Long Forgotten

Chapter 28

“Baka Kaoru! Baka baka!” Arisa cried out in frustration, kneeling on the ground as she panted.

Out of fury and hurt, she had unknowingly run up to a roof in some part of the school. The weather had slowly begun to turn for the worse; the wind had begun picking up its speed, allowing clouds to loom over the city quickly. All this, however, had gone unnoticed by the blue brunette who had her mind replaying unwanted scenes that had happened that day over and over again like a broken tape recorder.

Leaning against the fence that had been built to prevent students from falling over the roof, Arisa tugged her knees under her as she buried her head onto her arms. She could not understand why Kaoru had been so cold to her today. While sobbing, she had tried her best to recap if she had any wrongdoings which may had become the reason for his harsh behaviour. She found none. Arisa had thought today would be one of the best day would ever had. She thought that she could finally work together with everyone in class for the carnival for the first time in her life, and most of all, to be able to have fun working together with Kaoru. She thought that she might even be able to watch the bonfire, which Hikaru had mentioned yesterday, that the school would be having later at night.

But now all those are definitely going to happen anymore… Arisa thought bitterly to herself as she felt the burning sensation that was building in her chest. More tears threatened to seep from her eyes. Shutting her eyes, her body shook as uncontrollable tears flowed endlessly.

“Hey,” a voice called out to her as she stiffened.

“How did you find me?” Her voice sounded muffled as she kept her head down, not looking up.

“Lucky guess?” The raven boy answered cheerfully, hoping to improve her mood, but it did not seem that it worked. Sighing, he took a seat beside her.

“You ok?” He asked as he stared at the sky but no response was heard; instead all he heard were soft sobs. Awkwardly he patted her head as he sighed again. He was never good with handling such stuffs nor was he sure of how to comfort a person. He just let her cry out all the unhappiness she had within her.




Kaoru huffed as he reached the end of the stairs leading to the roof. Clinging to the railing of the stairs, he closed his eyes for a moment to catch his breath. He had a feeling that she would be there. He had been regretting it. Remorse had clung onto him the moment he saw the hurt that had flashed in her eyes when he had shouted at her in class. She had not done anything wrong. Instead it was entirely his fault. Even when he knew she loved him, even if he knew no one would be able to take her away from him, he could not bear to see all the attention especially those gazes on her. Straightening himself, he carefully twisted the doorknob and gingerly stepped out onto the roof.

Quiet sobs jingled in the area as Kaoru internally cursed even more. Seeing her vulnerably crying in the corner made his heart clenched out to her. Slowly he approached her, but had stopped in his steps when he saw the person beside her. Jealousy grew within his again. Despite being entirely his fault, he wanted to be the first one to comfort her. He wanted to be the first one to be beside her, to stop her precious tears, to stay with her. But it was not the case now anymore. Just as he was about to take a step back, he was noticed by the raven boy.

The boy quietly stood up, unnoticed by the sobbing girl, and walked towards him. Giving him a pat on his shoulders, he then walked out and went off to look for his best friend.

The redhead stood there stunned. He did not know if the raven boy was mocking him or giving him some form of encouragement. Staring blankly ahead, he had only snapped out of his reverie when sounds of sobs hit him again.

‘Damn it!’ he cursed himself. Running his hand through his hair in frustration, he silently approached the blue brunette and crouched down. With slightly trembling hands, he softly patted her head.

“I’m sorry for today Arisa.” He mumbled bitterly. “Sorry…”

“What did I do?” She cracked, her brows knitted together as her swollen red puffy eyes peered up at him.

“What?” he asked as he blinked in confusion, not catching her question.

Angrily, she stood up while glaring at him. “What did I do wrong?!”


“What did I do wrong to make you mad at me?!” Arisa yelled at him for the first time. Wrapping her arms around herself, she shook her head. “I don’t understand…”

“I-… No… It’s…” Kaoru flustered as he thought of the proper way to explain for himself.

“I don’t understand you… You never tell me anything…” she tightened the grip around herself as she broke down in tears all over again. The sour ache in her chest grew.

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t your fault.” Stepping forward, Kaoru tried to calm her by reaching out to her but she took a step back as she avoided his contact. Taking steps back to further herself away from the redhead in front of her, she trembled as sobs racked through her body.

“It was mine.”

Snapping up her head to look at him, her tears paused as her head tilted unconsciously in confusion.

“Sorry, I didn’t know what came up to me.” Kaoru started as he stared straight back at her. “I mean you look so cute in that outfit. But- but, when I think of and see all the guys looking at you in the outfit, I just feel so frustrated! And then there’s that guy too, you were acting so cuddly with him, I’m just… argh! I’m sorry I acted like a jerk Arisa. I’m sorry for making you cry…”

Kaoru buried his head in his hands as he squatted down in irritation. It was his fault. He should not have even taken out his vexation on her; and there he had told his brother previously to be more sensitive to the people around him. Like I’m the one to talk. He grimaced.

All of a sudden, his thoughts were pulled away from him as Kaoru heard rings of giggles. Arisa had broken into pits of laughter as soon as she had processed what he had said. Never had she thought that the sensible twin in front of her would be jealous. Even though she had been fuming with anger and her chest had been aching with misery a few minutes ago, they had all seemed to have vanished now. They were replaced by a really warm yet light feeling within her.

Finally recovering from her laughter, Arisa gave Kaoru a small smile who had pouted thinking that she was making fun of him. Walking towards him, Arisa then kneeled in front of him and gently slipped her arms round his waist.

“So this was what nii-chan and Kouta meant.” She whispered, resting her forehead on his chest.

