Long Forgotten

Chapter 21

(A/N: Before you continue, please note that this chapter is made as accordance with the OHSHC manga. Any remarks made in the story is unintentional)

“~Haruhi, could you go and buy commoners’ coffee?~”

“~We seemed to have run out.~”

“Why do I have to? Couldn’t you guys do it?” Haruhi grumbled under her breath.

“You’re still the Host Club’s dog after all.” Hikaru shrugged.

“Fine.” She huffed in annoyance.

“Can I come too?” I grinned, keeping my book in my bag. “I want to go out and walk. It’s too boring being cooped up either at home or here.”

“No, absolutely not!” Kaoru rejected immediately.

“But why?” I whined, giving him the lost puppy look, in hope that he would give in and let me go.

“You are not supposed to strain yourself too much yet!”

“Kaoru’s right. You’ve just recovered. You shouldn’t make us worry again by getting yourself sick. It’s getting more windy these days.” Haruhi scolded.

Huffing, I pouted angrily and crossed my arms in front of me, “But I just want to take a walk and relax! And it's outside and alone!”

Ever since that incident with Hotaru and Ayanokoji, almost everyone knew that Kaoru and I are dating - which means we don't have to hide anymore - and because of this, everyone, especially Kaoru, won't let me out of their sight - even for once! I know fan-girls are creepy, but it's not like they're going to jump out from every corner and stab me or something right? It's not that I'm angry or anything, I really do appreciate the fact that they care about me. But, really, I really need sometime alone and take a breather. And alone means not being at home, cooped up all day, but outside admiring the scenery and take a break from the over-protection.

"~Not going to happen.~"

With that said I was immediately hoisted on either side of me and brought to the music soon, despite me protesting and trying different tricks to get out of their holds.





"I hate you." I grumbled angrily as I sat next to the window, looking out of it, hugging my legs and laying my head to rest on it.

"I love you too." Kaoru answered back. Even if I'm not looking at him now, I can definitely hear the amusement in his voice.

"Why can't I just go out for a while?" I whined. I know I sounded like a child, but being indoors with twenty-four hours supervision, is really driving me crazy.

"Because you can't."

I turned to him and gave him my signature death glare; and if looks could kill, he would really die a million times now. "You're just like Shiro. Neither of you are giving me a break."

He just chuckled like he was having a lot of fun watching me making a fuss, not even affected by my glare. Ok, maybe it was my fault, since I may have given him the glare too much that he got immune to it. Bad, really bad. Just when I really needed it.

"Because we were not supposed to~"

I narrowed my eyes and growled at him, making his smirk even bigger.

Shiro and Dad have definitely got something to do with this. They better brace for themselves. I narrowed my eyes even more. They knew I hate it when everyone thinks that I can't take care of myself!

"Come on Kaoru, time to change." Hikaru pulled Kaoru away - finally - but my little joy of being free from the 'protection' was smashed when Kyoya walked over and took the sit where Kaoru had been sitting originally - in front of me.

"Aww come on, it's not like I'm going to run away or something! Can I be in my bubble for a little?" I pouted and went back to staring outside.

"No worries. I'm just here to discuss about the costumes for the next event." Kyoya tapped on his clipboard, followed by adjusting his glasses.

“Sorry… I’m just a little too stressed up with the ‘over-protection’” I mumbled in defeat.

“You should take it easy. They’re just worried about you.” He explained, in a rather soft tone.

“I know… But… Seeing them like that makes me feel so useless and weak…” I whispered, hugging my knees closer to me as I rested my forehead on them to bury my face.

Kyoya gave out a heavy sigh, “If you want, I could try to make them back down a little.”

“Really?!” My head shot up immediately as I looked at him in joy and he merely nodded. “Oh my god! Thank you! Thank you!”

I bounced out from my position and hugged him.

“Who knew the shadow king would be so nice too!” I grinned when I backed away from him.

“Don’t push it.” He gave another heavy sigh, but smiles a little.

“Ok, so what is the next event about?” I mimicked him in the business-like tone he always uses.




“These are not as uncomfortable as they look.” Hikaru exclaimed.

“Of course, who did you think designed them?” I retorted, giving the guys a smirk when they came out of the dressing room. We’re having a ‘knight’ theme for today’s cosplay.

“You of course~” Kaoru walked up to my side and kissed me on the cheek. He really looked cute being my, err… I mean, the knight in shining armor.

“But to tell, the truth, I really didn’t expect it to look so good on your guys. It had been quite difficult looking for the right materials.” I inspected my work on them in satisfaction. “I want to see how it looks on Haruhi though. If only you guys didn’t send her out to buy coffee, but at least one of you should have followed her you know.”

“Yes, I would never leave her alone if it were me.”

