Long Forgotten

Chapter 26

No one’s POV:

“Ne, ne, Haru-chan, what is your class doing for the school carnival?” Honey asked Haruhi the moment she stepped into the room with Arisa and the twins following her behind.

“We’re going to have a butler and maid cafe senpai!” Arisa stated, her eyes sparkling shone in excitement while the twins chuckled at my childish excitement.

“My daughters are going to dress up as a maid?!” the Host King screeched dramatically in shock.

“What’s wrong with dressing up as a maid?” Haruhi retorted with a dead-panned look as she went into the kitchen with Arisa to get the cakes and drinks ready for the guests later.

Tamaki looked dazed for a while, most probably busy with his fantasies, before replying, “Maids outfit are revealing! I absolutely forbid my daughters to dress up in that!”

“Haruhi! Daddy forbids you to dress up as a maid, do you understand?” he ran up and held a death grip on Haruhi just as she and Arisa pushed out a cart of refreshments.

“Don’t be silly senpai,” Arisa started, pushing the cart away from the King before he spilled or broke anything and had Haruhi ended up with more debts. “Haruhi is going to be dressing up as a butler. She can’t reveal herself remember?”

With that comment, Tamaki froze in realization as the rest of the hosts shook their heads, except for the twins of cause as they were laughing their heads off at the priceless devastated expressions their king had been making.

“So Arisa will be the one in the maid outfit?” Kyoya stated simply as he continued with his work despite the ruckus everyone else was making.

“Yap,” the said girl confirmed happily as she went to the couch where the twins were sitting and sat beside her boyfriend; though however, despite her excitement, the one beside her had been sulking on the inside since the class had decided to hold the maid and butler café for the carnival. “What are your classes doing for the carnival?”

“We’re going to sell lots and lots of delicious cakes, right Takashi?” Honey beamed in excitement at the thought of the different types of cakes he will be able to see and probably eat on that entire day. Takashi nodded in response.

“We’re going sell commoner’s food!” Tamaki announced proudly while the demon king sighed heavily at the thought of it; all the hassle it’s going to bring.

Haruhi and Arisa looked at each other as they thought the same thing. This carnival might be a long one.




Arisa’s POV:

“Erm… guys, maybe I should wear the butlers outfit instead?” I asked unsurely behind the changing room the class had set up in the classroom.

“Not a chance,” Renge stated mischievously as she tried to barge into but I held on to the handle of the door to prevent her from doing so.

“Come on Arisa, it can’t be that bad.” Haruhi encouraged, but I just shook my head in denial.

“It’s embarrassing!” I looked down at myself as I held on tightly to the door, preventing it from being forced open. The maid outfit was really what I had read from the mangas, but it felt worst; a little too short, too exposed for me and I’d to wear cat ears too!

“~What are you guys doing?~” I heard the twins questioned Haruhi and Renge from the outside of the changing room.

“Arisa didn’t want to come out from the room.” Haruhi stated flatly as she gave the door another hard pull while I pressed my feet onto the corner of the wall to resist her.

“Why?” Kaoru asked.

“Cause it’s too embarrassing!” I yelled agitatedly, having to explain it again. My heart thumped against my chest a little and I panted, willing myself to cool down while still holding on to the handle of the door.

“Come on Arisa! Just show us already!” Renge shouted as she and Haruhi gave the door another hard pull just as I had place on of my hand to my chest to calm myself down, so I ended up tumbling forward onto the ground.

“Hey Arisa, are you alright?” Kaoru and Haruhi asked in unison as they each held onto my shoulder and arm to help me up.

Staggering a little, I meekly smiled. “Yeah. I just need to catch my breath for a while.”

“Wow, this sure looks fitting for you.” Hikaru commented with a mischievous grin as he slung his arm on Kaoru’s shoulder while staring at me.

“Of course! I’d gotten this specially for her, especially the cat ears! Don’t she look cute?” Renge explained proudly as she fawned over me while Haruhi nodded.

“It was beyond expectation Arisa.” Haruhi gave me a soft pat on my shoulder. “It really looks good on you.”

“You guys look really nice in your butler outfits too.” I nodded unsurely and glance up at Kaoru, but he didn’t say anything but just stare blankly at me, though in his eyes had somewhat seen a little of anger, unhappiness and disapproval. My heart felt as though it was squashed by a heavy rock as all the comments made by Haruhi, Renge and Hikaru had gone on deaf ears.

Did Kaoru not like the outfit? Does it look ugly on me? I fidgeted under his gaze as I felt as wave of disappoint washed over me. Maybe I shouldn’t have participated in this after all… Questions and more questions had run through my head countlessly as I grew more depressed by the minute.

