Long Forgotten

Chapter 2

In front of Music Room Three

“Ano… aren’t we going to the Host Club….?” I looked curiously at my new friends – Kaoru, Hikaru and Haruhi.

“Yeah, we’re here.” Haruhi replied as she opened the door, with the twins gesturing beside me to enter.


My eyes widened and gaped at what I saw. A group of boys sitting in the middle of the room. One had blonde hair and violet eyes, another had black hair and wore glasses. One, who seemed to be a middle school student, had brown eyes and blonde hair; he held a fluffy pink bunny. Last was a tall boy with black eyes and coal-coloured eyes.

“Oh Haru-chan, Hika-chan, Kao-chan! You’re late!” the boy who was holding a fluffy pink bunny, pouts.

“Oh, looks like we’ve a new princess.” The Blondie with violet eyes said in an alluring voice as he suddenly came forward, took my hand and kissed it. Shocked, I immediately snatched my hand back from the stranger and escaped to Haruhi’s side.

“She should be the new student, Arisa Hitori.” The boy with glasses said.

“Hai. She’s our new classmate.” Haruhi smiled.

“Yo…yoro..shiku.. onegaishimasu…” I muttered and bowed quickly as the Host Club members gathered around me.

“Nice to meet you Ari-chan! I’m Mitskuni Haninozuka! But you can call me Honey!” the boy holding the pink bunny stated as he pulled me to a seat. “And this is Takashi Morinozuka! But you can call him Mori!” He said, pointing at the tall, dark-coloured hair boy. “Oh! And this is Usa-chan!” he exclaimed, showing me his pink bunny.

“I’m Kyoya Ootori.” The boy said while adjusting his glasses.

(A/N: Assuming that every time the twins speak, Hikaru starts first)

“I’m Hikaru”

“And I’m Kaoru”

“Hitachiin!” The twins chorused.

“I’m Haruhi Fujioka,” Haruhi stated.

“I’m Tamaki Souh,” The Blonde with violet eyes said.

“Ne Ari-chan! Do you like cake? I’ve chocolate cake, strawberry cake and mango cake!” Honey questioned eagerly, showing me the types of cakes he had.

He’s so cute. I smiled.

“Chocolate cake…would be fine thank you… May I know what….a Host Club is?” I asked. Seriously, what’s a Host Club? Since they serve cakes, is it supposed to be like the butler and maid cafes in the mangas I’ve read?

“Let me explain my princess.” Tamaki said in an alluring voice. “Ouran PrivateAcademyis defined by one, prestigious families, and two, wealth. And prosperous people have much time on their hands. Therefore, this Ouran Host Club is about these handsome guys that have time giving hospitality to these lovely ladies who also have time and profit off of them. It’s an elegant game unique to this super-rich school.”

“Souka… Can I stay here…..to see….how you guys work? Erm…. I mean if it’s alright…” I asked, looking down.

“I guess there are no objections.” Kyoya said as he wrote on he’s black book.

“Nope,” the twins said.

“Thank you” I replied, hugging my sketchbook.

The Host Club is now open

I sat quietly at a corner, eating a slice of delicious chocolate cake and watched the Host Club members carry out their activities.





“Where will you take me during the summer, Tamaki-kun?”

“Anywhere you want.”

“What’s your favourite music, Tamaki-kun?”

“Whatever you favour.”

“I’ve baked some cookies today. Would you please eat some?”

Tamaki suddenly got up close to the girl and stated: “If you feed me.”

Hence making his customers fall all over him.

I moved on to the twins.

“…And this guy formatted the data he made overnight when he was half asleep!”

“Hikaru!! That’s!! That’s!!”

“And he panicked and cried to me……”

“Hikaru!! You’re cruel… Telling that story in front of everyone…”

“I’m so sorry Kaoru… it’s just because you look so cute at that time…” Hikaru exclaimed as he lifted his brother’s face up close to him, making girls around them screaming “Brotherly love! So cute!!”

