Long Forgotten

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: First Friends’ Visit

“Mom, remember not to let them know anything about it ok? Oh, when it’s time for my medication, you’ll just have to call for me and I’ll be right down.” I reminded my mom again for the fifth time.

“Yes dear, I know. Gosh, you’re even more long-winded then your dad.” My mom answered as she puts the cake mixture in the oven.

I giggled. Today’s the day, when the Host Club members will be coming over to my house to try on the clothes that I’ve made for them. I’m really excited, but I guess my mom’s even more excited then I am. She’d been planning on what type of snacks she’s going to make for them when I told her yesterday that they’d be coming over. I can’t wait to see the look on Honey-senpai’s face! He’s going to jump over the moon when he sees so many snacks. Just then the door bell rang. I must be them! I rushed to open the door.




Kaoru’s POV:

“Ahh…. So this is Arisa’s house.” Hikaru said after everyone alighted from the car.

“Wow, I didn’t expect it to be so big.” I stated.

“It’s so cute too!” Honey exclaimed as he spreaded his arms out wide.

“Yeah,” Mori added as Tamaki went to ring to door bell.




“Welcome!” Arisa exclaimed as she opened the door and ushered us in. “You guys are really on time!”

“Ojamashimasu!” everyone exclaimed as we entered the house.

“Welcome! Oh my Arisa! They look even cooler and cuter in person!” A lady came out from the kitchen exclaiming.

“You must be Arisa-chan’s mother!” Tono rushed forward and held her hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Ms Hitori.” Kyoya added.

“Oh my my my! What a handsome group of friends you have there Arisa! Just call me Suzuna would do!” Arisa’s mother laughed and blushed a little which made me sweat dropped.

“Wow Ari-chan! You’ve a really pretty house! Ne Ari-chan, I smelt something delicious! What is it?” Honey exclaimed.

“It’s a secret!” Arisa winked as she started her way up the stairs. “Come on guys! I’m going to show you your outfits!”

“Call me when you need me mom!” she shouted as we followed after her.

Arisa led us to her room/studio. Wow. Her room is even bigger then any of ours! In fact it’s about three times bigger! The walls were baby blue with Anime posters and some of her sketches pinned on it. There were patches of fluffy clouds drawn on the ceiling. One third of her room from the left would be where her bed, dresser and closet were, and the rest of the room was her studio. She’d a worktable in the centre of her studio; on it were her tools – pencils, paintbrushes, colour-pencils, markers and many more. There were about fifteen mannequins not far from her worktable. There was also a sewing machine and another table filled with different kinds of cloths. She had a huge shelf with collections of manga neatly arranged on it.

“Sugoi! You read all this Arisa?” Hikaru and I asked, each of us picking up a manga from the shelf.

“Yap! It was something I had to kill my boredom.”

In the right corner of the room were two dressing rooms and a huge closet. Arisa took out eight outfits from the huge closet and handed a set to everyone except Haruhi who had two sets.

“Arisa-chan, why I have two sets?” Haruhi asked.

“Yeah, why?” Tamaki questioned.

“That’s because Haruhi’s a girl. You can’t be wearing a boy’s outfit everywhere you go right? And I figured that you don’t really like to wear frilly outfits, so I made something more stylish and cooler for you.” Arisa said, grinning from ear to ear as she pushed Haruhi and me into the dressing room. “Now come on, get into the dressing room and try them on! I need to see if I still needed to alter them.”

Arisa began to start adjusting our outfits for us when we came out of the dressing room. I’m done with mine, so I’m standing at a corner near the dressing room watching them.

“Tamaki-senpai! Stop fidgeting, or else I’ll poke you with the needle!” she scolded as she checked if his outfit needed any alteration.

“Hai!” Tono replied and stood extremely still. Hikaru and I grinned at his reaction.

I watched as Arisa adjusted Tamaki’s outfit and check for any places where she’d need to alter; her every move and every expression that appears on her face.

She’s really cute when she looks serious. Wait a minute! Did I just say cute? What’s wrong with me today? I quickly shifted my gaze away from her.

“Ano Arisa-chan, am I supposed to wear it like this?” Haruhi asked as she came out from the dressing room, looking down at her second outfit.

“HARUHI! You’re so CUTE!” Tamaki shouted as he catapulted himself towards her, arms widespread and incoming for a hug. The Host King however ended up missing his mark entirely and landed in a heap on the floor when Hikaru and I immediately yanked the brunette out of harm’s way. In the background, Kyoya sighed heavily and Arisa was giggling.

“It wouldn’t hurt you to exercise a little of self-resistant,” the Shadow King admonished loftily, not bothering to hide the smirk on his face.

The lively blonde looked up from the floor, violet eyes shining with tears. “How could you two do that to your beloved king?” he sobbed.

“Well that’s simple Tono,” my brother explained.

“If we let you tackle Haruhi, you’d have crushed her and ruined the outfit that Arisa had specially made.” I finished.

Tamaki’s eyes widened. “Oh no! Daddy’s sorry, Haruhi, Arisa!”

Arisa and Haruhi exchanged glances and laughed when he bowed down at their feet.

“Ari-chan, you’re really good at making clothes!” Honey-senpai exclaimed, flowers magically popping up around him as he turned one round with his arms outspread.

“Thank you! I’m glad you all like it!” Arisa laughed as she went over to Haruhi and adjusted her outfit. “Haruhi, I didn’t expect this to fit you so perfectly!”

“It’s really soft and comfy. It feels like a cloud.” Haruhi said.