“Ah! I’m so glad you guys had gotten ready!” the class rep came over in excitement. “Hurry up! The customers are here already!”

We all nodded and headed out to help to serve the customers. I tried pushing those depressing thoughts at the back of my mind; I couldn’t help but glanced over countlessly to Kaoru as I served the customers. He didn’t even look at me once. No matter how I tried to catch his attention, he would avoid me or look away.

I wanted him to notice me. I wanted him that I look pretty. Most importantly, I wanted him to give me that dazzling smile of his and encourage me like he’d always done so whenever I felt nervous like how I’m feeling now.




“Hey, can we take a picture with you?” a group of boys and girls asked, just as I served them their drinks.

“Erm…” I stared blankly and then down in embarrassment of not knowing how to answer.

“Sure!” the vice-class rep answered on my behalf and patted me on my back. “It’s just a photo anyway right Arisa?” I meekly nodded in reply as the group cheered excitedly.

“Oh, after you’re done taking photos, could you help to give out the flyers around the school?” she added and I just simply nodded. With my entire head solely thinking about Kaoru, I wasn’t able to do anything else properly or enjoy my time.

After the photo session, she handed me a huge stack of flyers and sent me off wondering what happen to those who were supposed to be giving out the flyers instead. Letting out a heavy sigh, I headed off out of the school building and went around the school to head to the school gate to give out the flyers while avoiding the massive crowd along the school corridors. Surprisingly, it was really quiet during my walk around the school; I was expecting some students slacking around instead of doing the work.

“Gya!” I screamed in shock as my foot caught something, sending me landing flat on the ground with papers flying everywhere.

“Ouch!” Someone yelped together with me when I made my impact.

“Oh my god, are you ok?” the voice called out to me as I pushed myself off the ground and sat up, while a guy bent over to look at me in concern.

Still in slight shock, I looked around myself to find all the flyers on the ground. “Oh no…” I panicked when I realized the mess I’ve made. Quickly, I gathered the papers while the guy too did the same and handed them to me.

“Thank you.” I sighed in relieved as I took the papers from him and began to stand up, but I ended up almost falling over when I felt pain on my knees; luckily the guy held me up before I had kissed the ground again.

I moaned as I felt stinging pain on my kneecap. Today is definitely not a lucky day for me, I thought inwardly. It’s probably the worst day of my life. Gingerly, I lifted my skirt a little to find blood staining my knee as they seeped out from the gashes I had created during my fall.

“Ouch!” The guy visibly winced upon seeing it. “Man that must have hurt a lot.”

“It’s ok. I’ll just get it fixed at the infirmary.” I muttered in reply as I slowly got up, but I had ended up in a yelp as I felt myself suddenly being held up. “W-w-what are you doing!”

“Stop moving! It’s already difficult enough to carry you already, especially when you’re so heavy.” The guy grumbled.

“Hey! I’m not h-heavy!” I retorted, slightly embarrassed as I clutched onto the papers in my hands and looked down.

“Just kidding, you’re as light as a feather!” the person chuckled at my reaction as he walked into the school. “Besides, I’m the one who got you hurt, so it’s my responsibility to make sure you get proper treatment. Anyway, which way is your school’s infirmary?”

“This way…” I pointed out and he carried on walking. “You’re not from this school?”

“Nope,” he replied as he popped the letter ‘p’. “I take private lessons at home, but my best friend had invited me over to check out the festival, saying something about getting to know more about the world outside.” He explained as he rolled his eyes when he mentioned about his best friend and I giggled at his reaction.

“Ah, here we are.” He announced as he pulled the door open and then called out for a nurse or doctor in charge, but it was empty.

“That’s weird. I thought Kyoya-senpai said that they provide the best medical services here? Aren’t they supposed to have at least one person here just for emergency?” I pondered aloud.

The guy didn’t say anything. He just walked towards one of the beds and placed me on it before heading off to look for medical supplies.

“Hey erm…” I started to call out to the guy who was preoccupied currently.

“Kouta.” He simply stated as he continued taking out some stuffs from the shelves.

“Huh?” I blinked in confusion.

“My name is Kouta Ittoki. You can just call me Kouta.” He turned around to give me a grin. “Ah, found it!”

“Oh... Erm… Kouta-san, thank you for bringing me here,” I muttered shyly as he kneeled down to tend to my wounds. I still couldn’t get used to new people, especially with one who had just carried my all the way in her from outside. “And also for treating my wound…”

“It’s no big deal. Besides, it had been my fault.” He stated as he put plasters on both of my knees after he had applied ointment on them. “There, it’s done. What’s your name anyway?”

Kouta stood back up as he helped me up on my feet. “It’s…”

“Alessia!” a shout came from the doorway as it was slammed open.

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