Long Forgotten

Chapter 5

It has been two week since I’ve started working in the Host Club. When I arrived at school in the morning on my first ‘working’ day, I could hear students, mostly girls, chattering things like whether they should let me draw a portrait of them or for some (who were mean or I can say jealous), were gossiping about stuffs like I must have done something to make Tamaki leave me with no choice but to let me be a member of the Host Club. Sigh. Guess that’s why they are gossips. I ignore them. Fortunately, these gossips died down pretty soon.

In the two weeks I’ve also became the best of friends with Haruhi. We started hanging out and would go I each other’s house and share food recipes (if you’re wondering why, it’s because we love to cook! You might be curious that me being rich and stuffs would not have stepped into the kitchen, well you’re seriously wrong! Hehe. I love to explore and try how to make the food that I’ve eaten. It’s kind of a hobby, I guess.)

Well, I’ve also gotten a taste of what the twins meant about me being their ‘new toy’. And I should also say that they’ve realized never to mess with me.





“Arisa-chan, you should start to stay more alert now,” Haruhi warned as we walked to class together.

“Hmm? What do you me…..an…?” I asked her as I opened the door and stepped into the classroom only to find myself drenched from head to toe and hearing giggles from the twins.

“Hahahaha… you should have seen…. Hahahaha…”

“The look on your face!... Hahahaha….” (Do remember that when the twins speak, Hikaru always starts first please ^^)

“Knock it off you two!” Haruhi scolded. “Arisa-chan? Are you alright?”

“H…hai….” I replied looking down at myself. “This was what you mean isn’t it?”

She nodded. Looking at the twins through my bangs, I gave them an evil grin which made them stepped back, further away from me. I went up to them and holding them at one of their shoulder with either of my hands and flipped them off the ground and onto their backs, making the both of them groaned in pain.

“Well, you two should never have messed with me. You should be glad that this is not even one-fifth of my strength.” I smiled and walked off to change to a set of dry clothes. I hadn’t learn self-defense for nothing.

End of flashback

As usual, I was walking with the twins and Haruhi to Music Room Three.

“You guys are here!” Honey hopped down from Mori’s shoulders and ran towards us, lifting a chocolate cake in front of me.

“Ne, ne Ari-chan! Do you want to have a chocolate cake with me?” Honey asked, flowers magically popping around him again. Sometimes I wonder if he’s really a senior.

“Yes please!” I replied and coughed.

I walked to my corner, which the Host Club members had wonderfully set up for me, and put my stuffs down. Well, it was something I didn’t expect. There was an easel with fresh papers and a small table with other supplies. The furniture was all in blue and purple. A vase full of blue roses was set on the corner of the table.

“Well, let’s get ready now.” Kyouya stated as he clapped his hands.

I got up and coughed. Walking to the dressing room like the rest to get dressed. We’ll be wearing kimono today.




The Host Club is now opened for business

“Why are you so beautiful, Tamaki-sama?” one of Tamaki’s customers asked.

“All the better to remain in your eyes every second my princess.” Tamaki replied.

“Why is you voice so mellow and sweet, Tamaki-kun?” another girl questioned with a blush.

“It’s so that my feelings can reach the depths of your heart…” He stated.

“Why are you always looking at me with tears in your eyes?” the third girl demanded, with the face flushing.

Tamaki looked up smiling, revealing tears in his eyes and answered, “It’s so that your lovely smile may flood the fountain in my heart.”

“Tamaki-kun!” the girls exclaimed together with hearts in their eyes.

I snickered and went over to my corner with my customers already waiting for me. Like the previous two weeks, I drew portraits of my customers while chatting with them. Well more like they would be asking me questions of either myself or my artwork.

“Ari-chan, you look so cute in your kimono!” one of my customers complimented.

“Arigato ne!” I smiled. The kimono I’m wearing was in my favorite colour, blue, with purple and white flower prints on it.

“So ladies, how would you like your portraits to be drawn today?” I exclaimed as I took my seat in front of them.

“Anything would do Arisa-chan! The portraits you’ve drawn for us previously made us look so beautiful in it!” the two girls, Anna-chan and Sakura-chan, exclaimed.

“Well, it’s not all my credits.” I replied as I began my work. “It’s yours too. You were the ones who were beautiful to begin with. If it’s not for you, my portrait wouldn’t have produced these results.”

“Aww… Thank you!” The girls replied and rushed forward to hug me.


“I think it’s so cute when your kimonos matched!” a girl complimented the twins.

“Well, our mother designed all the kimonos that you see today,” Hikaru stated.

“If you like any of them, feel free to tell us and we’ll take orders for you right now.” Kaoru added, waving at the two girls that were sitting in front of them.

“Our grandmother even helps us put them on. And of course, it’s my duty to take them off right Kaoru?” Hikaru said, putting a hand under Kaoru’s chin to bring his face up close to him.

“Hikaru… You’re making me embarrassed by saying that in front of everyone…” Kaoru looked away, with tears in his eyes.

The girls began screaming ‘moe’ and saying things like “Oh! What a tender embrace!”

