Long Forgotten

Chapter 14

Arisa’s POV:


“Mummy… Daddy… save me…” I sobbed in a corner. I don’t even know how many days had it been since I was taken away to where I am now. I don’t even know how long I’ve been unconscious. It seemed like I’ve been here like forever. All I knew was that I woke up to finding that my hands and legs were tied up in this cold and dark place. I looked around in the darkness as I try to look for signs of someone coming to rescue me but part of me knew that it was useless.

All I wanted was mummy and daddy to save me, but I don’t know who they were supposed to be, what they looked like. I couldn’t remember who were this mummy and daddy I kept sobbing for subconsciously.

I was in a house that was sealed up almost everywhere; there were tiny cracks in the wall, as light creep in. But it was still so dark. I didn’t know where I was. The last thing I knew I was playing at an open ground in the hospital with Hiro-chan when I was suddenly grabbed from behind as a cloth that smells came over my mouth as she was pushed harshly away from me as she tried to stop them from taking away, before I slipped into darkness. I hope she’s alright…

“Be quiet you brat!” I felt a kick on my side as I fell onto my sides and whimpered in pain.

“Boss, you might not want to shock her too much in case that illness of hers reacts again. It’ll be too troublesome…” I heard a guy from somewhere not too far away from me informed.

“She might lose her life either way too anyway. Why even bother, we’re just doing her a favor of shortening her misery.” The man who kicked me huffed. I could hear the smirk in his voice as he kicked me again.

“Get up brat!” he grabbed me by the back of my shirt and pulled me up on my feet and pushed me towards the door into the light. I followed, trying to hold back my sobs.

I was dragged to a cliff by one of the masked man. I shivered as the wind blew at me; I was only in my thin set of hospital clothes.

“Boss! They ran away!” I heard another masked man said.

The man beside me groaned as he pulled my hair, holding me up to face him as I winced in pain. “Here that brat? Seems like you’re a burden to your family! Those cowards rather ran away than to save you.” He chuckled darkly.

I felt my chest began to tighten again as tear streamed down my cheeks. ‘They never loved me… I’m always alone… no one will come for me…no one… they just left and threw me here alone…’ I thought and began to sob. “Mummy… Daddy… save me…”

“Put your hands up and stay away from the girl!” someone shouted. I looked up and my eyes widened when saw a group of policemen and two familiar faces, Uncle Aki and Aunt Kyoko.

“The ransom for the girl!” the ‘Boss’ demanded as he pulled me near the edge of the cliff and I screamed when I looked down below me. The waves crashed ferociously against the rocks and the bottom of the cliff.

“Noo!!!” I screamed as I tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

“Let her go!” Uncle Aki shouted as her stepped closer to us.

The ‘Boss’ stepped back and pulled me along with me. Before I knew it, I fell off the cliff and my back scraped against the rock before I fell into the sea, unconscious.




Kaoru’s POV:

I stared at Arisa worriedly as I held onto her hand, sitting on the chair at the side of the bed while Haruhi sat on the other side. Everyone else was sitting standing around. After she collapsed, we had rushed her to the hospital immediately while Haruhi contacted her parents.

I felt my brother placed his hand on my shoulder to comfort me but it wasn’t working.

“No… save me…” I heard her sobbed as tears flowed through the corners of her eyes and down her face; her hand tightened its grip around me.

Everyone snapped up and immediately came closer.

“Save me… don’t leave me behind… I’m scared…” she continued to mumble, her brows began to crease together.

“No… don’t push me down….”

“Arisa?” I called out to her as I jerked out from my seat and leant closer to her.

“NOO!!!!” she screamed and her eyes jerked open as she sat up.

“Are you ok Arisa-chan?” Haruhi asked her as Arisa began to break down and cry.

“Shh…” I hushed her and hugged her closed to me, rubbing her back, hopping to calm her down.

“They ran away… They abandoned me…” she cried and hung onto me.

“We would never abandon you Ari-chan!”

“Arisa!” the door burst opened as her parents rushed in. Haruhi made way for them to get close to her.

Arisa broke away from me and turned to her parents as she tried to weep the tears away from her face.

“Thank you Uncle Aki, Aunt Kyoko! Thank you for saving me!” she wept.

Everyone froze except her parents and looked at her wide-eyed.

“Did you just say Uncle Aki a-and Aunt Kyoko?” Tamaki gulped.

“Aren’t they your…” Honey asked.

“Parents?” Mori finished.

“It’s alright now dear… It’s alright now…” her mom, I mean Kyoko-san soothed her bringing her close into a hug.

