Long Forgotten

Chapter 15

Arisa’s POV:

“Ohaiyo Kaoru! Hikaru! Haruhi!” I giggled, popping up behind them suddenly, making them flinched.

“Oi! Don’t just popped out like that!” Hikaru grumbled.

“Kufufufu~” I chuckled.

“Did something good happened this morning Arisa?” Haruhi asked.



“Shiro is coming back home!” I exclaimed excitedly, bouncing up and down like a kid who had a sugar-rush.

“Oh~ It was today wasn’t it?” Haruhi stated absentmindedly.



“~Who’s this Shiro?~”

“My brother silly!”

“~You have a brother?~”

“Shiro’s her best friend, also her brother who was adopted by Mr and Mrs Hitori.” Haruhi explained as I nodded so hard that I could see some stars.

"I can't wait to see him!!!! It has been sooooooooo long since I've seen him, since he went to study abroad three years ago, saying that he wanted to be more independent and stuffs... Aww... I can't wait to introduce you guys to him!" I shouted, making everyone in class to turn and look at us. "hehe... Sorry, I got too excited..." I stuck out my tongue and rubbed the back of my head grinning sheepishly.

Just then, our teacher stepped into the class making everyone scrambling back to our seats.

"Class, we've a new student today, You can come in now." the teacher called out to the student who was waiting outside the class.

A tall guy, with white hair, walked into the class making most of the girls in the class gasped. I looked at him wearily since he looked so familiar to me, but I couldn't really put my finger into why was it so.

"Yo~! Nice to meet ya! I'm Shiro Takeshi!" he announced as he winked, making the girls in the class swooned our him.

"Shi...shiro-kun?!" I gasped, immediately shooting up from my seat, staring at him in disbelieved.

"Yo Sa-chan! It's been awhile!" he grinned cheekily at me.




Kaoru's POV:

I sighed in annoyance when I saw that new guy, Shiro, who was sitting at a corner while waiting for the Host Club to end its activities, stared at Arisa again. Though Arisa had said that he's her brother, but the way I see it, it doesn't seemed like it to him. Seeing the way he looked at her, I knew he’d feelings for her too. It pissed me off.

"You alright?" I heard my brother called me.

"Huh..? Oh ya..." I said looking away from Hikaru.

"Is there something bothering you?" I saw Hikaru gave me a quick wink for me to take my cue.

"No..." I continued, throwing my dissatisfaction with the way Shiro acts around Arisa to the back of my mind.

“Aww~ Are you lonely cause I was chatting with our guests?” he lifted my chin to make me face him up close.

“N-no...” I purposely pouted, looking away. I could hear our customers squirming in excitement.

“The look on your face doesn’t seem otherwise. Isn’t it right Hanako-chan?” Hikaru continued to tease me as planed as he asked one of our regular customers, who was sitting in front of him.

Hanako just blushed and stared at us.

“Mou Hikaru...” I purposely blushed and the girls began giggling.




Arisa’s POV:

The moment the club activities were over, everyone, except Kaoru who was hugging me from behind, crowded around me, waiting for me to introduce Shiro to them.

Kaoru seemed more clingy today...

“Minna (everyone), this is Shiro Takeshi, my brother, who’s also the same as me, adopted by my parents.” I announced.

“We’ve another son, Mommy!” Tamaki immediately shouted to Kyoya, who was just beside him.

“Mommy?” Shiro turned to me while I giggled at his bewildered expression.

“I’m just right next to you Daddy so could you not shout.” Kyoya glared at Tamaki, making him cowered in fear in his dark, gloomy corner.

“Shiro-kun, these are Tamaki-senpai, Kyoya-senpai, Haruhi, Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, Hikaru and this is Kaoru!” I pointed to everyone and then hugged Kaoru, who smiled so sweetly at me in return, making me blushed a little. Oh boy, Kaoru just didn’t know how much that smile of his could kill my brain cells.

“Nice to meet you all,” Shiro said, bowing a little, he seemed kind of sad for some reason. “Thank you for always taking care of this troublesome little sister of mine.”

“Hey! I’m not troublesome!” I pouted in annoyance, making everyone chuckled.

“I’m not troublesome right Kaoru? Hnn?” I looked at him with puppy eyes.

“Ya,” he answered.

“See? See? Mou, Shiro-kun, you’re a bad brother!” I chided him. “Aren’t I right Otou-san?”

“Ohhh!!!! My dear daughter is finally calling me dad!” Tamaki gleamed in happiness as he seemed to shine with sparkles around him.

“Ano, is he a bipolar?” Shiro asked, with everyone nodding at his question.

Tamaki shot back into his corner growing mushrooms again.




Shiro’s POV:

The moment I saw the way she looked at him, I knew that I’ve lost my chance. She doesn’t love me the way she used to claim she is when we were young.

Seeing her so much more happier than she used to be. I knew she had finally found i place she belong.

But I still don't really trust that boyfriend of hers. He kind of looked like a playboy to me. What if he made her upset in the future? I've once swear to myself never to let her feel abandoned again after what she had gone through. I had sworn to protect her smile. But what I do to make sure that he isn't going to do the same as what her birth parents had done?....

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