“Those guys are fooling around again…” Haruhi sighed.

“Haruhi-kun! You look so cute in your kimono! You look just like a girl!” two girls exclaimed as they walked over to Haruhi.

“Arigato,” Haruhi replied.

“Haruhi, you’ve appointments waiting for you.” Kyoya stated. He was writing down something as usual on paper, but in a traditional way – by using a calligraphy brush. “It seems that you have a steady flow of appointments now. Do carry on with the good work. Oh right, I am not going charge you interest like I normally did, so continue to work hard to make the money. Oh I should warn you not to take the rental fee for that kimono lightly either, eh?”

‘He’s already evil at the start of the new year.’ Haruhi thought as she sweat dropped and walked towards me.

“Ari-chan! Haru-chan!” Honey whined.

I coughed.

“Is there something wrong, Honey-senpai?” I went over to him and patted his head.

“I can’t find one of my zouri (straw sandal)…” he sobbed.

“Weren’t you wearing it just now?” Haruhi asked, walking over to him.

“Mitsukuni, you dropped it over there…” Mori said, holding out Honey’s missing zouri and put it on for him.

“TAKASHI!!!” Honey hugged him happily.

“Ano ne Haruhi-kun is crying popular with girls these days?” I whispered to Haruhi.

“Ah!” I coughed, as I accidentally tripped over and bumped into Kaoru, causing a small blue bottle to drop onto the floor. “I’m sorry…”

“Daijou bu deska (Are you alright) Arisa?” Kaoru asked in concern as he helped me up.

“Hai…” I coughed again, making him frown.

“What’s this?” Haruhi asked, looking irritated and held out the small blue bottle.

The bottle was labeled ‘high grade’ and there’s a picture of an eye with a tear – well it’s an eye drop bottle.

The twins appeared on either side of Haruhi and explained casually.

“It’s a common practice for hosts to use eye drops Haruhi.”

“Women can never resist man’s tears.”

“It’s so cheap!” Haruhi stated.

“Aww come on….” Hikaru put his arm onto Haruhi’s shoulder and poke his cheek with another hand saying, “don’t be such a party pooper.”

“Well not all women…” I mocked and coughed again, walking back to my corner where my two guests are still waiting for me.

“Here Arisa, Haruhi. These are for you.” Kaoru reached into his sleeves and took out two cute small boxes of candies.

“Kawaii… Arigato!” I exclaimed and noticed Kaoru’s face turned slightly red.

“This is for us?” Haruhi asked.

“You two are so cute!” the twins said in unison.

“Aww… Haruhi-kun, Arisa-chan, you like Japanese sweets?” the girls came to us and asked.

“Yeah, I love them! They help me keep my spirits up!” I laughed.

“Well, I’m not really into sweets…” Haruhi replied smiling. “I’m thinking of placing it in front of my mother’s memento as an offering.”

All the girls blushed at Haruhi’s smile and began tearing when they heard what she said.

“Oh how noble of you!” Tamaki exclaimed dramatically (as always) with tears. “You’re such a filial child! Here Haruhi, take as much as you want! Arisa too! Here take all you want!” He started to stack candies in our hands.

“Ano Tamaki-senpai, are those tears fake too?” I pointed out.

“I’m guessing so too.” Haruhi added.

“How could you say that?!” Tamaki gasped. “My tears are always genuine! A true host only shed tears without teardrops! So what do you think?” he turned around suddenly and faced Haruhi. “Are you impressed? Have you fallen for me yet?”

“No,” Haruhi replied bluntly.

Tamaki continued to blabber stuffs that I didn’t hear as I went back to completing my portrait for the two customers of mine.

“Here! I’m done!” I stood up and showed my two customers their portraits.

“Sugoi ne! Arisa-chan, you’re really awesome!” the girls exclaimed.

I coughed harder and my vision blurred a little. I think I’ve caught a flu bug. I bowed to my two customers as they take their leave and then look around to see what the other host members are doing. Tamaki seemed to be back to his dark corner, everyone were crowded around a girl. Walking over to them curiously, I heard them exclaiming something like the girl was Kyoya’s fiancée and the girl blabbering about some other stuff.

“Hey guys, what are you all doing? Do we have a new customer?” I asked, peering over their shoulders curiously.

“Oh Arisa, you’re done with your host activities.” Kaoru stated.

“This is Renge-chan,” Haruhi introduced.

“Yeah, who claims to be Kyoya’s fiancée, just because he looks like the character in an otaku love stimulation game…” Hikaru added.

Oh… that’s why Tamaki’s like that…

“So let me guess, he’s like that because ‘mommy’ is keeping secret from him?” I asked the twins as I pointed at Tamaki.

“Bingo!” they replied in unison, each giving a thumb up to me.

I coughed. “Konnichiwa Renge-chan… Nice to meet you…” I smiled at her. But she ignored me as though I didn’t exist. I frowned. Did I do something wrong to make her dislike me?

“Ari-chan, your phone is ringing!” Honey exclaimed.

I thanked him and answered it.

