so beautiful!

“Ohh! There’re some chicks over here!” We heard a male voice behind us and we quickly turned around. There were two drunkards walking up to us, one of them throwing away a beer bottle.

“Lucky us.” The other guy added. “Hey ladies, let’s fun some fun together.”

I quickly got into my defense stance as the other girls hid behind me. Thank you dad for making me take some lessons, they really come in useful for situations like this. I hope.

“Who are you people?” one of the girls said.

“Come on, it’s boring just being by yourselves right?” the first guy who was wearing a red shirt came forward to grab her, but I pushed him away, but her grabbed my arm instead. I tried to twist my arm free from him.

“Please stop!” the two other girls shouted. “This is a private beach!”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you all rich girls or something?” the other guy in white shirt went to hug the other girls.

The guy who was holding onto me loosened his grip as he groaned in pain when Haruhi threw the bucket of shellfish onto him. I immediately went to the guy in white, who fell to the ground when kicked him in the head and the girls ran out of his reach.

“Hurry and run!” I told the girls as I went to kick the guy in red in his back, causing him to fall flat on his face.

“Why don’t you guys get lost already?” Haruhi shouted. “Stop pestering them!”

“Damn you kids!” the two drunkards swore as they got up to face us.

“Haiya!” I punched the guy in white in his face and kicked him in his stomach when he came at me.

“Haruhi!” I shouted and ran to her. She was grabbed at the hem of her shirt by the guy in red as he neared her towards the end of the cliff.

“Gotcha!” I was just about to reach her but I was hooked at my neck by the guy in white. “Bad move for turning around.”

I gasped and froze. An image of me being in a similar situation of getting grabbed at my neck flashed pass my mind and I felt my head throbbed, as though my head was hit by a hammer. I pressed my hand the side of my head.

“All your fault for acting hero!” before I could figure out what had happened, I felt myself being pushed off the cliff.

As I fell, even more pictures intruded into my mind and I passed out.





“Ari-chan! (Arisa-chan/Arisa!)” I heard familiar voices calling out for me.

“Hmm…” I forced myself to open my eyes and I saw that everyone was there. Pictures were coming back to me again at a rapid speed, flashing pass my mind. I winced as I grabbed onto the shirt of person who was holding me in one hand and pressed my other hand to the side of my head.

“Daijou bu Arisa (Arisa-chan)?” Haruhi and Kaoru asked, their brows were pinched together. Apparently Kaoru was the one who saved me, I realized.

“I-I’m fine… How about you, Haruhi?” I struggled to speak as I was put down on my two feet.

“I didn’t fell, Tamaki-senpai caught me before I did.” She replied.

Thousands of nails seemed to be piercing into my head. I could feel my back burning in pain. I fell and everything went black.

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