Long Forgotten

Chapter 25

Kaoru looked up ahead of him and saw the three guests walking towards them. Though he had no clue who they were at first, however, with Arisa’s reaction and a familiar identical face as to hers, had confirmed his suspicion as to why he’s girlfriend was in such a panic. His grip on hers tightened as he leant towards her ear and reassured her calmly, “Remember when you were regained your memory during your stay in the hospital previously?”




I felt my body trembled with every second and every step they took towards me. Squeezing my eyes shut, I tightened my hold around Kaoru as though I would be taken away from him by those devils approaching. Countless thoughts of ‘what ifs’ and ‘what might happen after’ race through my mind so quickly that it was as though a tornado had just entered into my head.

“Arisa,” I faintly heard Kaoru breathe at my left ear as his arms around me tightened. “Remember when you regained your memory during your stay in the hospital previously?”

Time seemed to have paused as I stayed still, recalling myself telling Kaoru about my past. I meekly nodded in reply.

“Do you remember what I’ve told you that you could do if you were to meet them?”

I raised my head up at him as I released by hold on him, but he still continued to hold me tightly. Staring at him, I recalled what he told me then.

“Kaoru... What should I do if I were to meet them?” I asked when I’ve finished with my story.

“Well, you can choose to pretend that you don’t know them, that you’re still having a memory loss~” he chuckled. “Or, you can just face them and let them know that without them, you can still have a wonderful life.”

I closed my eyes and smiled as Kaoru gave my hand a tiny squeeze.

“We’ll still be with you no matter what.”

“Remember? You can choose to pretend that you don’t know them that you’re still having a memory loss, or you can just face them and let them know that without them, you can still have a wonderful life.” He removed his arms around me as he cupped my face between the palms of his hands. “We’ll still be with you no matter what.”

My lips slowly began to twitch into a smile, my mind focusing on what he had just repeated to me as time seemed to turn back to normal. At the back of my mind, I could hear footsteps stopping not far away from me as another batch of pitter pattering footsteps neared us on my right. Without needing to turn and find out the ones causing the new set of footsteps, I’ve already knew who they were.

Slowly, I stood up together with Kaoru calmly, giving his hand a tight squeeze and turned to the three guests who had once caused me much misery just as the host club members and Shiro stood behind me.

“Arisa…” Shiro started beside me, but I stopped him and gave him a smile. The other stood silent, with slight confusion.

“I’m ok nii-chan.”

Taking a deep breath I stared at the three guests as then took a step nearer to me.

“Arisa, is that you?” my mot-, no, what I meant was, the lady asked as she tried to reach out to hold me, but I shifted away from her.

“Nice to meet you Mdm, my name is Arisa Hitori. It’s nice to meet you here at Hitachiin-san’s party.” I introduced myself, specifically emphasizing on my last name as I gave her a slight bow to show my manners but placed a cold smile on my face.

“Have you forgotten us?!” the man demanded strictly though he had clearly shown he was shock, but I remained with my cold face, giving him a glare of my own showing him that I’m not at all intimidated by him.

“Yes, at one point, though till recently I’ve remembered.” I stated coolly, even though my heart had begun pattering along with my nerves. Kaoru gave my hand a soft encouraging squeeze as though he knew how I was feeling as I took a steady sigh before continuing. “However, I had wished I didn’t.”

The older lady gasped when I said the last sentence, as though she had not expected that I would reject them and that I would quietly go back with them and live ‘happily ever after’ as a family with them. The man however seemed to be fuming or perhaps embarrassed that I had somehow crushed his pride. My twin double, unlike the two, seemed really pleased with my answer as she kept quiet throughout.

“B-But we’re your parents!” the lady tried to reason her way out. “How could you say something like that?”

“I don’t have parents like you. I’ve wonderful parents now that would care for me and not treat me like a burden.” I cut her off aggressively, taking everyone by shock at my sudden outburst and also starting to catch the attentions of the other guests in the party. “I’m very content and happy that I’ve a life of my own with a family and friends who love and care for me unlike you. Hence, I would request of you to not step into my life as I do not wish to have any contact with you.”

