Long Forgotten

Chapter 17

Arisa’s POV:

“BANZAI!!!!” I yelled with joy, stretching myself, still sitting at my designated exam seat.

“~The exams are~”

“~Finally over ne?~” the twins grinned, both sitting beside me.

“YES!!!!! TIME FOR CELEBRATION!” I beamed at them.

“But we still have club activities after this,” Haruhi stated as she walked over.

“Aww... I wanna go to Chef-san’s shop...” I pouted, resting my chin on my palm as my hand rested on the table.

“We’ll go after hosting then!” Kaoru assured me, grinning as he patted me on the head. “It’s going to be your reward after all.”

“Reward?” Hikaru asked, raising a brow at his brother as Kaoru explained to him.

I immediately felt my face heat up as I stiffened in embarrassment at the thought of the word ‘Reward’. I bet, my face is in several shades of red now. Till now I could still feel the lingering heat on my lips as it tingled from the kiss from a few days ago as a reward for being able to remember for the the exams.

It was different from the pecks he had gave me before... It was filled with more passion. More love. More desire. Electric sparks just flew when we kissed and my insides just went all bubbly and weak.

“Are you alright Arisa-chan?” Haruhi muttered next to me in concern. “Your face seemed pinkish today. Have you caught a cold?”

“N-No! I’m f-fine!” I flustered, waving off at her in denial.

“You should be careful alright? The weather had began changing for the winter now.” Haruhi warned in a motherly tone.

I just nodded and then quickly changed the subject. “We better get going! O-or else Tamaki-senpai might throw a fit again.”

I hugged her left arm and pulled her out of the class with the twins following on either side of us.

On our way to the Host Club, someone called out for me.

“Ano.... Hitori-san...

It was a girl, standing not far away from us. I recognised her as one of the twins’ regular customers in the Host Club.

“Yes?” We stopped and looked at her.

“Natsumi-sensei need you with something so she told me to look for you to bring you to her.” she replied, smiling.

Natsumi-sensei? Why would she looked for me? Did I failed for one of my essays?

“Ok then.”

I turned to Haruhi and the twins and waved as I walked with the girl, “I’ll go see what Natsumi-sensei needs me for! I’ll see you guys later!”

I turned back to the girl and followed her to find Natsumi-sensei.





Nobody’s POV:



At the Host Club...



“You’re late!” the host king reprimanded, but was ignored by the three who had just came into the room.

“Where’s Ari-chan?” Honey asked, one hand holding a fork with was attached to his mouth full of cake and the other hand hugging his fluffy pink bunny.

“~She had followed Hotaru-san,~”

“~To look for Natsumi-sensei.~” The twins stated.

“You mean your English teacher, Natsumi Honda?” Kyoya said with suspicion as he continued clicking on his laptop.

“Yeah.” Haruhi confirmed. “Why do you ask Kyoya-senpai?”

“It seems that she had went home early because she wasn’t feeling well.” his glasses glinted as he looked up from his laptop. “I must also add that Hotaru-san is a close friend of Ayanokoji-san.”

“Don’t tell me...” Haruhi gasped.

“Sh*t!” Kaoru cursed as he burst out of the room with the rest following after him.




Arisa’s POV:

“Ano.... Isn’t Natsumi-sensei supposed to be in the staff’s room?” I finally opened up my question to the girl who had been walking in front of me.

We had been walking for quite a while now. The more we walk, the more confused I was. The way we’re walking is some place where I had never been before.

“Ano?” I prompted again when she didn’t answer, this time catching up with her and walking beside her.

But before I could hear an answer from her, I felt a heavy push from her into a wall as I bang hard onto it.

“This is a warning for you.” I heard her snapped.

“Done?” I looked up to see who was the other voice but my vision had gotten all fuzzy when I hit my head and I could feel something slid down the corner of my face.

“Ya. I just had to give this pest taste a bit of medicine.” I could hear the smirk in her sneer.

“W-why...” I forced myself to stand up, steadying myself as I leaned in the wall for support. “W-what did I...”

“Do?” She laughed. “Well, let me tell you. It’s for being such a pest. Everyday sticking next to Kaoru-kun and Hikaru-kun as if one of them belonged to you or something. This is just a mini warning to you to STAY AWAY FROM THEM!”

“Why m-must I do what you say...?” I panted and flinched when I felt the all so familiar tugged in my chest.

Ignoring the pain, I stood away from the wall and struggled closer to her and her friend. Black spots had began to intrude my vision. “Y-you can’t even tell them apart.”

“Why you!”

A deafening slap could be heard as my cheek burned at the impact and I fell off the flight of stairs that had been just right next to us. All I heard was someone shouting my name before everything before me turns pitch black.

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