“Ano….Kyouya-san…..why do they have to act like that in front of the customers?” I asked the boy sitting opposite me, who was typing away on his laptop.

“We’re simply just using our talents to answer our customers’ needs.”

I nodded and moved on to Honey and Mori. Honey was making girls around him go crazy on him by being cute. While Mori, well, I’m not really sure how he’s entertaining the girls, since he’s not doing anything.

“Oh… Why is Honey-san here hosting too….when he’s just an elementary school student…?”

“What are you talking about? Honey-senpai is the eldest in the club, just like Mori-senpai.” Tamaki said, appearing beside me from out of nowhere.

“Real…really?!....” He really doesn’t look like one.

“Yeah. He’s much smarter than he looks.” Tamaki said.

“Soda ne…” I guess I really shouldn’t be judging a book by it’s cover.

They’re really having lots of fun here. I grinned as I looked around the club room. Suddenly, multiple deigns ideas for the members hit me. I quickly opened my sketchbook and start designing.

When I was done, I realised that the club activities were over and the club members were staring at my designs.

“Oh my gosh! These are so cute! Are these designs drawn for us?!” Tamaki took my sketchbook from me and showed it to the other club members so that they could have a closer look at it.

“I guess so….” I replied, looking down.

“Mom! Isn’t these designs cool?!” Tamaki exclaimed as he hurriedly showed my designs to Kyoya.

“Mommy?” I stared at Tamaki and Kyoya.

“Ne Ari-chan, do you know how to make clothes too? Did you make these yourselves too?” Honey asked, pointing to my clothes.


“Kakoi ne Mom! Maybe Arisa-chan could make us clothes to wear for the club! Maybe we can have our next theme be Fashion!” Tamaki suggested as he spreaded his hands wide open.

“Senpai, you shouldn’t be troubling Arisa-chan!” Haruhi stated.

“Haruhi’s right. We can’t.” Kyoya said. “Arisa can’t overwork herself because…”

“It’s alright…” I quickly cut off Kyoya, throwing him a ‘please don’t let anyone know’ look. Somehow I’ve a feeling that he knows about my health condition (heart disorder). I didn’t like to let others know about it. If they knew, they would be worrying about me as though I’m some piece of fragile glass that could break at touched. “I’d love to…make clothes for you guys…. But it’ll take some time… If it’s ok for you…”

“Yeah! You’re the best Arisa-chan!” Tamaki said as he ran over to hug me.

“Ne Takashi, Haru-chan’s design seemed to be much cuter then ours isn’t it?” Honey remarked as he climbed up to sit in Mori’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Mori answered.

“Oh that’s because….Haruhi-chan is a girl…so I thought her clothes should be slightly cuter…..” I stated as I looked over to Haruhi.

All of them froze. Why do they look so shock? Don’t they know that Haruhi is a girl?..... Oh ya that reminds me. Why did she need to host the other girls while dressing up as a boy?

“W-what do you mean? Can’t you see that Haruhi look so manly?” Tamaki tried to protest as he laughed sheepishly; with the twins nodding in agreement.

I shook my head. “Nope, I’m pretty sure she’s a girl…”

“You’re right Arisa-chan. But you’ve got to keep it a secret because the rest of the school doesn’t know.” Haruhi sighed.

“But why…” Is she a hosting the other girls?

“Basically, she broke an 8,000,000yen vase, so she has to pay by being a host.” Kyoya said.

“Soda ne~”

“Hey Tono, why don’t we go over to Arisa-chan’s house when she’s done with the clothes?” the twins suggested in unison.

“Ah yes! We should do that!” Tamaki decided as he pointed his finger in the air.

“Senpai, you can’t just go deciding for others,” Haruhi stated with a little annoyance.

“It should be alright….” I replied. Seeing them cheered upon my agreement made me giggled. They were really easily satisfied. I guess it should be alright.

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