Long Forgotten

Extra One Shot - Surprise

“Arisa!” Shiro waved as he walked over to the bluenette.

Arisa looked up from reading the historical romance novel which she had bought earlier and took a light sip from her cup of hot piping earl grey tea before smiling over at her latecomers.

“Hey Kouta, it’s been awhile huh?” she greeted warmly as the guys each took a seat.

Her brother scoffed, arms folding in front of him and grumbled as his sister ignored him and greeted the raven boy beside him, “So friends over sibling huh…”

“But you’re the one who was late, Shiro!” Arisa pouted, placing her cold hands on the sides of the mug. Even though it was mid-summer, Arisa could not help but feel slightly chilly these few days. Perhaps I’ve caught a cold?

“Tsk. Don’t blame me! It was this idiot who had lost his way at one of the train station exits and I had to run all over the place to find him!” The white-haired boy complained as he leant back onto his chair, sending his best friend a death glare who in return, stuck out his tongue at him.

“Mou… you guys are really childish.” Pouting, Arisa took another sip of tea. “Since you’re here, could you guys help me decide what I should get for Kaoru on our next anniversary? I was thinking, since you’re guys, you’d be able to give me some tips on what I could look out for when buying a gift for him.”

“Sunglasses?” Kouta pondered.

“He already has a number of those from his mom’s fashion line.” Arisa declined, shaking her head.

“Well, you could always make him a new set of clothes.” Shiro suggested.

“But I can’t make them without him noticing.” Sighing, she rested her head on the palm of her hand and placed her arm on the table.

“Get him a mug?” Her brother added.

“No, ours’ still new.”

“A cap?” Kouta prompted.


“A watch?” Shiro proposed, leaning onto the table as well propping his head up with his fingers as he continued to brainstorm.

“I just got that for his birthday.”

“How about a seductive dinner?” Kouta wiggled his brows and smirked at Arisa, who turned red at that thought.

Shoving his elbow into Kouta’s stomach, Shiro glared at his friend with annoyance. “Stop being a pervert, you idiot.”

“Sorry, sorry! I was just joking!” The raven man held his hands up in surrender while he winced a little and pouted. “No need to be so violent.”

“Hey Arisa, why don’t we take a walk around the mall, maybe we would be able to get more ideas?” Kouta recommended as he threw her a cheeky grin.

Nodding her head, she agreed and began to pack her book back into her bag. Taking one last sip of her tea, she stood up along with Shiro and Kouta and headed out the café.

“Ne Arisa, I’ve been wanting to ask you.” Shiro started.

“What is it?” Darting her eyes around the shops as they slowly walk pass them, she continued to consider the types of anniversary gift which would be suitable for Kaoru.

“Are you ok?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” Pausing, she turned to her brother, her head tilted slightly in confusion. Kouta was a distant away from him, his eyes caught on a set of chess piece display.

“You look a little pale lately. Haven’t you noticed?” Shiro explained, tucking a strand of hair behind her ears.

Her eyes widened a little in surprise as she started touching her face with her hands as though she was searching for something. “Really? I don’t think so though… Maybe it’s the lack of sleep; since we were busy with the alteration of dress for the past few days.”

Yes, it was perhaps due to the lack of sleep, Arisa deduced. After all, she and Kaoru had been working on a last minute work order on the re-alterations and re-designing of an old wedding dress. It was a little tricky at first, as they had tried to maintain the originality of the dress, yet re-create it so that it would give off a brand new modernised look.

“But we’re done with it this morning.” She assured him, grinning.

Sighing in defeat, Shiro could not help but shake his head. When it comes to work, he swore both Arisa and Kaoru were workaholics. Once an order has come in, they would start working on them with utmost passion till they were satisfied with the results. “Take care of yourself alright. Get an early sleep tonight.”

“Hai, hai…”

“What are you guys talking about?” The raven man walked over in curiosity.

“Something bad about you,” Arisa joked, sticking her tongue out childishly as she walked ahead of them, re-focusing her attention to the goal of the day – getting Kaoru a gift.

“Hidoi (You’re so mean) Arisa!” Kouta sulked while his best friend laughed at his demised.







Sighing, Arisa pouted dejectedly. “Still no luck…”

“Don’t worry. There’s two more weeks before the anniversary isn’t it?” Kouta encouraged.

