Long Forgotten

Chapter 24

The only thing I could feel at this moment as I tried my very best to focus on my feet was:

1. The heat gushing through my cheeks,

2. The heat that was emitting through his hands which were on my waist and another holding onto one of my hands and lastly,

3. How close we were right now – barely inches apart.

“Arisa, you shouldn’t look down all the time. You’ve to look at me.” Kaoru said softly, using his hand to hold my chin up to make me look at him before placing it back to my waist.

“B-But if I don’t I’ll step on my feet!” I whined and hastily looked back down again. That was the truth! Well, not entirely… I really didn’t want him to see my embarrassing blush. I can bet that my face is really as red as a tomato right now.

“It’s alright… you just have to trust me and let me lead you while you have fun!” He chuckled beside my ear. I could feel his breath brushing pass my neck, making a small shiver run down my spine. He lifted my chin up again and gave me one of his irresistible dazzling smiles.

“O-O-Ok…” I mumbled and felt my face heat up even more when I finally looked at him. Bad move, a really bad move. My face was so close to his! Practically less than an inch!

‘I can’t even concentrate with him so close to me…’ I could only feel myself being all jelly inside. My heart thumping so loudly that I swear everyone in the room would be able to hear it.

I saw Kaoru grimaced slightly before trying to cover it up when I accidentally stepped on his feet again.

“Awww… I’m sooo sorry!” I panicked, immediately stepped away from him, but he just shook his head and held me back close to him again. I could vaguely hear Hikaru snickering at some corner of the room while Haruhi sighed at Tamaki’s rambling as Honey and Mori dance pass us, well more like whizzing past us.

“Nah ah~ you aren’t going to run away. Practice makes perfect.” He tusked at me before leading me once more, for the umpteenth time today.

“Can we just not dance at the party?” I sighed exasperatedly. I let him lead me and try my best to ignore the fact that we’re so close and focus on remembering the steps so as to not step on him again.

“But where would the fun be?” Kaoru simply replied, but I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“It’s not even fun! Besides, I really suck at it.” I pouted in irritation at my lack of talent with dancing. But I swear, it’s really difficult unlike what it seemed to be when you see other dance!

“Aww, come on. You’ll be fine. You’ve an amazing teacher here.” He grinned while wiggling his brows at me.


“And you can’t skip the party. Mom has been nagging me and Hikaru to invite you guys over. You should have seen how excited she had been when she found out about you and the amazing stuffs you design!” he exclaimed. I couldn’t help but noticed when his eyes seemed to sparkle a bit when he mention my designs being amazing. The way he had seemed to be proud of me had made my heart somewhat swell in happiness and pride.

I quietly stopped in my tracks, causing a look of confusion to flash on Kaoru’s face, and I wrapped my arms around his torso, burying my face into his chest.

“Thank you Kaoru… Thank you…”

He just patted my head softly as he held me closer.

Suddenly a loud click was heard followed with a flash, causing me and Kaoru to snap away from each other and Kaoru scowled at the culprit.

“Aww, Hika-chan! You ruined the moment! You should have waited a while more!” Honey scolded and pointed his fork, still full of cake, at the culprit.

“Way to go Hikaru.” Haruhi rolled her eyes at him, but flashed a smirk at me.

“Send me a copy Hikaru! My first picture of my daughter with her boyfriend!” Tamaki gushed, twirling around in happiness.

“No problem Milord!”

“Hikaru!” Kaoru narrowed his eyes at his brother but was ignored.

“Do send me a copy of it too.” Kyoya stated, snapping shut his coughcoughDeath Notecoughcough as he shifted his glasses up professionally.

“Not you too senpai!” I muttered in embarrassment, my hands already covering my flushed face.

Haruhi giggled, “I guess I’ll be taking a copy for your mom too Arisa.”

I groaned, my head buried in Kaoru’s chest, hiding my burning red face. “This is so embarrassing…”

“They are so adorable ne Takashi?”





The nearer we get to the twin’s house; I could feel myself getting tenser. Dark clouds had too clouded the sky making the evening even darker than usual, giving off an ominous feeling. All my nerves seemed to have gotten into knots the moment I stepped into the car when the twins had come to pick me up. I hadn’t even noticed that I had clutched onto Kaoru’s hand a little too tightly that his fingers were going to turn blue.

“Calm down Arisa. It’s going to be ok, I promise.” He reassured me, squeezing my hand a little; which made me finally realized that I’ve been torturing that poor hand of his.

“I...I’m so sorry… I didn’t know.” I immediately released my hand.

“Don’t worry it’ll be fine.” He grinned. “It’s just a normal party.”

I took a staggered breath and nodded hesitantly. Though it’s just a party, it’s the first one I’ve even attended though.

“Good!” He gave me a cheeky grin and patted me on the head.