“I’ve got to go now! Jaa ne minna!” I told they once I put down my phone, took my things and waved to them before exiting the room.

Nobody’s POV:

The next day…

“I’ve thought about this yesterday night and a female manager might not be such a bad idea after all…” Tamaki deduced to everyone.

“And why is that so?” the twins asked in unison.

“Don’t you see it? She’ll be transferring to the same class as Haruhi! So if she can make female friends, like Renge, and spend time with her, Haruhi will then be more lady-like!” Tamaki explained.

“Oh how great…” Haruhi groaned.

“It wouldn’t help Haruhi if her only friends in class are the shady twins!” Tamaki continued as he pointed a finger at the twins.

Arisa had been standing at a corner listening to them speak. She stared at Tamaki. She could feel anger boiling up within her and sadness hits her. She coughed again and clenched her chest a little.

“Daijou bu?” Mori who was standing near me whispered. I just nodded in response.

‘Am I a nobody? I guess I’m still not part of them yet huh?’ she thought in frustration.

She stomped to the other room to prepare ‘commoner’s coffee’ (as what Tamaki had claimed to be) for the guests later, deliberately slamming the door in process.

“Ah oh… Tono, you’re in trouble…” the twins said.

“You’ve hurt her feelings Tama-chan…” Honey explained.

“OH MY GOSH!” Tamaki yelled, when he finally realized what they meant.

Arisa returned to the room, where everyone is, and served them coffee.


Arisa continued to ignore him and pretended that he wasn’t there. The twins were having a fun time watching their Host King apologizing to her. Haruhi was helping Arisa make more coffee, Honey started to eat his cake happily with Mori watching him, and Kyoya had started typing non-stop on his laptop.

“MOMMY!!! MY DAUGHTER IS STILL NOT TALKING TO ME! HELP ME!” Tamaki turned to Kyoya for help, but the only replied from the Shadow King was, “You reap what you sow.”

Hence, the Host King is now in his dark corner again…

“Minna-san! Your new manager, Renge, has made cookies for all of you!” Renge popped in from the door, lifting the cookies she held in her hands.

Tamaki immediately revert back to his normal self and started to speak dramatically again. “Oh! How lady-like you are! I’m so incredibly touched!”

“I did not bake them for phony princes like you!” Renge cut him off bluntly, causing him to go back to his ‘favourite’ dark corner.

“Though they’re a little burnt, I know you would say anything I’ve made would definitely be delicious.” Renge started to fantasize, going all lovely dovely. “Kyoya-sama! It’s so nice of you to say that!”

Honey took a piece of cookie and nibble on it. “This really is a bit burnt.”

“Mitsukuni, you should not eat that! It’s bad for you.” Mori tried to stop Honey from eating it.

That made Renge snapped into a demon lady and she started chasing Mori and Honey around the room and screaming. Arisa and Haruhi took a piece of cookie and ate it.

“Hey it doesn’t taste bad…” Haruhi commented.

“Ya. It’s kind of tasty…” Arisa added and coughed.

The twins looked at each other and started to grin mischievously.

Suddenly Hikaru was holding Haruhi’s chin, with her having half a cookie in her mouth.

“May I try?” he asked and bit off the other half of the cookie that was hanging from her mouth.

While Kaoru moved over to Arisa’s side. “Oh Arisa, you’ve crumbs on your face…” And he licked them off, before she could protest.

Haruhi finished her cookie and Arisa wiped her cheek as though nothing had happened and the Hitachiins stood in front of us grinning from ear to ear. Tamaki went bonkers and started to yell things like, “Can’t you see?! Those guys can’t be trusted!” at the twins.

“If you want a cookie I’ve some in my bag…” Haruhi said to Hikaru.

“I can take it off myself if you told me you know Kaoru…” Arisa told Kaoru.


“This is sexual harassment senpai…” Haruhi stated, turning her face away from him.

“I thought I wasn’t one of you.” Arisa shrugged him off and walked away.

Out of nowhere, Renge began announcing that everyone’s character is boring (except for Kyoya of course), and that they should all change their characters’ background to make the Host Club even more interesting for its customers.

“You! You’re nothing but only cute! You’re no different from a child! Hence, you should have a cute face with a horrible personality!” Renge declared as she pointed to Honey.

Then she moved on to Mori, the twins, Haruhi and Tamaki.

“Mori-senpai! You’ll be his childhood friend! The twins will now be basketball players who are separated from the others in their own world! Haruhi will be an honor student and a victim of bullying! Now you Tamaki-san, you’ll be the lonely prince!”

Then she turned to Kyoya, “Kyoya-sama, you’re absolutely perfect the way you are. So you can just stay being nice and caring!”

Arisa coughed.

“Arigato. I’m flattered.” Kyoya thanked.

“Any cakes for you Renge-chan?” Arisa asked, showing her a range of cakes to choose from.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

“She’s helping out in the Host Club by drawing portraits of or customers,” Haruhi explained.

“I’m Arisa Hitori. Is there any problem?” Arisa said and coughed again.

She inspected Arisa and then shooed her away. “You’re not needed here anymore. You can leave.”

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