“It’s this Sunday! Sunday!” She panicked, stilling on the spot as she started to fuss her hair anxiously. “It means tomorrow! Damn it what should I do now…”

“Calm down sis. Maybe you could prepare him a romantic dinner? After all, nothing works better than food.” Shiro reassured her as he patted her gently on her head.

“But…” As she tried to reason with him, Arisa was cut off with the ringing of her cell phone. Pausing, she took a deep breath before taking out her phone from her bag. But all things had seemed to go against her today, just as she was about to flip open her phone to answer it, she was knocked off balance by a group of kids who were running past her. Her phone slipped off her hands at the impact and broke into two as she too fell back. Fortunately, had Shiro not been next her, she would have kissed the ground.

Lethargically, she groaned in defeat as she stared at her useless damaged phone. “Today’s not a good day for me…”

I bet 99% on that phone call that it’s from Kaoru…

“I give up… I guess having a dinner together at home is not a bad thing either.” Staggering a little before turning over to the guys, she forced a smile. “I better head home now. Kaoru’s probably worried about me. Shiro, could you give me a lift home?”

“Come on then.” Seeing that she had made up her mind, the guys glanced at each other before nodding at her.







“Hey Arisa,” a voice called out as she felt herself shaking.

“Hmm?” the blue-haired girl murmured exhaustedly. She rubbed her eyes and sat up straight. “Where are we?”

Chuckling, Kouta peered forward from the back seat and replied. “We’ve reached your house, silly.”

“Oh…” Breaking out from her sleepy daze, she looked around and took in the familiar scenery around her house. “I guess this is my stop.”

Slinging her bag over her shoulder, she bowed a little. “Thanks for the lift Shiro. Nice meeting you too Kouta. Let’s meet again soon alright? Jaa ne!” Giving them a light wave, she opened the door and hopped off the car.

“Bye bye kawaii-chan (cutie)~!” Cheekily, Kouta waved back and exclaimed.

Shaking his head, at his friend’s antics, Shiro waved back and shouted, “Get some rest you hear me?” He had noted that her face had gotten paler.

“Yes father…” His sister replied in sarcasm who in return earned a death glare from Shiro. Turning around, she walked into the apartment.







“I’m home.” Arisa announced weakly as she entered the house.

“Where have you been?” Kaoru demanded as he stormed towards her.

Not noticing his irritation, she replied shortly. “Out shopping.”

“You didn’t even answer my phone call?!” His voice rose at her lack of response. He had awoken to an empty bed next to him. Not receiving any note on where she had gone to, he had tried calling her numerous times in hopes to be assured of her whereabouts but it had only led him to the voicemail. He had been worrying since morning, only to find her alighting from Shiro’s car and giving him an aloof attitude.

Even though he knew that she did not know of her brother’s feelings for her, and did not feel the same for her brother, Kaoru could not help but feel threatened with her constantly meeting up with her brother whenever they had finally had a day-off from work. He had wanted to spend more alone time with her as a couple rather than just working with her every day in the office, fussing over work. Instead, she always hung out with her brother. Even if he did not want to admit it, he knew that he was jealous. Yet, she had not been noticing it.

“It broke when I was about to answer it.” She sighed with slight annoyance with his sudden demanding tone. Feeling light headed, she fell onto the couch, dropped her bag down and rubbed her forehead.

Bitterly, he blurted, “Are you cheating on me?”

“What?!” Immediately Arisa shot out from her seat. “Are you an idiot?! How could you even think of that?!”

“You’re always out every time we have a day-off!” he yelled back. “What do you think? You’d never tell me where you are or who you’re with. Do you even know how I feel every time I wake up, only to find my wife missing without a word?!” Internally, Kaoru was cursing himself for not being able to shut his mouth. Even though he knew it was not like that, he still could not stop himself from considering such a possibility. After all, she was always evasive whenever he had asked where she had gone to or who she had been with. He could not help but think of such thoughts unconsciously.

“You…!” Heaving, Arisa felt a jolt of sadness, disappointment and anger run through her as she pointed to herself; tears straining down her face. “Is that how you had thought of me?! Am I so lowly?”

Upon watching her brimming with tears, he regretted his word instantly and started to approach her. “No… Wait, I didn’t mean it like that.”

