Long Forgotten

Chapter 22

“This is a really wonderful place ne Haruhi?” I gazed up and looked at the sky as I shaded my eyes with my hand. “It’s so peaceful and calm!”

“I agree,” she gave out a content sigh. “Especially when we’re away from all the noisy idiots.”

I giggled as I spread my arms wide out in front of me, “But you loved those idiots!”

She gave me an exasperated sigh and as she continued to sweep the floor as I watered the plants at the front yard.

“Especially a special second year blonde~” I chimed as I wiggled my brows at her.

“What are you talking about?” she looked at me blankly, but I could see that she was trying to hide the surprise in her eyes.

“Oh nothing~” I sang and continue to water the plants and admire their beauty.

“Anyway, this could probably be the best day...” Haruhi was cut off when a deafening sound of choppers clouded the area.

“Haruhi! Arisa! Don’t worry! Daddy’s coming to save you!” The certain airheaded blonde yelled through a microphone that he had from the helicopter he was riding in.

“I guess we had said too soon.” I murmured, narrowing my eyes at the helicopter that was descending, wishing that my eyes had some kind of power where I could make it disappear into thin air.

“Oh brother...” Haruhi sighed in exhaustion.





“Wow!” Misuzu-san exclaimed, holding her hands together as her eyes sparkled in excitement. “What a cute group of boys! Are you all Haruhi’s and Arisa’s friends?!”

I rubbed my eyes and blinked. I thought I could see him shining with sparkles.

“How are you? I’m Misuzu Sonoda. I’m the owner of this establishment. You can call me Misuzu~!”

I giggled softly beside Haruhi when I saw the gaping looks that say ‘Another flamboyant cross-dresser’. They were priceless!

“I heard you’re a friend of Ranka’s from work?” Kyoya asked as a matter of factually.

“How do you know that Kyoya?!” Tamaki gasped in shock.

“It would be a surprise if he doesn’t know anything huh?” I stated while Haruhi nodded.

“Yup! I’ve been here for the past two years! It’s always been my dream to own such a cute pension like this~!” Misuzu said in a girlish manner. “Of course, I’ve not made enough to hire an employee yet. But since Ranka’s away and he has been worried about Haruhi, furthermore, the fact that she told me she didn’t need to be paid that much… So~ I’ve decided to take her in! And of course, being such a wonderful girl, Arisa wanted to join in too! They turned out to be great workers!”

“And you didn’t tell me because?” Kaoru whispered into my ears suddenly, making me jumped up in fright with my ears tingling at the same time.

“Beca-” Before I could say anything, I was yanked to Misuzu’s side along with Haruhi, hearing him asked the rest if the aprons were cute.

“You’ve done a great job, Misuzu!” the twins and Tamaki immediately replied with a thumbs-up. I mentally rolled my eyes at them.

“We didn’t expect you two to take on a summer job and declined to go on a trip to Bali with us.” The twins stated in boredom as they made themselves comfortable on the pink couch.

“My invitation to Switzerland was turned down too!” Honey pouted.

“I did suggest going to my family-owned domestic resort since it was cheap…” Kyoya added in.

“You guys invited Haruhi and Arisa personally?!” Tamaki screamed in devastation at the thought that his daughter might go on a vacation trip with one of them. “How could you? What about our solidarity! As President of the club, I was racking my brains to come up with a plan for everyone and yet…!”

“Senpai, you’re just being over-dramatic.” I muttered and he froze in shock.



“~You switched off your phones didn’t you?~”

“It’s so troublesome.” Haruhi and I said in unison.

“C-cellphone…?” Tamaki stuttered as he rushed forward, grabbing Hikaru’s shoulder.

“We just loaned Haruhi one of ours.” Kaoru explained.

“Shiro got me one when I started school.” I added.

“~We’re all on the ‘friends only’ list and you’re not in it milord.~” the twins claimed mischievously.

“Then I should be the ‘father’ on your friends list!” Tamaki announced.

“I’ve never heard of such an entry on the list.” Haruhi gave him a dead-panned look.

“Anyway, could you guys please go home?” Haruhi and I sighed as we pushed them out of the shop.

“Can’t we just be free during the break?” I whined, dragging the word ‘break’.

“Why?” Kaoru asked with a little disappointment in his voice.

“I don’t need bodyguards even on holiday too!” I retorted in annoyance. “Can’t I get a chance to relax?!”

“School Rule #19, taking a job outside of school is not allowed.” Kyoya read out plainly from his coughcoughDeathNotecoughcough.

I groaned, “Are you sure you’re not making it up senpai?”

They didn’t hear me, but carried on with gossiping about Haruhi and me taking the job without permission and hinting that we should let them stay.

Goodness gracious…

“We’re all free to spend the break in whatever way we want; that’s why you two don’t have the right to stop us!” Tamaki said sternly.

“NO!!!!” Haruhi and I moaned in exasperation.




“I hate you…” I mumbled under my breath as I sat down and rested my head on the table.

“Having your break now?” Kyoya asked, ignoring my statement as he took a sip of tea.

“Ya.” Haruhi took a seat beside me.

I glanced around, unconsciously looking for a certain redhead who had seemed to be missing, when I noticed the horrendous work on the fence that Tamaki had claim to had done his work with Honey watching beside him.

“Erm... With us being busy and stuffs that I’ve not noticed anything, but, what is Tamaki-senpai doing?” I raised a brow and said in half curiosity, well, my other half just felt tired and lazy to be bothered by anything.