“Hikaru! Kaoru!” A fashionable yet elegantly dress lady called out as she strode towards us professionally. “How are my boys?”

“~Mom!~” the twins hopped forward and gave the lady a hug.

“Welcome to my house everyone!” she announced delightfully. “I see some new faces!”

“This is Arisa, Kaoru’s girlfriend!” Hikaru smirked as he rested his arm on my shoulder. “And this is Haruhi!”

“N-Nice to meet you…” I bowed and Haruhi mirrored me.

“Ah~ you both are so adorable!” she came forward and gave Haruhi and I a quick hug.

I couldn’t help but smile sheepishly, with a faint tint on my cheeks.

“Mom…” Kaoru groaned.

“Nice to meet you, Hitachiin-san!” Tamaki, Kyoya, Mori and Honey said.

"It been awhile since I've seen you all too! Ara! And who might this be?" The twins' mother directed her attention to Shiro who was standing behind me.

"Shiro Takeshi; it's nice to meet you." Shiro stepped forward and bowed as he introduced himself.

"A young and respectful young chap!" She walked over to him and eyed him from top to bottom, making Shiro to start to fidget uneasily. She then suddenly cupped his hands and he jumped in surprise as she looked at him with fascination. "Would you like to be my model for the Winter’s fashion show?!"

I giggled internally, along with the rest as we saw Shiro's bewildered look.

"Erm.... Er.... I...." he fumbled in shock, not knowing what to say.

“He meant to say yes, Hitachiin-san.” I answered for him and giggled at the embarrass look on his face. If only I had a camera, this picture of him would definitely make a wonderful blackmail picture.

Shiro cleared his throat then bowed and told the twin’s mother that he would be honored to be able to work with her. He turned to me, when Hitachiin-san went over to the fuss over the twins again, with a look that told me he knew what I was thinking and then after stuck out his tongue as though saying that he was glad I wasn’t able to do so. I just mirrored his actions while Haruhi sighed and shook her head at our childishness.

“Shall we head in?” Tamaki inquired, his eyes sparkling in excitement while we all nodded in agreement. The night had started to become a little chilly.




3rd person’s POV:

“Waa!!!” Honey, Haruhi and Arisa squealed in fascination and wonders at the sight of the room filled with mouth-drooling food and cakes, sparkling and beautiful decorations and dresses and suits. The entire room almost looked like some fantasy ball from Cinderella or something.

“Gosh… How much do you guys even spend for this?” Haruhi pondered out loud after the initial excitement had died down.

“Don’t even say it!” Arisa interrupted Kyoya, holding up her hands in front of him, before he could say anything.

“I can bet it’s a bomb! So don’t say anything!” Shiro added as he and Arisa covered their ears after, indicating that they didn’t want to know anything.

“Oh ya, I forgot…” Haruhi stated with a deadpanned look. “They’re rich bastards…” She added under her breath.

The rest just smirked.

“But why Ari-chan? You’re rich too!” Honey popped up, tilting his head on one side, not understanding the two siblings.

“That’s because we don’t spend our money in that way! It’s just too much to think about it, knowing that so much money is spent on an event.” She shook her head, sighing at the thought of it.

“I prefer saving them for future use then spending on a party.” Shiro sweat dropped.

“~You sounded like and old man.~” the twins stated and Shiro casted them a glare.

“Ara! Don’t just stand there!” Hitachiin-san scolded teasingly. “Boys, is this the way I’ve taught you to welcome your guests?”

“~We get it Mom.~” The boys dragged out as they led us further into the room.

“Ne Honey-senpai! There’re strawberry tarts!” Arisa exclaimed, pointing to the direction of the table that was fully spread out with food.

“Takashi, let’s go there! Come on Ari-chan, Haru-chan!” Honey squealed in happiness. You could probably even see some flowers popping up around him.

“Ok!” The girls agree and went over with their senior as the rest chuckled at their non-stop love for food and desserts.

“That’s Arisa for you; never stops to look for desserts.” Shiro chuckled, looking at his beloved sister as she stared at the desserts seriously as she chose them as though it’s a life-and-death situation.

Kaoru stared at the said girl, grinned at each expression she made as she attacked the desserts with joy together with Honey and Haruhi.

“Kaoru!” Arisa skipped over to her boyfriend holding the plate of cakes and held up a forkful in front of him. “Open wide!”

He did obediently and hummed at the slight sweetness, sour and creamy filling in this mouth.

“Yummy isn’t it?” She giggled excitedly as though she was high on sweets even when she hadn’t eaten any of it yet, well, only a small bite.

Kaoru nodded as he watched her ate the rest of the cake on her plate carefully, yet thoughtfully; and of course, not forgetting to feed some to him which he didn’t mind at all, in fact he was enjoying her gesture. The couple enjoyed their time together so closely that they had already forgotten about the rest of the team who had dispersed themselves to different parts of the room to enjoy their time.