Arisa smiled and laughed. “That’s because this is made out of cashmere.”

“Arisa!” A voice could be heard from the kitchen.

“I’ve got to help my mum. Here’s another gift for you guys. Try them on and let me see if it fits you.” Arisa hurriedly took out another batch of outfits and handed us one each.

“Where’s the bathroom Arisa?” I asked her as I took my outfit from her.

“Out here and turn left, the last room. Be right back!” Arisa stated as she went downstairs.

I signalled Hikaru that I would be going to the bathroom and went out; following the directions that Arisa gave me.




Arisa’s POV:

“Thanks mom,” I said as I took my medicine from her and popped them into my mouth.

“The snacks are ready! You can get your friends down for a break now.” My mum smiled as she placed the snacks on the table.

“Oh and before I forget Honey, Dr Henri called just now to remind us that you need to go for your monthly check-up next Saturday morning.” She added.

“Hai. Hai.” I sighed. Why do I need to go for check-up every month? It’s so troublesome. I deep down knew I shouldn’t complain. Everyone is just worried about me after all.

“Oh honey?”

“Yes mom?”

“I’ll be going out for a while. I need to submit my draft and pass your dad some dinner,” She said and left the house.

“Bye mom.” I sighed and went back up to my room to call the club members down for their delicious snacks!




Kaoru’s POV:

I entered the room where the rest of the Host Club members were and went into the dressing room to change. As I put on the clothes, I was recalling what Arisa’s mother had said before I went back into the room.

“……before I forget Honey, Dr Henri called just now to remind us that you need to go for your monthly check-up next Saturday morning……”

Is Arisa sick? But she doesn’t look like she was… What is she hiding from us? Was it something that Kyoya wanted to mention when we were in the Host Club room the other day? Wait, why am I so curious about her anyway? Oh forget it…

I walked out from the dressing room and threw the problem to the back of my mind. It’s none of my business anyway. Oh, why does this outfit seemed too large for me?! The pants are touching the floor!




Arisa’s POV:

“I’m back! Wow! You guys look awesome!” I exclaimed with satisfaction when I entered the room. “It fits you guys perfectly! Where’s Kaoru?”

“Hey Arisa, am I wearing the correct outfit? It seems too large for me…” Kaoru said as he stepped out of the dressing room looking embarrassed. He looked like a child wearing oversized clothes.

“HAHA…” Tamaki, Honey and Hikaru were laughing madly. Even Kyoya and Mori didn’t hold back the amused smirks on their faces. Haruhi and I were trying our best to hold back our laughter but to no avail, we ended up giggling.

“I’m soooo SORRY!” I explained, holding back my giggles; I quickly went to the closet and took out his set, making sure that it was his and handed to him. “I gave you the wrong set. This was supposed to be for my dad! I guess I didn’t check when I gave it to you just now. Sorry about that…”

“Hmph…” Kaoru huffed with dissatisfaction and went back into the fitting room after taking his set.

After he’d changed, I apologised to him again and I continued my work, making sure that it fitted him well.

“Well, you can change back all ready, we’re going for some snacks!” I announced as everyone cheered.

“Being a model sure make me hungry, right Takashi?” Honey exclaimed and Mori nodded in agreement.



In the dining room



Boy, you should have seen Honey’s and Haruhi’s elated face when they saw the snacks provided for them. Honey was almost gobbling up all the snacks (especially cakes). The Host King was fussing over Haruhi about giving her his share when he saw her face, with the twins making fun of him. While Kyoya wrote on his coughcoughDeath Notecoughcough as usual. And Mori, well he’s just sitting quietly beside Honey, watching him eating happily.

“Ano, can I join the host club too? I mean I want to help too… And it seems really fun to be in it…” I suggested, as I popped a forkful of cake into my mouth.

“That’s such a wonderful idea! And to think that our daughter would be joining us in the Host Club! Isn’t it great mommy?” Tamaki suddenly prang forward and hugged me so tightly that I was out of breath.

“Can’t breath!” I choked before Tamaki finally let me go.

“Are you trying to kill me senpai? And since when you’ve became my dad?” I coughed; sending a murderous glare at him and causing him sulk at the corner of the dining room.

“Well, I guessed there’s no harm doing that. Besides, you can attend club meetings and other functions, and create portraits of the girls who are willing to pay. Your position would also benefit us, because some girls may not in the mood for male company. You would also receive thirty percent of the profit.” Kyoya stated as he adjusted his glasses.

Wow. So that’s why he’s called the Shadow King… but it’ll be fun this way and I’ll even get to earn my own pocket money! I grinned and nodded in agreement.

“Welcome come to the club then, our new toy,” the twins chorused as two sets of arms wrapping themselves around my shoulders. (Note: their emphasis on their ‘new toy’)

Before I was going to retort back at them that I’m not their toy, Honey suddenly pulled me into a hug too but he was too short so he ended up hugging my legs.

“Yay! Ari-chan’s going to join us too! Isn’t it great Takashi?”

“Yeah,” Mori replied.

“Hey! Keep your hands off my daughter!” Tamaki returns back to normal and snatched me away from the twins.

“She’s not your daughter senpai! And she’s not your toy too!” Haruhi glare at them with irritation. I smiled gratefully at her as they released me from their grasp.

“Oh I’m sorry Haruhi!!! I didn’t mean to ignore you! Please don’t be mad!” Tamaki said, and ran forward to hug Haruhi, but she quickly evaded and he ended up banging on the wall.

Sigh. He never gets it does he?

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