“Well, we were hoping you won’t remember since it won’t do you any good,” Aki-san sighed heavily as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“~Remember what?~”

“But you’ll always be our lovely daughter ne?” Kyoko hold her face up and wiped away the tears while Arisa smiled and nodded.

“Are we missing something?” Tamaki asked, frowning.

“I’m adopted!” Arisa explained with a smile.

“EH?!!!” everyone except Haruhi, Kyoya, Arisa and her parents yelled.

Arisa’s POV:

“I’m adopted!” I explained with a smile.

“EH?!!!” everyone in the Host Club except Haruhi, Kyoya and Mori yelled while I grinned that their priceless expressions.

Thinking about the fact that I’m adopted by the Hitori family actually didn’t sadden me at all. Somehow it made me feel relieved. But nevertheless, I’m still puzzled about my past. I don’t know who my birth parents were, how they looked like or anything. Like the memories I had, they were only two black figures.

“But what do they look like?” turned to my ‘parents’ and asked.

“Hmmm…. I’m not quite sure actually…” my mom began, tapping her finger as she thought.

“To tell you the truth, they hardly came to visit you during your stay in the hospital when you were young. Though Misa did tell us before that she would occasionally hear people whispering beside you at night when you were asleep. Since the curtain had been drawn between you two, she wasn’t able to see who they were.” My dad completed.

“Ne, Ari-chan, who’s Mi-chan?” Honey asked, popping out in front of me.

“She’s my daughter…” my mom said, looking at me directly in my eyes. “but she died…”

“And it was my fault…” I avoided her stare and looked away, but ended up looking into Kaoru’s eyes, filled with concern.

“No it’s not,” my dad sighed, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked up at the ceiling. “If I weren’t for you, she would have been long gone. Besides, you were the dearest sister and best friend that she could ever had.”

“Enough of these depressing talks already!” my mom pouted, arms akimbo. “Now, aren’t you supposed to introduce to your dad your friends and boyfriend~?” my mom teased, purposely emphasizing the word boyfriend while the rest of the Host Club members snickered as Kaoru and I flushed.

“Hmm… I should have seen that coming…” my dad muttered under his breath as he faked a frown.

“Don’t worry Mr Hitori! As her father too, I’ll definitely prevent any bad things that will happen to her!” Tamaki claimed as he posed ‘princely’ while the rest of us sighed and face palmed with my dad looking taken aback.

“Dad, that’s Tamaki-senpai, Kyoya-senpai, Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, Hikaru and you’ve known Haruhi…” I trailed off as I introduced to him one by one. I turned to Kaoru and held his hand. “This is Kaoru… erm…my boyfriend…” I felt heat rising to my cheeks again when it has just disappeared.

“Souka, well then, I’ll leave my daughter in your hands shounen. But if you dare to hurt her for even one bit, you’ll get it from me you got that?” my dad hovered over Kaoru, showing his best fake glare as Kaoru gulped, nodding repeatedly.

“Jaa ne~ nice to see you guys! Arisa, I’ll be back later!” my mom waved as she followed my dad out of the room.

I giggled as Kaoru and everyone sighed in relieved.

“Boy, Arisa, your dad seemed a little creepy,” Hikaru leant against Kaoru, patting is twin brother on his back.

“He’s just faking it, don’t worry.” I assured him.

“Argh…” I held onto my head and winced, feeling my head aching again.

“Daijou bu Arisa-chan (Arisa/Ari-chan)?!” everyone, except Mori and Kyoya, crowded around me, in concern.

“I-I’m fine…” I forced a smile. I shouldn’t be worrying them anymore. I’ve already caused everyone so much trouble.

“I guess it might be that your memories are coming back to you, causing you a splitting headache.” Kyoya stated as a matter of factually as he closed his coughcough Death Note cough cough, and adjusted his glasses. “The doctor will be back to check on her later. I’d advise everyone to leave for her to get some rest. We could visit her another time.”

And with that said, Kyoya went out of the room.

“We’ll see you tomorrow Ari-chan! And bring you lots of cakes to make you feel better!” Honey exclaimed and hugged Usa-chan as he walked out of the room. Mori smiled and bowed a little before following after him.

“We’ll see you tomorrow my darling daughter!” Tamaki gave me a bone-crushing hug and dragged Haruhi out with him before she could protest.

“Jaa~” Hikaru waved before running after Tamaki to get Haruhi away from the ‘pervert king’.

“Jaa ne Kaoru. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” I looked to my left at the only person left in the room.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. If you need anything, call me ok?” Kaoru gave me a light hug, kissed me. He smirked and winked at me before catching up with the rest, leaving me with my flushed red face again.

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