Long Forgotten

Chapter 18

Kaoru’s POV:

Damn it! Where could they have gone too?

I panted as I paused in the middle of the corridor, deciding which way I should turn to.

“You~ might want to go this way~” Nekozawa-senpai suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pointed to my left, directing to the block where classes had seldom been conducted at anymore.

“Thanks Nekozawa-senpai!” I panted, taking off immediately in the given direction.

“Near the stairs~” He added creepily. “She might be in danger~”

Hearing that, I quicken my pace even more to the other end of the building.




As I neared the stairs, I could hear voices echoed from upstairs.

I heard a voice whom I think was Hotaru-san.

“Do?” She laughed. “Well, Let me tell you. It’s for being such a pest for sticking next to Kaoru-kun and Hikaru-kun as if one of them belongs to you or something. This is just a mini warning to you to STAY AWAY FROM THEM!”

Mini warning? What did she do to Arisa? I panicked as I hasten and climbed the stairs.

“Why m-must I do what you say...? Y-you can’t even tell them apart.” I heard Arisa panted in anger and her voice seemed that she was in pain.

“Why you!” Hotaru-san screeched.

I heard a loud slap just as I was halfway up to the floor they were at and saw Arisa off the stairs and down towards me.

“ARISA!” Without thinking, I shouted as I dived forward and caught her just in time.

“Oi Arisa! Hey don’t scare me like that!” I shook her, hoping that she would respond, but she was unconscious. Blood had flowed from her head and down her face, staining her shirt in the process.

“Arisa!” The others shouted in panic as they ran over. The siren of the ambulance echoed louder as it approached the school.

“The ambulance is here. Kaoru, bring her to the hospital. We’ll take care from here.” Kyoya-senpai ordered, with a tint of anger in his voice.

“I’ll go with you.” Haruhi and Hikaru suggested at the same time. I just nodded and carried Arisa down as fast as I could with them rushing behind me.

Please be ok Arisa!




I sat outside the operation room together with Hikaru and Haruhi, anxiously waiting for any piece of information to tell us that Arisa was alright. Clamping my hands together as I rested my forehead on it and prayed. My brother just sat beside me in silence, not knowing what to do to comfort me.

We had almost lost her just now on our way to the hospital. Her heart had just stopped, scaring the daylights out of me. My heart was in my mouth, as I had stayed frozen from shock when they medics had started to perform CPR on her.

It was all my fault. If I had followed her, she wouldn’t be in this situation. She wouldn’t be inside right now...

The sound of multiple steps running echoed down the hall.

“How’s she?! How’s my daughter?!” Tamaki demanded in panic before Arisa’s dad, Aki-san could say anything.

“She’s still inside.” Haruhi answered as calmly as she could.

Just then the operation light switched off and a surgeon came out of the room.

“How is my daughter?” Arisa’s mom, Suzuna-san asked.

“Thankfully she made it past the critical stage. However, she might be in a state of coma at the moment; therefore she has to be kept under observation. You can all see her now.” he stated and gave us a smile.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and thanked him and headed over to her ward.





“You’re here!” Suzuna-san beamed at us as we entered the room.

“Hai.” Everyone replied.

“You should go back to take some rest Suzuna-san. We’ll help you take care of her. It won’t be good if you were to fall sick due to exhaustion.” Haruhi suggested.

“You’re all really wonderful friends that Arisa could ever have. Thank you all for helping me. With Aki busy with the new project and Shiro heading back to handle some stuffs he’s left behind previously, I’m really at lost; though I’m supposed to get a little used to this.” She smiled as she headed to out. “I’ll leave her to you then. Thank you.”

The moment she left, we all sighed. Knowing Suzuna-san, trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, we tried our best to do the same too. But....

She still had not wake up since that day... It has been two weeks already...

(Just if you’re wondering what happened to Hotaru and Ayanokoji, they had been suspended till further notice and most probably will be expel from school, due to other misdoings too.)

“Well! The doctor did say that we need to keep talking to Ari-chan so she’ll hear us and wake up!” Honey brought up, breaking the silence between us.

“Tell jokes?” Hikaru suggested.

“Oo! Oo! Oo! I know! We could tell her commoners’ stories!” Tamaki bounced as he cheered at his idea.

“We could bring her cakes! Maybe when she smell them she’ll wake up!” Honey exclaimed, as his eyes sparkled.

“Or sing.” Mori stated.

“We could take turns to do different things.” Haruhi said as she set the flowers that we had gotten for Arisa in a vase.

“As her father, I’ll start first!” Tamaki declared, pointing up in the air and we left the room for him to do his job.





“Man, Tono is so unfair. What does he mean by his stories could only be told to his daughter. I want to listen too.” my brother grumbled as he approached me, who was staring into space.

He sighed heavily and sat on the bench next to me. “You ok?”

I didn’t answer him. I wanted to lie that I was fine, but I knew he won’t buy it.

“It wasn’t your fault Kaoru.” He simply stated in attempt to bring me out of my misery, but until she woke up and told me she was fine, I could not forgive myself.

“If I had went with her, Hikaru... Or if I had went to look for her sooner... She wouldn’t still be lying in there...” I muttered under my breath as I looked at him.

“Even if you’ve gone with her, the same thing might happen to her the next time too.” He patted me on my shoulder and gave me his usual toothy grin, “Maybe she’s just waiting for her prince charming to go in for his turn and give her a kiss to wake her up?”

I smiled.

“Don’t worry, maybe she’ll wake up soon or even after your turn. Who knows? Come on prince charming, your princess is waiting for you~ You shouldn’t keep her waiting!” He sang and smirked, brightening up my mood at the same time. Sometimes having a twin is a good thing. He’ll know what you’re thinking and how to cheer you up.

“Thanks Hikaru.” I stood up and walked with him back to where Arisa was.






I took a deep breath, walked in and took my usual seat beside her. I watched her intensely, hoping for any movement from her, but sighed in the end.

Slipping my hand into hers, I held her hand up and rested my forehead on it as I looked down at the white sheets and started to break down.

“I’m so sorry Arisa. It’s all my fault... If I had followed you to look for Natsumi-sensei, this wouldn’t have happened at all. You wouldn’t be here.” I felt something wet fell down my cheek but I ignored it as I began to sob. “Please Arisa... Please wake up... Everything doesn’t seemed the same without you! I promise we’ll go to eat as many cakes as you want if you wake up! We’ll even go play at the arcade or maybe the amusement park! So please wake up...”

Seconds felt like minutes, my tears continued to fall as I held onto her hand.

“K-Kaoru..?” My head jerked up immediately towards her.

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