Our heads all shot to the direction where the unknown voice was heard and saw Haruhi; along with a weird-looking guy, who had put his arm around her and two girls behind her.

“You’re back, Haruhi!” I went up to help her to lighten the load in the bag she was holding.

“Why, another lovely maiden you have here.” The weird guy stated as he moved into my personal bubble, only inches away from my face and held up some of my hair in his hand, almost making me drop the two glasses of instant coffee that I had gotten from Haruhi’s bag. “My, you’ve such lovely sweet hair, my dear.”

My eyes widened in shock at the sudden closeness as he started to bend down and kiss my hair in his hands, but I tugged my hair back and stepped away from him. This person is even creepier than a kidnapper! I could feel Kaoru holding me up from behind as I fell away from the weird person’s contact. Something just doesn’t seem right with her.

“It has indeed been such an honor to be able to meet two lovely maidens in one day, isn’t it Benio-sama?” one of the two girls pondered in admiration.

“~Who are you? And what are you doing here anyway?~”

“From the looks of your uniforms, I assume you ladies attend the St. Lobelia Academy.” Kyoya confirmed observantly.

“That’s right.”

“What? That’s a girl? Yucks!” I gasped in disgust. It’s not I’m bad or anything, but if he, I mean she was a guy, her behavior would be understandable as a playboy or something. But, a girl? Acting like that? It’s even worse than a lesbian!

Apparently, my remark had caused Hikaru, Kaoru and Honey to break down into snickers and Kyoya, Tamaki, Mori and even Haruhi into a smirk. One by one, the three girls sang the word ‘Lobelia’ like some musical from Broadway and then introduced themselves in some hideously ugly, weird and humongous costumes.

“I’m Benibara.”

“I’m Suzuran,” the girl with the long hair said.

“And I’m Hinagiku!” the other girl said.

“The three of us are St. Lobelia’s White Lily League; and also known as The Zuka Club!” the three of them chorused.

We just stood there staring at the ‘aliens’ for a few moments before the twins started bawling their eyes out on the floor as they laughed hysterically like some crazy hyenas, while I tried to prevent myself from laughing along with them with my hands covering my mouth.

“~The Zuka Club?!~”

“~Why would you name your club as something as stupid as that?!~”

Benio and her lackeys furrowed their brows. “It can’t be anymore foolish than this host club. You’re just a bunch of little weaklings with absolutely no sense in you. All you guys do is creating fictitious romances and your pathetic president may be a pretty little halfer, but we have much more to offer!”

“It’s such a shame, Benio-sama that the host club is dragging down these two gorgeous ladies with them.” Hinagiku sighed.

“I’m not going to stand for this! We’re going to rescue you from this treacherous host club! We’ll prepare papers for you two and have you transferred to St. Lobelia and join the Zuka Club!” Benio demanded. She then wrapped her arms around Haruhi and I.

Just as I was about to pull away from her, while Haruhi did the same too, I was dragged out of Benio’s grip by none other than Kaoru who growled at her, “Keep your hands to yourself!”

I gave Kaoru a quick ‘I can protect myself’ glare, before Haruhi and I turned to the three weirdoes.

“There seems to be some misunderstandings. Though Tamaki-senpai maybe pathetic at times,” I started, hearing an audible whimper from the said person from a corner of the room.

“You called him a halfer.” Haruhi ended.

“That’s because Tama-chan is one!” Honey explained honesty. “He’s half French and half Japanese!”

“And like how the history is short,” Haruhi continued while I nodded.

But Kaoru replied as a matter of factually, “Actually, the club was only founded two years ago.”

An irk-mark started to form on my head. Do they really have to rebut everything we say?

“Well, the fact that you’re saying the host club only holds their activities to satisfy its own needs is wrong. They aren’t charging their customers.” Haruhi said.

“Erm… Haruhi, what about my work?” I asked her blankly.


“To add on to your work Arisa, there’s also a points system where we make preferential accommodations according to the purchase price at the host’s online auctions. Take these for example,” Kyoya stated as he turned his laptop around to show us. “The winning bid for the mechanical pencil that Haruhi had thrown away was thirty thousand yen and for the bookmark that Arisa had also thrown away was forty thousand yen.”

“You what?!” Haruhi and I bellowed in anger. “I thought I’ve lost it!”

“It would be impossible if we go through just for free. Events and food expenses are already too much to be covered.”

“That doesn’t even give you the right to steal our things!” I yelled at them. I could feel anger rising up to its peak. “I’d love that bookmark!”

“~It was dropped.~” the twins replied innocently as Haruhi and I gave them glares that could kill in an instant.

“I’m so sorry Haruhi!!! Arisa!!!” Tamaki rushed forward with a Kuma pen and bookmark in anxiety. “Here take it! I’ll give you mine!!!”