Retreating from his touch, Arisa cried. “I was trying to find you a gift for our anniversary you idiot!!!” She took a pillow beside her and threw at her husband furiously. “You idiot! IDI-”

The next moment, her vision had blackened, her energy drained from her body as she slumped forward and onto the floor.








“Is she alright?” Kaoru anxiously questioned the doctor who had come out from the ward.

“Congratulations Hitachiin-sama.” The doctor smiled at the redhead as he presented the news. “Your wife is pregnant.”

“W-what?” His eyes widened in astonishment. “Pregnant?!”

“Yes, pregnant. She’s into her fourth week of pregnancy to be exact.”

“I’m… I’m going to be a father?!” Kaoru gasped, taking a step back, still trying to grasp hold of the new information given to him.

“However,” the doctor started, bringing the ecstatic redhead back into reality. “The reason she’d collapse was due to exhaustion. We’d advise her to take more rest and not overwork herself. It’s also necessary for her to increase her nutrient intake.”

“I understand. Thank you very much.” Kaoru bowed in gratitude.

“We’ll send your wife for her first ultrasound scan once she awakes.” The doctor added.

“Yes. Thank you.” Kaoru bowed again as he watched the doctor headed off for his next patient. Letting out a sigh of relief, he walked into the ward and towards Arisa.

He took a seat next to her and hand her hands in his. Tucking a loose strand of hair away from her face, he then cupped her face and leant forward to kiss her on the lips before sitting back down.

“I’m sorry for being a jerk Arisa.” He apologised. “I’m sorry for letting my jealously override me.”

He held her hands gently between his own as he kissed her knuckles with affection. When she had collapsed, he had panicked, thinking that her heart condition had relapsed, taking for the worse. He just did not know what to do then. All he knew was he did not want to lose her. At that thought, it had just pained him and he started tearing up at the thought of losing her. Resting his forehead on his hands, he sobbed. “I’m just worried that one day you would finally realise that I’m not good enough for you and leave me for someone else… I just… I’m so sorry…”

“Baka Kaoru.”

Instantaneously he shot up at the voice and went into panic mode. “Arisa! Are you ok? Do you need anything?”

“Some water would be nice.” She croaked.

Immediately, Kaoru assisted her sit up carefully before shifting towards the table next to him to pour a glass of water. Holding up the cup, he moved to straw towards her lips and allowed her to take a few sips before placing it back to the table.

“You’re an idiot Kaoru.” His wife started scolding him. “Why would I leave you when you’re the one I love? If I hadn’t loved you, I would not have married you, baka Kaoru.”

“I’m sorry.” Dejectedly, he looked down in shame. “I’m sorry Arisa.”

The blue-haired girl sighed in defeat as she watched him feel remorseful of his own actions like a puppy feeling apologetic when it had made a mess. Despite being furious with him at first, now that she had calmed down, she did understand where he was coming from. She was to be blamed too since she was so focused on searching for a present for him that she had neglected him. Feeling a little courageous, and deciding to forgive him, she pulled his shirt up towards herself and swiftly locked her lips with his. Although he was taken aback with her sudden intimacy at first, he had promptly returned her actions as he leant forward to cup her cheek and deepen the kiss.

“I forgive you.” His wife muttered bashfully after much seconds later from the heated kiss.

“Thank you.” Having seating now on the bed with her, Kaoru wrapped his arms around her and cosily gave her another peck on the lips.

“Ne Kaoru…”


“Even though I was out so frequently with Shiro and Kouta, I was still not able to decide on what to get you…” She fiddled with her thumbs and bit her bottom lips guilty as she confessed.

“You’ve already given me a really wonderful gift.” Kaoru started to remember the reason why she was in the hospital. Embracing her, he placed his hands on hers and led them to her abdomen as he kissed her forehead. “You’re four weeks pregnant, my dear.”

“Pregnant?” Her jaw dropped. She had not expected that. Despite the shock, she felt a sudden sense of exhilaration and warmth filled her. I’m going to be a mother…

“Are you ok, Arisa? What’s wrong?!” Kaoru asked in alarm. One minute she was fine and now she was crying.

“I’m going to be a mother.” She whispered, a grin gradually formed on her face. Turning to her husband, Arisa buried herself into his arms as she cried in contentment. “I’m going to be a mother!”

Relaxing after he had realised they were tears of happiness, he affirmed her thoughts. “We’re going to be parents!”

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