Long Forgotten

Chapter 29

Darkness… Everything around, surrounding her was pitch black. All she could feel was a massive headache coming from the back of her head, the floor which she was lying on was cold and rough, and her wrists and ankles had been tightly bound together. She winced weakly as she shifted a little from her uncomfortable position.

Where was she? Why was she tied up? Bubbles of fear and panic had started to surface within her. Where was Kaoru? What exactly happened?

Frantically recalling as much as she could; she had vaguely remembered returning home after the carnival, then after Kaoru had dropped her off and she had eventually went to bed straight after. She had been all worn out from the work she had done during the day that she hit the sack right after she had showered.

Ah! She realised in a jolt. It was then!

She had woken up in the middle of the night to get some water to drink by herself, since she did not want to disturb the maids or butlers from their rest. However, as she was feeling her way to the kitchen from the lack of lights in the house, she was suddenly hit on the back of her head from behind and ended up where she was now.

Arisa was soon cut off from her thoughts when something, well most probably the door she supposed, banged opened and footsteps had clucked into the room she was in. One distinct pair of footsteps had caught her attention, especially since they were the sound of high heels.

“Take them off.” The girl had ordered as Arisa felt the cloth removed from her eyes. The sudden brightness in the room had her cringed as her eyes adjusted to see. The voice had felt vaguely familiar to her, but she could not point out who it was from. Shaking her head a little, she blinked as she slowly made out the things around her. Her eyes had landed on the girl she had been wondering about and they narrowed the moment she found her. Part of her could not believe that the person before her was the culprit, yet somewhere within her was not surprised at all, it was as though she knew something like this would bound to happen.

“Surprise, surprise~” the other blue brunette sang elatedly as she clapped her hands while sitting on her extravagant chair with two rugged men beside her.

“Why are you doing this?” Arisa blurted out hoarsely the first question that had come to her mind.

“Why? For revenge of course~!” Arisa watched in disgust as her ‘supposedly twin sister’ laughed at her miserable state she was in.

“After all… you’ve taken everything I’ve worked for!” Erisa’s toned edged menacingly as she continued. However, her answer had landed Arisa into more confusion as she knew she had done nothing at all and yet she was blamed for whatever that her sister had claimed she had.

“Everything is always about you!” she pointed at her aggressively. “No matter how hard I had worked to climb to where I am now, you are always in the way! Even after you had gone missing for so many years, their thoughts were still hanging around you!”

Her fury heightened as she continued; Erisa stood up from her seat and held her hand out. One of the men then handed her a pocket knife.

“Arisa this, Arisa that! For a while I had made myself believed that they had finally took noticed of me, but you just had to show up and destroy everything that I’d longed and worked for!” As she near her twin, Erisa’s grip tightened around the glistening knife. “If only you had died while you had been missing! If only you had died, you wouldn’t have shown up the other day and made them put their focus on you again and had me tossed away like a trash!”

Bending down in front of her twin, Erisa dangerously swayed her knife along her cheek, lightly drawing some blood while doing so. Arisa could only shiver within as she felt all the hatred directed towards her.

Her eyes had dilated in fear as she stared at her blood thirsty, maniac looking sister while resisting the urge of flinching as the glistening knife ran down her cheek. Her mind had gone blank the moment she saw the knife, while some part of her had desperately hope that her family had taken notice of her absence and was looking for her.

“It’s all your fault!” Erisa bellowed as she added more pressure on the knife, causing Arisa to whimper.

Repeatedly, the raging girl had drawn tears from her victim as she pierced the knife onto her collarbone and her arms and legs. Her victim could only squirm in pain and fear, for she couldn't move since she was being held in place by one of the men.

Trembles wreck through Arisa as the killer intent from her sister hit her. But still, she shoke her head as she disagreed with her sister.

"It's not even my fault. I've not done anything, and I've made myself very clear that I don't want to be related or involved with you and your family in any way." Clenching her fists, she bitterly snapped and glared at Erisa. Her sister have no right to accuse her for her own misery.

With that said, a vicious slap was sent to her face, leaving a burning bright red mark and more bloodied lines was formed on her thighs, shoulder and hands. As a form of release of hatred, Erisa had sent stabs and stabs of the knife onto Arisa's body. All Arisa could do was to bite onto her lips to prevent herself from crying out, though, betraying tears were leaking out from the corner of her eyes and she could hear her own heartbeats roaring in her ears. Was she going to survive this?That was what she could think of at that moment. However, she had slapped herself mentally at that thought. She had promised Kaoru and the others that she would fight through no matter what happens and that was what she was going to do.
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