Long Forgotten

Chapter 27

I yelped and jumped in surprise as the door burst open, feeling a little sorry for the poor door for being wrecked opened with such horrid force.

“Nii-chan?” I blurted in surprise, slowly getting to my feet as Kouta held onto my hand to lift me up.

“I heard you coming here,” Shiro rushed forward as he grabbed me by my shoulders and started turning me side to side then around. “What happened? Are you hurt? Are you ok?”

Taking a huge exaggerated sigh after he had finished his long, loud and dramatic questioning, I held onto his hands which were still on my shoulders patted them. “I’m fine. I just tripped over and scratched my knees.”

“Oh.” Was all he had replied before he was interrupted with an overbearing laughter behind him.

“Oh my god, you… should have seen…. your face Shiro! It was epic!” Kouta burst out between his laughter while clutching his stomach. “That’s the first time I’ve seen you like that!”

“You know Kouta, nii-chan?” I tilted my head as I questioned while Shiro clearly didn’t hear me since he was too busy scowling at his best friend who was laughing his head off on the ground while trying to catch his breath.

“Yeah, Shiro’s my best friend!” Kouta finally confirmed as he slung his arm over Shiro’s shoulder and ignored the sneer Shiro was giving him.

I beamed inwardly at the friendly affection between them. Though he was denying his closeness with Kouta, I knew, especially after what Kouta had said that Shiro cared a lot for him. I’m glad that he had found someone like Kouta as his friend.

Without realizing it, trickles of betraying teardrops had escaped from the corners as I watched my brother bickered with his best friend. All the uneasiness and worry had seemed to hit me instantly.

“Hey, Arisa, what’s wrong?” Concern flickered across Kouta’s and Shiro’s faces as they peered in front of me. Unconsciously, my silent tears had turned into sobs as I leant over to hug my brother for comfort.




Shiro sighed heavily after his sister had recounted the entire reason for her depression. Ruffling his hair in frustration at his sister’s ignorance and her boyfriend’s behaviour, he turned to his best friend who was still at lost at his sister’s breakdown while trying to find a way to comfort her. He had to admit that he himself was unsure of how to ease his sister’s worries. One of the things he could never handle was women’s tears.

“Arisa,” Shiro started after his long silence, catching the attention of the duos in front of him. “Just wait for him to come around.”

His short answer made Arisa throw him a questioning look.

Sighing, he added, “It’s not as bad as you had seemed it to be. You’ll know why later. It’s better if you were to find the answers on your own.” He quickly added the last sentence to prevent her from asking him why. It’ll be difficult for him to explain it to her, especially when she can be so dense at times.

“Eh! I got it now! You don’t mean to say that he was...mph!” Shiro immediately slapped his hand across Kouta’s mouth in annoyance.

“Didn’t I say to let her figure it out on her own, you idiot!” He reprimanded his best friend. A slow idiot will always be one… Shiro thought exhaustedly to himself.

Kouta nodded sheepishly as Shiro finally uncovered his mouth. “Sorry…” He pouted which earned an exasperated sigh from Shiro again.

“I forgot! I was supposed to give out the flyers!” Arisa gasped in shock as she immediately stood up, only to cringe a little as the wounds on her knees crunched together.

“You’re not going anywhere. I’ll do it for you.” Her brother scolded as he reached out to take the flyers in her arms, but was refused by Arisa.

“Nope, I’m going to do it and you can’t stop me nii-chan! I’m not a child anymore and it’s just a scratch so it’s nothing. See?” the blue brunette bent a little as she patted her knees to show her brother that she was fine. “Besides, shouldn’t you be showing Kouta around the carnival, since it’s his first carnival visit.”

“Oh I forgot!” Kouta realised as he knocked his fist into his palm.

“Baka…” Shiro muttered under his breath while he shook his head in defeat.

Arisa giggled quietly at their exchanged as they retorted at each other while they followed her out of the infirmary. She hadn’t seen someone besides her family who could make her brother open up this much. At that thought, she was really glad that Shiro had met Kouta.