“Well, to sum it up, it’s sometime like a contest to them, to see who would be taking the last vacant room.” Kyoya stated as he held up a cup of earl grey and took a sip.

“Uh... huh...” I uttered under my breath boredly, still lying on my hands on the table.

“Kyoya-senpai, aren’t you going to join the competition too?” Haruhi wondered.

“Even if...” Before Kyoya could say anything, I shot up and stopped him.

“Wait a minute. Firstly, Kyoya-senpai would definitely be staying elsewhere right? There’s no way you guys don’t have a pension of your own here! Secondly, he definitely doesn’t look like someone who would participate in it. And most importantly, where the hell did the empty room come from?! Wasn’t I staying in that last room?!” I asked in bewilderment, my eyes widened in realization in my last statement.

“You’re right for the first two points, I have to say.” Kyoya stated as he placed his cup of tea back on the table. “I’ll most probably be staying in Honey-senpai’s vacation house since it’s the closest here.”

“So~?” I dragged, tilting my head in confusion. “Where am I going to sleep with one of them took my room? I can’t believe that Misuzu forgot about me staying there!” I pouted in annoyance.

“Well, you could always join the rest of us and stay at Honey-senpai’s place.”

“And leave Haruhi here? No thank you! Haruhi and I were supposed to have a break! And as usual, you guys are always interrupting it.” I mumbled angrily. “I’m going to stick with you Haruhi, if you don’t mind. I’ll just take the floor.”

“Sure. I don’t mind if you take the bed though...”

“Nope, I’m taking the floor.”

“Ok. If you insist.” Haruhi sighed, knowing that as stubborn as I am, I’m not going to change my mind.

“So Haruhi, Arisa, who do you think will win this contest?” Kyoya said simply.

“I’ve no clue.” Haruhi answered. “How about you Arisa? You’ll probably be thinking it’ll be Kaoru right?” She gave me a little smirk.

“W-What?! No!” I huffed in denial quickly, but with Haruhi, and even Kyoya, giving me the are-you-sure look, I sighed in defeat. “Ok... Maybe yes. But! I was thinking maybe Tamaki-senpai might win? However, with him thinking of only winning, not using his brains and ended up goofing around and having these outcomes. I don’t think so...” I stated as I pointed at the horrible work that Tamaki had came up with, aka, a horrendous looking fence and a sore thumb.

“If that idiot would use his brains for once...” Kyoya sighed in agreement.

“There’s still Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai right?” Haruhi pondered at a corner, tapping her chin with her finger.

“To be precise, Honey-senpai is under the sweet aspect rather than refreshing, hence he’s not able to win. However the dark horse might be able to win though...” Kyoya stated as-a-matter-of-factually.

I turned and glanced at Mori. He really did hit the criteria of being ‘refreshing’.

“Hmm...” I shook my head in disagreement. “If Honey-senpai is out, Mori-senpai will definitely back out.”

“So.... That means the twins will win then. That’s too boring.” Haruhi concluded.

“There are many ways to make the game more fun isn’t it?” Kyoya said. The way his glasses seemed to gleam and the way he had smiled, had seemed to had made me and Haruhi sweatdropped and yet shivered a little, in await of the plans he had for this contest.




“Sorry for the long wait! Here’s your cappuccino.” I beamed as I served the beverage to the customer.

“Miss, I would like to place an order please!” I heard someone called out and I rushed forward to help.

“Hai!” Taking out a notepad, I asked for their order. “May I take your order Sir?”

“I’d like to have.....” The customer’s order was cut off when a lovely melody drifted down from the upper floor where the piano was situated. The corners of my lips lifted as I closed my eyes, just like the rest of the customers did and enjoyed the melody.

A sudden deafening crash broke the peaceful melody that was lingering in the room, snapping everyone’s attention to the commotion outside.

“Kaoru!” I heard Hikaru shouted in anxiety and my heart suddenly seemed to had dropped several levels down in hell. It was as though I had lost something all so precious to me. I immediately dropped my notepad and pen and ran out to find Kaoru.

“Kaoru?” I bumped into him, with Hikaru beside him, just as I ran out of the door. Grabbing onto his shoulder, I searched frantically for anything broken or any injuries.

“A-are you ok?!” I choked out, I could feel my tear welling up due to my panic.

“I’m fine. Just a small cut.” Kaoru patted my head reassuringly. At his words, everything suddenly seemed to become lighter. I collapsed in front of him in relief and I let out the breath that I had not noticed I was holding on to. Placing my hand on my chest, I could still feel my heart thumping as though I had just gone on a roller coaster ride.

“Arisa? Are you ok? Are you hurting again?” I snapped out from my thoughts and shook my head, giving him a close-eye smile. I bent forward and gave him a hug.

“I’m just glad that you’re ok. What happened?” I released him and he helped me up to my feet.

“I’m sorry. Well, I saved Haruhi from a falling pot?” He replied sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

“And guess what! Because of that, we won the contest!” Hikaru added with a cheeky grin as he gave me a peace sign.

“How-? Wait. You create that scene just to win that stupid contest?!” I screeched at him, my eyes widened in realisation as my worries had all turned into anger.

“Erm...” Kaoru mumbled, but he was cut off by Hikaru.

“Who knows~?”

“Unbelievable.” I snapped at him, taking my arm away from him and stormed back to the customer, taking the orders that I had previously forgotten.

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