Long Forgotten

Chapter 3

“Hey Tono, why don’t we go over Arisa-chan’s house when she’s done with the making of clothes?” the twins suggested in unison.

“It should be alright….” I replied. Seeing them cheered upon my agreement made me giggled. They were really easily satisfied. I guess it should be alright.







Evening, as I entered my house.

“Tadaima…” I called out.

“You’re back!” my mom rushed over to hug me as though we had not seen each other in years. Well I guess that’s because when I’m in school there’s no one here to accompany her. I used to be at home all day.

“So how was your first day in school dear?” my mother asked as we ate our dinner.

“It was kind of fun!” I smiled and started explaining my day in school, about meeting the Host Club – which made my mom laughed when I told her how they were acting, and about Haruhi who dressed up as a boy.

“Mom, they even said my designs were wonderful! They were staring at my sketches as though they were some masterpieces!” I giggled and continued telling my mom about making clothes for them and letting them come over to try on the clothes when I’m done making them.

My mom sighed upon hearing that. I knew she wouldn’t disagree with me. It was my passion to design clothes and make them.

“Okay. I’ll be glad to meet your friends. Just tell me when they’re coming ok? I want to make some delicious snacks of mine for them….” My mom winked at me as she handed me my medicine. I laughed and ate it. Mom really loves to make snacks especially cakes. Honey-senpai would definitely be excited to come over if he knew there’s going to be snacks waiting for him.

“But don’t overwork yourself alright?” I finished her sentence for her. She patted my head.

“I know mom. I won’t. And besides, they said that I could take as long as I want to make it.” I assured her as I went up to my room and began to work on the clothes.







Ever since meeting with the Host Club members on my first day of school, I’ve been hanging out with them – attending club meetings, and watching them host their ‘princesses’. They were really fun to be with. Gradually, I didn’t feel shy anymore.

In the few days, I’ve found out that Honey had a huge craving for cakes and cute stuffs and that he was the best martial arts champion in Japan! Can you believed it?! I almost fell out of my chair when I was told by Kyoya. I’ve also realised that the twins really love to make Tamaki goes into his depression mode – where he’ll crouch in a corner growing mushrooms.

Oh! I’ve almost forgot. Hehe… It seems like I was also able to tell the twins apart besides Haruhi.

Flashback two days ago

“Let’s play the ‘which one is Hikaru’ game!” the twins shouted as they place olive-green hats on their head.

“Well then, can you tell which one is Hikaru?” the twins winked at their guests.

“Oh that’s so hard…”

“You two look so identical.”

“So far no one has been able to tell who is who except Haruhi. But you guys can’t get the answers from her, got that?” they winked at their customers again making them giggle.

Sitting at a corner, I was looking at them having fun. I wonder what they are playing. Looking down, I sighed. I wish I could join them… But I’m not part of a guest, so I guess it’s not right for me to interrupt them… When I looked back up again, I realised that the twins were suddenly in front of me.

“You seemed bored Arisa-chan, you want to play the game with us?” the twins chorused.

“What….game?” I asked.

“The ‘which one is Hikaru’ game! Can you tell which is which Arisa-chan?”

So this was the game they were playing. I frowned.

“Why would you play this game when you can be told apart?” I replied.

“You can tell them apart Ari-chan?!” Honey-senpai suddenly came forward and questioned me.

“Yes…Can’t you?”

“Nope! No one could tell them apart except Haru-chan!”

“So which one is Hikaru?” the twins repeated as everyone began to gather around us curiously.

“Hikaru,” I said, pointing to my right, “and Kaoru,” as I pointed to my left. The twins were stunned.

“You’re right.” Haruhi smiled. “Seem like you’re the second one who could tell them apart.”






End of flashback

I was sitting at my usual corner again, sketching a figure on my book while waiting for the club activities to end. Looking up, I glance at the antique clock on the wall, two more minutes to four. Soon, I thought to myself as I closed my book. True enough, at four o’clock sharp, Kyouya-senpai would announce, “We’ll be closing for today, see you again next time.”

“Ari-chan! Ari-chan! Was I cuter today?” Honey-senpai asked me while holding his pink bunny after all the customers had left.

“Hai!” I replied. He’s cute every day. I grinned.

“Oh before I forget, the clothes are ready!” I exclaimed. “So I was wondering if you guys want to come over to my house tomorrow, since it’s the weekend...”

“ABSOLUTELY!!!” Everyone shouted.

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