“It’s fine with me.” Kouta rubbed the back of his neck nervously at the thought of squeezing through the crowd with so many people by himself, since he might probably get separated from his best friend in the midst of wandering over every single thing. “Why don’t we help you give those out and then we can have a look around later?”

“Sounds fine with me.” Her brother shrugged casually. “I’m done with my preparations for the fireworks display tonight anyway.”

“Really? I mean, you don’t have to help me you know… Since you should take a break yourself too Shiro…” Arisa fumbled sheepishly.

“Nah, it’s fine with me. Besides three is faster than one!” Kouta stated as he picked up one third of the flyers from her and handed Shiro the other one third of it. “Though I’ve never done this before…”

“It’s ok, I’ll show you…” Arisa began to explain to Kouta the simple steps of giving out the flyers as they walked down the corridors.

Behind her, Shiro had been watching her. Her, as usual, being ignorant of almost everything around her when it comes to herself. She didn’t notice the stares, lustful ones especially, from almost all guys whom they had walked past. In return, he had too sent death glares of his straight back at them which resulted in them turning away in fear.

Now he knew how jealous Kaoru was. He had been busy and wasn’t able to help out in class, but with just walking through the school, he could tell how irritated Kaoru had been. With those short, almost too revealing, cute black and white maid outfit and what’s more with those adorable cat ears she was wearing, she was attracting attentions from almost every corner. Nevertheless, Renge had definitely outdone herself with the outfits this time.

Shiro could bet that Kaoru was definitely wishing to be able to keep Arisa all to himself from all those perverted gazes, just like what he wanted to protect his little sister Yes, his little sister, that’s was what he had repeatedly told himself. Seeing her happy and loved was enough for him.

“Do they sell popcorns here?” Kouta chuckled mischievously as he interrupted his thoughts. “Cause this is even more entertaining than having me beating all your high scores on the games! The green-eyed monster is making you squirm so much that you might even turn into a shinigami in any moment I swear!”

“It’ll probably be even better if you would just shut that mouth of yours before I rip them off.” Shiro grumbled in annoyance under his breath.

“Ok, ok,” Kouta held up his hands in front of him in a surrendering way as he stepped away from his fuming friend after he had made a zipping motion at his lips.

“You guys coming?” Arisa called out from a far and the boys rushed up to join her.



“Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.” I tugged my hands behind me as a swung myself around to face my brother and his friend as I walked backwards.

“Anything for you my lady!” Kouta answered playfully as he paused and bowed which earned an eye-roll from Shiro. “Wait!” the excited boy ran towards Arisa just as she was about to open the door, pausing her from doing so as he gracefully slide the door aside instead before ushering her in.

“Lady first~!” he exclaimed, which attracted many gazes from both in the café and along the corridor. Arisa giggled at his childishness and yet cuteness as she took a glance at Shiro who practically face-palmed at his friend’s ridiculous and extravagant actions which had clearly reminded both Arisa and him of the only person they could think off. The blonde host, Tamaki.

Nevertheless, Arisa gleefully played along with him. Stepping into the classroom while thanking him as she faked a English accent like the ones from the historical books she used to read. “Why thank you kind sir~!”

As ignorant of everything as usual, Arisa did not noticed that the friendly actions of hers and Kouta’s was seen by her already jealous boyfriend, who had of course was too oblivious that her brother had been there too. With this, it had only escalated the rage of the green-eyed monster in him. He had clutched the mini clipboard and the pen in his hands to so tightly to try ignored it as he kept his cool as he continued to serve his customers together with his brother. However, the more he did so, the further he had started to push his girlfriend away from him unknowingly, the more coldly he had acted towards her. He had treated her as though she wasn’t there.

“Arisa, where had you been?” Haruhi went over to the blue brunette the moment she saw her walked through the door.

“I was helping to give out the flyers,” Arisa replied as she took a quick glance of her boyfriend, who was serving on of the girls while throwing a wink towards them.