“I don’t want it.” Haruhi gave him a deadpanned look.

“You guys lied!” I tried to calm myself down, clenching my hands into tight fists as I felt my body tremble a little in fury. It was the first present I’ve received on the 1st birthday with the Hitori family and I had treasure it since then. I just can’t believe that they would sell it!

“Poor dears… It must have been a huge shock for the both of you, being fooled this whole time…” Suzuran cooed. “Why don’t you dump them and join us~?”

“Ahh~ we should give them some time to think, since they’d just suffered a blow.” Benio suggested. “We’ll be back tomorrow my dears and will be expecting some good news from you!”

With that said, the St. Lobelia girls exited the room, leaving us in dead silence. Haruhi and I had the exact same reaction, though I knew mine would definitely be bigger since my bookmark meant more to me; unlike Haruhi who got it from the free gift-away in the mart.

“Let’s go Haruhi.” I quietly grabbed my bag, not in the mood to speak to them, even Kaoru, at the moment.


“Wait Arisa, I’ll give you a li…” Kaoru stopped me as he reached out to hold my arm, but I backed away.

“I’m going back with Haruhi.” I cut him off and walked out of the room with Haruhi following behind me.





Kaoru’ POV:

I watched as Arisa left the room in a mixture of fury and sadness.

Was that bookmark something important to her? I swore I could almost see her shaking in anger. I wanted to reach out to her to apologize and calm her down. Seeing her shaking like that standing there with her knuckled almost turning white had me worried that her being too angry might cause her to suffer another attack.

“We shouldn’t have told them the truth! It’s just like pouring oil onto the fire!” Tamaki rambled off in worry.

“It’s the truth and there’s no reason to hide it.” Kyoya affirmed.

“I think showing them the auction was the last straw.” Honey gasped.

“It may have been something important…” I trailed off.

“I’m not sure about Arisa’s but Haruhi’s mechanical pencil had some store’s name printed on it.” Kyoya said.

“Come on, think about it…” Tamaki reckoned sadly. “Even though Haruhi has the tendency to prefer men’s clothes, she’s still a girl and she had even said that it doesn’t feel that bad with all the girls fluttering around her. Though Arisa has us, she still preferred being with Haruhi more, since she’s a girl like her. Thinking more about it, wouldn’t being in the Zuka Club be better for them?”

It makes absolute sense! They would definitely enjoy having girl-time all day than being with us!

“So, Haru-chan and Ari-chan are going to transfer?” Honey started to sob.

“With Haruhi being smart and Arisa being artistic, they would definitely make it into St Lobelia’s scholarship test with no problem!” Hikaru gasped.

“If it was Robelia, they would probably pay off Haruhi’s debt.” Kyoya stated as-a-matter-of–factually.

“Calm down everyone! I’ve an idea!” Tamaki announced.




Arisa’s POV:

“I’m home.” I muttered angrily as I stormed through the door.

“Welcome bac-” My mum chirped from the kitchen, one hand holding on a whisk and the other hugging onto the mixing bowl. “What happened? You seemed pissed off. Do you want a pill to calm you down before…”

“Mum, where’s Shiro?” I asked as I shook my head and she pointed upstairs, which could only mean that he’s in his room.

I stormed up the stairs, huffing like an elephant doing rock-climbing, heading towards the culprit’s room.

“Shiro!” I burst opened the door and saw the said culprit, who was lying asleep on the couch, fell off it in shock from my sudden outburst.

“What’s up Sa-chan?” He rubbed his back as he got up.

“What’s with the sudden ‘bodyguards’?!” I demanded like a little kid did for an answer.

“Bodyguards?” he asked, faking innocent, but I didn’t buy it and glared at him as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

“Hehe…” He gave in with a sheepish laugh. “Sorry Sa-chan… I just want to make sure it won’t happen again, since you know your relationship has been out in the open now.”

“But now I can’t even go out with Haruhi to even buy instant coffee?! How ridiculous is this?! It’s not like I’m some president’s daughter who need twenty-four hours protection from terrorists! I CAN PROTECT MYSELF!” I scolded him in fury.

“Calm down Sa-chan…” he walked up to me and held my shoulders, then trialing his hands down to mine and unclenched the hands that I’ve unconsciously clenched too tight that the nail marks had almost started to cause my hands to bleed.

I took a deep breath and he pulled me to sit down on his bed as he went to get my pills from his drawers. See? Even he has my pills! It’s like I’m a super-active volcano that would erupt anytime that everyone at home needs one set of my pills so that I’ll be able to get them if anything happens, wherever I go!

I took the pills given by Shiro and popped it into my mouth.

“Sa-chan, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect the club members to take my word so seriously actually.” He sighed heavily. “But I really don’t wish to see that happen again…”

My heart softened the moment I saw the sadness and worry in Shiro’s eyes.