“How dare you!” the man stepped forward in anger as he lifted his right hand in attempt to hit me while I cringed and shut my eyes tight awaiting for the harsh impact. But seconds later, I didn’t feel any. Instead, I felt Kaoru hugging me and another one, most probably Honey, hugging at my knees as I felt myself pushed slightly back.

“I would advise you to keep your hands to yourself Mister.” I heard Tamaki growled for the first time. I immediately opened my eyes to see Mori and Shiro holding onto the man’s hand while Kyoya, Haruhi and Kaoru stayed beside me, and Hikaru, Honey and Tamaki stood in front of me as though they were trying to block me from any harm.

“Minna…” I said in disbelief. I hadn’t expected such a reaction from them.

“If you hurt Ari-chan, you’ll have to go through me!” Honey ordered angrily, making me almost wanting to flinch from his harsh tone.

“Who are you guys? Do you know who I am?! How dare you touch me!” the man retorted in frustration as he snatched his hand away from Mori’s and Shiro’s tight grips.

“~We’re the Hitachiin brothers! It would be nice if you were to keep yourself from making a scene here. Or else, we’ll not hesitate to show you the way out!~” the twins warned dangerously in sync.

“But we’re her family!” the woman cried.

“Who had abandoned her!” Shiro added as he bellowed at them, having them to step back in fear. “She had stated clearly that she does not wish to be related in any way to you! So I suggest you to get out of her sight right now, before I make you!”

Just as Shiro stopped speaking, there were a couple of claps heard and we turned to look to see the twin’s mother walking towards us as she clapped.

“Well said my dear boys!” Hitachiin-san exclaimed proudly, her hands rose up high as though she was overwhelmed by our performance. “To add on to that, saving the damsel in distress!” She chuckled as she patted on my shoulder.

“Hitachiin…” the woman tried to explain but the twin’s mother stopped her with her hands raised up in a ‘stop’ motion.

“As my boys had stated clearly, I advise you leave dear Arisa alone and take your leave now, before they show you out themselves.” She stated with a professional smile, yet with a hint of warning in her tone. “And I no longer have the need to meet with you on Monday anymore, Mrs Hanasaki.”

“You must be joking!” the man shouted, in incredulity.

“I’m not one to regret what I had said and have second thoughts.” Hitachiin-san stated clearly of her decision made.

“Hmph! You’re going to regret it!” the woman huffed in attempt to look good at the same time, turned and left the room together with her husband and her daughter.

“Are you ok Arisa?” Haruhi asked in concern, turning me around to face her.

“Yes. Thank you guys. Thank you Hitachiin-san, and I’m sorry for causing you trouble!” I bowed apologetically.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” She waved me off. “Besides they were to ones who were creating a scene! And even if I didn’t step in, I’m very sure the boys would have no problems in handling the situation. Just forget about it and have fun alright?” she patted my cheeks as I nodded, a little embarrassed at her sudden close gesture, before striding off to attend to her other guests.

“Oh before I forget,” she added as she paused and turned to us. “Good job my boys!” She gave the twins a thumbs-up before heading to her guests again.

“Thanks guys… It really means a lot to me…” I turned back to the host club and said as my voice turned a little wobbly and I sniffed. I was really touched and really happy when they had defended me.

“That’s because you’re like a family to us Ari-chan! So we’ll always protect you!” Honey exclaimed merrily.

“Exactly! You can’t possible except us to stand still while they try to hurt you!” Shiro scolded teasingly.

“No one is allowed to hurt my daughter!” Tamaki announced pompously, pointing his finger up high.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” I began to cry with happiness as I gave them my biggest smile. I really don’t know what to say besides thanking them. They had always done so much for me.

“Aww come on! You should be laughing instead of crying you know!” Hikaru teased with his Cheshire grin. “Perhaps you’re in need of a surprise kiss to keep tears from flowing?” he wagged his brows at Kaoru, who’s face turned as red as mine, like a lobster.

“H-Hikaru!” He stammered in rebuttal as the rest laughed in response.

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