Long Forgotten

Chapter 30

“Argh…” Arisa finally let out a painful moan the moment her devil sister and her minions had stride out of the brightly-lit vacant room. She had refused to allow Erisa to feel any satisfaction in drawing out pain within her. Pounding pain had increased with every breath she had taken. After torturing her with the cuts from the glistening knife, her sister had taken the liberty of throwing punches and slaps towards her. Without even the need to see a doctor, Arisa knew she definitely had some broken ribs and cheek bones along with plenty of different coloured bruises and a black eye. Exhausted and numb, she laid on the cold, sticky and wet ground as she panted heavily, willing her eyes to open and her mind to not shut down just yet.

Her sick-minded sister had finally left her alone in the room lying in her own pool of blood, claiming that she didn't want her to die just yet and that she would make her suffer till Arisa had made up for the time she had suffered.

Her breaths ragged and Arisa blinked furiously as shadows started to cloud her vision. However, the attempt was useless as she was soon hauled into a pit of darkness.

“What do you mean she’s missing?” the entire host club had hollered the moment they stepped onto the Hitori’s family estate. Everyone was at the living room, even the maids. The only sounds made in the soundless room were the sobbing from Arisa’s mom, Suzuna and the words of reassurance from her dad, Aki as they hugged each other.

Taking a heavy, desperate sigh, Shiro dragged his hand down his face in frustration. “Apparently, two men had knocked out two of our security guard, trespassed into our house and kidnapped her.”

As he begun pacing the living room, he continued, “We’ve retrieved the faces of this two men and investigated into it. It seems that my suspicion was right. These guys had been hired by Erisa Kazemasa, her twin sister.”

Sharp intake of breath as well as some curses burst throughout the silent room.

“Damn… I knew it was too peaceful to be true!” Kaoru punched the wall beside him in desperation as his twin brother held onto his other hand for comfort.

“Poor Ari-chan!” Honey began to sob next to Mori, soothed his despair by patting him on his head gently.

“What are we going to do now?” Haruhi pondered worriedly.

“We’re going to safe her of course!” Tamaki exclaimed with determination, washing away everyone’s despair and uneasiness as they agreed with him.

“The squats team are ready to set off anytime,” Kyoya announced as he snapped shut his phone.

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what I’ll do i-if, if anything happens to her…” the Suzuna broke down once again, at the thought of losing another daughter of hers.

“Everything is settled here too. Dr. Stein is already on his way, he’ll probably be here in around two hours. Dr. Henri is already at the hospital making arrangements.” Kouta affirmed as he held a thumb up at him and Shiro toss him a grateful smile.

“What do you mean making arrangements?” Hikaru wondered aloud, bringing out the same thoughts from the rest.

“We’ve managed to track a recent retired heart specialist from England who has been treating patients like Arisa for many years. We might most probably need him in the worst case scenario.” The silver-headed boy replied with seriousness and a tint of sadness while the rest grimly agreed silently.

“Nah, don’t worry so much guys.” Kouta playfully teased the crowd in attempt to cheer them out. “She’s a strong and feisty one, and she’ll definitely not give up!”

With that said, everyone’s mood had indeed brightened up a little, as they nodded in agreement. They knew Arisa was not one to give up, and besides Kaoru knew that she would never back down from the promise that they’ve made previously too.

“It’s time we head out.” Mori concluded seriously, reminding them of their first and main priority.




“Wakey wakey my dear sister~” Erisa sneered mockingly at the battered up blue brunette as she signaled one of her underlings to pour a bucket of ice water onto her, awakening her victim with a jolt.

Arisa could only give her sister a weak glare in return as she lay on the currently wet ground. She knew that her friends and family are definitely looking for her by now, and needless to say, with Kyoya’s wide range of network, they would definitely be able to find her pretty soon. However…

‘That is if I would be able to stay awake till then…’ she winced bitterly while shivering from her damp clothes. The ache in her chest had grown since last night, surprisingly; it was still bearable to some extent. However, she did not know how long she would be able to last till she would be saved.

“Promise me Arisa, no matter what, promise me that you’ll never give up and fight on to live. I don’t want to think that I might lose you again.” Her promise with Kaoru reminded her once again.

‘I know that.’ She gritted her teeth, her brows furrowed and she jerked while she was hit at her stomach when one of the men started to kick her as requested by the she-devil.

The attacks continued and each strike seemed to collide onto her body harder as each second passes by. Subconsciously through the assaults, Arisa could feel something sticky and wet flowing from her wounds as they reopened again. She could feel her eyelids grew heavier, but she tried to fight her way through as she blinked furiously in attempt to not relent to unconsciousness.

A deafening bang of the door had thankfully stopped the beatings and a swarm of cadets began to file into the room as they pointed their guns at Erisa and her underlings.

“Hands in the air! You’re under arrest!” one of them commanded fiercely. The thugs had started shaking from head to toe as together with Erisa, they were roughly cuffed up and dragged out of the room.

A couple of footsteps neared Arisa and her name was shouted out in anxiety. Familiar arms gently scooped her up into a sitting position and shaky hands held onto hers. Allowing a small smile, she weakly joked, “Took you guys long enough…”

She did not know if it was because she had suddenly felt relieved that everything was over, it was as though she had finally let her guard down and her will to fall asleep as well as all the pain on and in her had caught up with her as though she had been ran down by a truck.

“Arisa…” Kaoru mumbled somberly, clutching her closely with trembling hands.

“I’m…” Arisa let out a shaky breath. “fine…”

Gingerly, she lifted her bloody hand to cup his cheek; rubbing away tears which he did not realise had fallen. “Don’t cry…” she choked out breathlessly. Her vision dimmed and blurred as her tears leaked from the corner of her eyes as she took in the painful looks that were plastered on everyone’s face.

“The ambulance is here. We need to get her to the hospital immediately.” Kouta worriedly hurried the team as he ran in through the door.

“Kou…” She turned towards the direction of the voice, but was not able to complete her sentence. She turned slack onto Kaoru’s arms immediately after she felt a huge thump run through her entire body.

“Arisa!” Haruhi cried in panic.

“No!” Kaoru and Shiro yelled. Kaoru hysterically began to shake her awake, tears swarm down his cheeks uncontrollably.

“Mori-senpai!” Tamaki shouted desperately while the tall teen nodded and took Arisa from the redhead arms and the rest ran after him out to the awaiting medical team.

‘Don’t leave me!’ Those were the only thoughts that ran through the devastated teen as he watched his girlfriend get hauled into the ambulance as she fought her way with the awaiting death god once again.
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