“I-I’m sorry Shiro. I’ll be more careful, I promise… it won’t happen again…” I murmured in defeat. I hate my soft-heartedness at times like this. “I’m ok with the bodyguards. But just don’t overdo it so much that I’m not even allowed to use the washroom by myself!”

He chuckled as he ruffled my hair which I huffed in annoyance and swatted his hand away from me.

“Ok, Sa-chan. But besides that, did something else happen at school?” He raised a brow at me.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s definitely not just my ‘extra bodyguards’ that had made you so pissed off right?” He deduced smartly.

“Nothing! Nothing happened!” I retorted back a little too quickly and I could see his brows began to furrow. As much as I would love to see Kaoru and the others shiver in fear when Shiro founds out they sold my bookmark, I really don’t want to see pictures of a guy killing six students as the news headlines tomorrow.

“Don’t lie to me Sa-chan. I could tell that something else happened.”

I sighed deeply and gave him a smile as I used my two index fingers to flatten his brows back to place. “Really, there’s nothing.”

He looked at me suspiciously, not believing a single word I said, but decided to let it go.

“So~ Is this Saturday still on?” he grinned, changing the subject.

“Absolutely!” I exclaimed in pure excitement.




The next day~

“Oh my lovely maidens! We meet again!” Benio beamed. “We had come back like we’ve promised! Were you waiting for us outside the club room?”

“No.” I stated.

“We were told to come in together with you three when you arrived.” Haruhi started.

“They’ve been really, extremely suspicious since morning though. What they’re up to again.” I pondered.

“Well, let not waste any more time from getting you ladies to St. Lobelia!” Benio announced as she opened the door.

“What’s going o-” I was cut off when the lights turned on with the entire group of boys, dressed in ridiculously insane dresses, accessories and make-ups as they sang the word ‘Ouran’ in falsetto voices on after another.

“What’s this?! Are you making fun of us women?” Benibara gasped in disbelief while Haruhi and I gapped at the scene before us.

“Absolutely not at all,” Tamaki explained. “We’re merely showing Haruhi and Arisa that being in the Host Club would also allow them to still experience female bonding!”

Haruhi blinked at them and I tried my best to hold in my laughter as I took a side-view glance and saw Benibara and her lackeys seeing red.

“You idoits! Do you think you could win their hearts through such childish methods?! I’ve enough of your non-”

I couldn’t take it anymore and apparently it goes the same for Haruhi too, as she ended up falling to her knees while I fell onto my butt as we blew up laughing out hearts out.

“Wh-What are you guys trying to do?” Haruhi spoke through her laughter.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” I exclaimed breathlessly. I couldn’t stop laughing.

The uncontrollable laughter went on as the twins and Honey-senpai came forward and demanded us to call them ‘big sister’ with their hilariously made-up girly voices.

“I’m guessing,” I started, still trying to control my laughter as I clutched on my stomach.

“You guys did this to stop us from leaving?”


Haruhi got up and headed to Benibara, Suzuran and Hinagiku. “I’m sorry, though your offers sounded tempting; I’ve no intentions of leaving this school. I’ve never had any thoughts of quitting here.”

“Then why are you so mad yesterday?!” Tamaki whined.

“Since you sold off someone’s things without permission, it’s only natural that they’ll get mad.”

With that said, everyone turned to look at me. I felt as though I was a mouse caught for stealing cheese.

“How about you lovely maiden?” Hinagiku asked.

“Though I’m still mad at them, there’s no way I would go to that school of lesbians!” I shivered with disgust.

“Benio-sama…” Suzuran asked.

“Yeah I know,” Benibara sighed in defeat. “But! I’ll not give up Haruhi, Arisa! I swear! I’ll save you both and destroy this rubbish club of yours without fail!” She and her two lackeys saluted and made a dramatic exit by dancing their way out of the room and the academy.

I quietly took out my phone and called out to them, “Guys.” And I quickly took a nice picture of them wearing in those costumes. “Say cheese!”

“Hey!” They all grumbled except Haruhi who had burst into giggles all over again.

“It’s a punishment! I’m posting this up on a website!” I retorted. “Unless you return me my bookmark!”

“No worries,” Kyoya stated, typing on his laptop with one hand. “I’ve retrieved it before it was bid off.”

I sighed in relief.

“Was it important to you Ari-chan?” Honey asked me and I nodded my head.

“It’s was given to me by mum on my 1st birthday with them.” I smiled, remembering the moments of that day.


“It’s ok as long as it’s back with me. But I warn you guys, if you were to sell any of my things again, you better be prepared with what I’ve install for you!” I gave them an evil grin and they shivered in fear as they quickly nodded.

“That’s better!”

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