“You’ve some here.” Kaoru pointed at his right cheek after they had finished.

“Here?” Arisa replied questionably as she rubbed her left cheek.

“No, here.” He reached out and rubbed off the small bit of strawberry sauce that had stained the corner of her mouth with his thumb, then after licking it off his thumb as heat began to rush to Arisa’s cheeks with embarrassment.

“Yum~” He smirked at her flustered expression as she turned her head to look at the ground just as the current music started to change to a new melody.

“Care for a dance milady?” Kaoru tipped her chin up as he held out his hand to her; giving her a cheeky grin.

“Yes, kind sir~” Arisa giggled at his funny accent and replied him in the same tone as she placed her hand onto his and allowed him to lead her out to the dance floor.




“Ne Takashi! Ari-chan and Kao-chan really loved each other so much ne?” the little blonde stated as he plopped another cake into his mouth and savored the taste of the yummy sweet goodness. They had stood at the corner watching their friends having fun.

“Yeah.” His silent partner agreed as they watched the two waltzed gracefully as they looked content staying beside the one they love.

“He should! Or I’d beat the day lights out of him!” Shiro huffed beside the seniors.

“Shi-chan really loves Ari-chan too!” Honey added

“Wh- I do not!” He almost choked on his drink just as he was about to drink it and he protested eagerly to the little blonde’s remark. Flabbergasted, he turned away and went back to observing the amazing crowd whirled across the room, ignoring the little senior who was giggling at his behaviour. As he scanned around mindlessly at the crowd before, he couldn’t help but notice three people having a conversation with the twins’ mother near the catering table. Squinting his eyes to get a clearer view of them, his eyes widened in shock when he realized who they were.

“Shit!” He cussed without hesitation. His eyes immediately left the three guests and moved to where he had last seen his sister, but she wasn’t there. “Honey-senpai, have you seen were Arisa had gone to?”

“Why Shi-chan? I thought you were watching just now. Did something happen?” The innocent blonde tilted his head in confusion at the sudden question prompted at him.

“I think I just saw her real parents and sister; the ones who abandoned her! I can’t let her see them!” He explained like a train going at the speed of light. “Who knows what she’ll do! She’ll probably not be able to handle seeing them now!” Shiro’s brows furrowed even more with every second as he panicked. His brows darting at different directions as he tried to track the couple down.

“I’ve found her.” Mori pointed out in the direction not far from where the catering table was. “And I think they had found her too.” The white-haired boy ran towards them the moment Mori finished his sentence, not caring that the others had been running right behind him too.




Arisa’s POV:

“Can we take a break?” I asked Kaoru as we danced, glancing down at my feet. They were starting to hurt a little specially since the shoes are new and I’m still not that used to wearing heels too.

“Ok.” He paused and brought my hands down. “Are your feet hurting?”

“A little…” I answered with a sheepish giggle. “Guess I’m not used to wearing heels.”

He gave me a defeated sigh as he lifted his right hand to tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ears. “You should have told me earlier when they had started to hurt Arisa.”

“Sorry…” I pouted guiltily.

“Come on, let’s get you seated over at the catering table and also some drinks.” He stated as he bent down a little.

“What are you do- Kya!” I shrieked when Kaoru suddenly lifted me up from the ground and into his arms and headed to where the seats were.

“Kaoru! Put me down! Good gracious waffles! Kaoru, this is so embarrassing!” I hid my face behind my hands as I tried to demand him to let me down and ignore the attention that we had caught. Kaoru just chuckled at me and put me down on a chair before heading off to get us a drink, leaving me huffing and pouting in dissatisfaction.

“Here Milady~” he handed me a glass of water after a few moments later and took a seat beside me.

“Thank you.” I grinned at him as my eyes roamed around the ballroom.

“Does a party always look like this?” I pondered aloud after taking a sip of water.

“Hmm, pretty much.” He hummed as he too looked at the crowd of people in front of us. “Why do you ask?”

“Cause it look really like those parties from mangas that I’ve always wanted to go to!” I replied, staring at awe. “I really can’t believe I’m actually attending one you know.”

“Then I guess I should bring you to more parties from now on. Milord will definitely have no problem to that.”

“He’ll be glad since-…” I was cut off when someone called me.

“Arisa?!” Another voice called again.

I froze as my grip on the glass I was holding on to tightened. My brows creased together as Kaoru looked at me in confusion. I felt my blood running cold as I heard footsteps neared me.

“Is that really you?!”

Those voices… It’s….

“Arisa are you alright?” Kaoru held me closer to him despite the confusion on who they were. He looked at me worriedly as though I was going into a panic attack. Though I think I’m really going into one right now, and I might probably faint too.

“It’s them…” I said, barely in a whisper. My eyes widened as I clung onto his shirt and shifted even closer to him.

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