Long Forgotten

Chapter 19

Arisa's Flashback:

My heart throbbed with sadness as I watched my parents from a corner, each holding my sister's hands as they walked happily to most probably somewhere fun again. It has always been like this. They would always bring her out, play with her, spend time with her, hug her and stay by her side. Only with her and not me. Never have they once done something like that to me.

Was having her enough for them already? Since she had the same facial features as me, the same habits as mine, the same voice, the same smile, the exact same replica of me. If it was so, why wouldn't they just abandoned me the moment the doctor had detected that I was the problematic child, the child who would waste their time and money to hire maids look after me because they didn't bother to, the child with heart disease. If they were to abandon me, I think I would not even be living in misery...

So what if all the maids and butlers in the household serves me? So what if I would get anything I want if I just request for them? What is the point of all this if my parents won't even spare a moment of their time with me. What is the point if the presents weren't even from them? What the point of me being here if......

If they don't even love me the same was as they love Erisa, my twin sister?

I remembered once when I had asked my parents for them to love me the same way they had for Erisa... It made realised that they had been blind. Everyone else in the household could tell the difference in treatment I had received from my parents as compared to Erisa. But my parents just couldn't see it. It made me realised just how unimportant I had been to them, just how much I had meant absolutely nothing to them.

I would never ever forget that time, how they had responded to my request.

I had still remembered the tight slap I had received from my father after I had told him how I felt.

"What do you know?!" He bellowed at me.

That was the first time he had slapped.

That was the first time I've ever seen my father's tears.

But... It wasn't for me. It was for her, my twin sister, Erisa.

In his eyes wasn't confusion, it was filled with overwhelming love for my sister.

"What do you know? Compared to you, who do you think is in a more miserable situation?! You are the one who had been most pampered and yet you say you're jealous of Erisa?!" my father screeched at me.




“Please Arisa... Please wake up..."

Wake up?... Who's calling me...? Father? No...

"...promise we’ll go to eat as many cakes as you want if you wake up!"

This voice...

"We’ll even go play at the arcade or maybe the amusement park! So please wake up...”


I heard quiet sobs beside me. My brows cringed a little as I tried to force my heavy eyelids open. Peering through my eyelids, I found myself gazing at a familiar white ceiling.

I blinked. The hospital?

Sobs brought me back to confusion and I turned my head to my left.

"K-Kaoru...?" I muttered.

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