Long Forgotten


“Kino! Ken! Break time!” a voice called out from the kitchen, catching the attention of the energetic twins who were playing out in the garden with their dad.

“Mommy!” the redheaded five-year old girl came tumbling into the kitchen, tugging onto her mom’s apron. “Are we having strawberry tarts? Are we?” Eagerly, Kino hopped onto her two little feet as she waited for a reply. Looking down at her daughter, Arisa grinned. Kino was almost an exact replica of her, despite of the shape of her nose and her hair, which resembled Kaoru.

“No! We’re having tiramisu right mummy?” the blue brunette boy pounded into the kitchen with his father behind him. On the other hand, Ken had looked almost like Kaoru, except that his eyes and hair had shown much resemblance of Arisa.

“Nope! We’re having brownies with ice cream today!” Arisa warmly chuckled as she set four plates of hot piping walnut brownies with chilling vanilla ice cream on the table top.

“Ah~ my favourite!” Kaoru smirked, strolling over to Arisa and gave her a peck on her lips as his arms found their way and wrapped around her waist from behind.

“Ewwy!” the twins stuck out their tongues as they watched the lovely affection between their parents.

“Come on now, the ice creams are going to melt!” Arisa picked up her daughter and placed her on her seat while Kaoru did the same for their son.

Watching the twins have their way through the dessert impatiently, Arisa could not help but let out a sigh of satisfaction. It had been a few years since the kidnapping incident and Arisa was glad everything had eased since then. She had slimly won the battle with the death god himself and had had the doctor, Dr. Stein, to operate on her in an attempt to cure her illness.

Her sister, on the other hand, had been placed securely in a mental hospital somewhere far away from her, on one of the secluded islands Kyoya’s family hospital had established.

However, after the incident, Arisa and Kaoru had in fact drifted apart for some time since the stubborn redhead had been beating himself up for not being able to protect Arisa despite his promise, which of course was then reprimanded by the blue brunette herself that it was not the case. The fact that if they had not come and that she knew that everyone would come for her, she would not have held on until then.

Hence, it had taken a while for him to finally see the light and accepted himself to be with Arisa again; especially after plenty of struggling from the host club members, his brother to persuade him, and also a few knocks on his head from Shiro and Kouta on the day before Arisa had finally given up and decided to fly off to America to start anew.

Despite that, Arisa, could not help but be thankful that she had dragged her time to the airport that day, or else, Kaoru would not have caught up to her and begged her to stay, after professing his undying love and kissing her outmost passionately for her in public.

At the thought of that, though it had been a few years, Arisa could still feel her cheeks warmed in embarrassment.

“Thinking something my dear?” Kaoru cheekily taunted his wife, pulling her to sit on her lap, despite being in front of his kids. He had noticed the red tint on her cheeks as she looked at their kids in soften eyes; and he could help but teased her even more to bring her face into a tinged of bright red.

“Hmmm… I don’t know…” Arisa’s face had indeed gone bright red like a tomato, but she replied playfully in return as she waived her arms around her husband’s neck pulling him closer towards her.

“I love you.” Kaoru grinned, his eyes staring back at her in affection like how he did throughout these years.

“I love you too.” Arisa murmured in response, bringing her lips onto his.

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