‘I guess he was TOO BUSY to have even wondered where I was huh?’ she scoffed internally. She did not know what he was thinking. He had been avoiding her for almost all day, and she was pretty sure she had not done anything to upset him.

“Oh, you should have asked me to come along to help you, you know.” Haruhi chided her a little.

“Yes mommy~” she pouted like a child who had her ice-cream taken away from her.

“Nah, it’s ok. Shiro and I had helped her cut down her workload!” Kouta added while he laughed at her reaction.

“Argh… Don’t remind me about it! Next time, don’t ever take such a job Arisa! I can’t stand those stupid girls bombarding around us as though we were some exotic specimen.” Shiro injected as he shivered at the thought of having to stand those girls again.

“Haha! That’s not so bad as what you’d said you know Shiro!” his friend grinned as he leaned onto him with an arm swung around his shoulders and another one reaching out to Haruhi. “Hi, I’m Kouta Ittoki, Shiro’s bestie!”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Haruhi Fujioka.” Haruhi replied with a smile as she shook his hand in return.

“Take a seat first Kouta and have a look on what you’d like. It’ll be my treat!” Arisa ushered Kouta and Shiro to an empty table. “You too nii-chan, you should take a short break before joining us after.”

“It’s ok Arisa, Shiro will treat me ne?” Kouta wagged his brows at his best friend who sighed in defeat at the memory of the condition in return he had made with Kouta, to get him to get out of his house.

“We’ll both just have some ice lemon tea.” Shiro simply stated.

“Okay!” His sister nodded as she set off to the ‘kitchen’ to get some for them.

Shortly after, with the drinks balanced on a serving plate, Arisa walked back to where her brother and his friend were sitting. Just as she was about to reach the table, the hand which was hold this refreshment was unfortunately knocked over from the back when one of the customers suddenly stood up and accidentally hit her elbow. Deafening crashes could be heard throughout the classroom, drawing all attention to her.

“I’m sorry!” That was the first thing she could think of; as Renge had said, the customers are always right. Arisa quickly bend down and started picking up the broken glasses.

“It’s ok. I was the one at fault actually.” The male customer protested as Haruhi guided him and his girlfriend to another table.

“Don’t touch it.” A familiar voice stopped Arisa in her tracks just as she was about to pick up another broken glass.

“Kaoru…” the blue brunette muttered as the redhead began clearing the mess wordlessly. While watching him, she started to mirror his actions but was cut off by him immediately.

“I say don’t touch it!” he shouted, glaring at her and Arisa flinched in return.

“I… I…” Slowly backing away as she stood up, Arisa’s face contorted in a mixture of confusion, shock and pain. “I’m sorry…” Turning away, she dashed out of the room, ignoring the cries calling out to her behind.

“You’re an idiot Kaoru.” Hikaru sighed heavily.

Shiro stood up and dragged Kaoru up with his collar. “Look what you’ve done, you bastard! I thought you would at least come to realize what a jerk you’ve been acting the entire day! But no, you ended up even worse and made her cry! You…!”

Just as Shiro was about to land a fist onto Kaoru, a hand held him back. “Maa, maa… It’s enough Shiro.” Kouta pacified while patting on his friend’s shoulder. “What’s more important is to look for her first.”

“He’s right.” Haruhi agreed. “We won’t know what would happen if she were to be too agitated. We should find her and calm her down first.”

“We’ll take care of the things here. You guys go ahead.” The class representative stated out of nowhere.

“Thanks!” Hikaru answered. “I’ll get Tono and the others to help look for her.”

Before he could even finish his sentence, his brother had already headed out with a murmur of curses.





The slim figure ordered through the phone. “I expect no failure.”

“Yes. We will not fail.” The other party replied through the phone.

The blue-haired girl snapped shut, watching the sky from the glass window in her room, change for the worse due to the incoming storm.

“You will regret for staying alive, for coming back to my life.” She gritted her teeth, clenching on her phone tightly. “For taking everything away from me. You will pay my dear twin sister...!”

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