“Meant what?” Kaoru pondered before he realised something. Frowning, he asked in a demanding tone, “Wait, who’s Kouta?”

She chuckled, her face still buried on his chest, “I didn’t know you would get jealous so easily.”

“W-What?!! W-Who say I was jealous!” he rebutted almost immediately. “And who is Kouta anyway?”

Arisa rolled her eyes as she sighed. Shifting herself away from Kaoru, she pouted. “He is nii-chan’s best friend, baka Kaoru! I accidentally tripped over and scratched my knees, so he had help me get to the infirmary to patch them up!”

“Oh…” was all Kaoru could reply as his cheeks burned in embarrassment while his girlfriend tsk-ed in annoyance as she turned her back to him.

“And you still say you weren’t jealous…” she crossed her arms and pouted.

“Sorry… you were right…” the redhead confessed sheepishly. Shifting his position so that he could sit on the ground, Kaoru then pulled her back so that Arisa had ended up sitting on his lap with him hugging her from the side.

“W-What are you-?”

“Does it still hurt?” he asked as he propped his chin on her shoulder while he lightly placed his one of his hands on one of her kneecaps while the other moved to wipe off the tears on her face.

“No… Not anymore.” She mumbled as she took his hands and played with his fingers.

Raising her gaze to look up at him when she started to wonder why he had gone so quiet, she realized him staring at her. Her face had begun to burn up when she had registered the fact that they were only inches apart. She could feel his warm breath invisibly blowing onto her face and heat emitting from his body. His golden orbs staring at her so deeply that they would just pierce right through her. The time, sound, everything around them seemed to have paused at that moment as they both leaned slowly towards each other.

“Arisa!” the door to the roof banged opened as the couple immediately broke apart and their face reddened in that instant in embarrassment.

“Thank goodness.” Shiro panted in relief as he held onto the corner of the door to catch his breath.

“Man, you really run fast.” The raven boy wheezed together with the other host club members as they reached the top. “See, I told you that you didn’t need to worry!” He then gestured both hand at the couple as he proved his point.

“Shut up.” The white-haired boy grumbled before stalking off towards his sister. “You idiot!” he pinched her cheeks while Arisa whined in pain. “What were you thinking running off like that?!”


“And you!” He knuckled Kaoru in the head, who groaned in pain, as he scolded. “One more time you make her run off crying again, I’ll make sure you’ll wish you were never born, you got that!” He threatened maliciously, leaving Kaoru, who gulped visibly as he stiffened and nodded earnestly.

“Ari-chan! Don’t run away ever again like that ok?” Honey ran forward to hug the blue brunette.

“You should have come to daddy so that I can comfort my little girl!” the host king whined with crocodile tears.

“Sorry to worry you guys…” she apologized guiltily.

Haruhi sighed as she kneeled down beside her best friend. “As long as you’re alright.”

“And you say you’re the more sensible one, huh?” Hikaru taunted, as he leant onto his brother. “Oh, what were you guys about to do before we came up here again?”

“Shut up!” Kaoru retorted as his face burned up a little from embarrassment.

“Sorry to break up the fun but now that we’ve found her, I think we would need to head back to class to help out now.” Kyoya stated as-a-matter-of-factually and let out a heavy sigh.

“Aww you’re such a party pooper Kyoya!” Tamaki grumbled.

“But he’s right.” Haruhi agreed as she stood up, dusting her butler uniform before helping Arisa up together with Kaoru. “The cafe would probably need our help.”

“Oh Haruhi! Can daddy come and visit you?” Tamaki clung onto the brunette as he tried to talk his way around so that he could spend more time with his ‘daughter’.

“Absolutely no senpai.” Haruhi immediately rejected flatly with a deadpanned look. In a flash, that had sent the host king to his favourite gloomy corner.

“Let’s go Takashi! We need to sell more cakes!” the little blonde marched out while he chanting about cakes and sweets with his pink bunny dangling behind his back as though it was on a piggyback ride. The tall senior silently followed after.

“Come on Haruhi! Let’s have fun working together!” Hikaru teased as he slung his hand over her shoulder. “Ah, it’s it great to be in the same class?”

With that, the host king immediately shot up from his position and appeared next to the redhead as he tried to pull him away from his ‘daughter’. Soft giggles erupted from the blue brunette as she watched the exchange between the tall blonde, the evil twin and the ‘precious daughter’ as they walked down the stairs. The giggles had only stopped when Arisa felt a hand gently patted her head. Looking up, the corners of her mouth had lifted into a heart-warming smile as she watched the well-known demon king headed towards the door. Though he was not one for words, she knew that he was like a best friend, like an older brother just like how she was to him, a little sister.

“No funny business!” Shiro threw the words at the redhead in a spiteful manner and sent him another glare before her followed the others out with his best friend beside him.

“Come on, let’s go too.” Arisa spoke as she trailed behind the rest, leaving Kaoru behind her.

Just before she had reached the door, she was suddenly pulled into a tight embrace from behind. With his hands around her waist and his chin rested on her shoulder, Arisa couldn’t help but flush and feel the warmth emitting from him and thinking how close he was against her.

“Sorry,” he apologized once again. “Please forgive me for being a jerk today.”

“Well, it’s been long forgotten.” Arisa slowly turned around as she answered him while sliding her hands around his neck and gave him a close-eye smile.

“Thank you,” he replied with sincerity in his eyes. “I love you.” Carefully, he gently placed one his hand on her cheek and gazed at her.

“I love you too.” She replied in a whisper, gazing back at him as he drew her in closer before sealing her lips with his.

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