Long Forgotten

Chapter 6

Everyone gasped, except Kyoya and Mori.

Arisa felt something snapped within her. She growled. It’s the second time of the day someone had actually told her she’s not needed. (Note: Tamaki’s words made her felt that she doesn’t belong in the Host Club)

She turned around quietly, picked up her bag and ran out of the room. Tears started to stream down her face as Arisa ran down the hallways till she was in a corner where there’s no one.

They didn’t want me too… She sat and huddled up in a corner.

Drawing in air in great, gasping breaths, she grabbed her chest, trying to breathe.

Pain… it hurts…

Her brunette hair was plastered to her head with sweat as tears continued to roll down her cheeks uncontrollably. Rummaging through her bag again and again, searching for her medication. But it was to no avail. She had forgotten to bring them today! She took out her cell phone and called Rin, her family’s butler and also the one and only person she could count on.

“R….ri…n,” she coughed, clutching her chest tighter.

“Yes, Arisa-san. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He cut her off.

“Ari…ga…to…” she thanked and put down her phone. Only Rin knows me the best after all…

She dried her tears and picked herself up strenuously, walking out of her corner, trying her best to drag herself to the school gate for Rin to pick her up.

Huff… Huff…… Hurts... Can’t breathe…

Leaning onto the wall for support as she made her way, her vision began to blur further.

“Arisa-chan! Arisa-chan!” Arisa knew who it was without even turning. It was Haruhi. Arisa knew, given by her character, she’s here to apologize on behalf of the Host Club members, well especially the Host King. But she didn’t have the strength to think about that anymore. Arisa knew she had to get home without letting Haruhi know about her illness. But it’s kind of impossible now isn’t it? Arisa flinched as her heart began to hurt even more.

Haruhi hurried to Arisa’s side to apologize to her, but was stopped when she realized how pale she was.

“Daijou bu deska, Arisa-chan?” she asked worriedly. “Wait here, I’ll get the rest Mori-senpai to get you to the infirmatory!”

I pulled her back and shook my head, making my vision even blurrier.

“Ha…ru…hi… co..uld… you… help….me….…sc..hool… gate…?” Arisa panted exhaustedly as Haruhi hurriedly supported her at her side to prevent her from falling.

“No problem…” Haruhi looked at Arisa as they walked slowly out of the school campus to the gate.

When they reached the school gate, Rin was already there waiting for them. He immediately rushed forward and carried Arisa (in bridal style) to the car.

“Here’s your medicine Arisa-san. I figured you’d forgotten to bring them.” Rin said, handing Arisa her medication along with a bottle of water when he had had her sitting in the car. “Would you want to go to the hospital?”

Arisa popped the tablets into her mouth and swallowed them down with water. Shaking her head to answer him that she did not wish to go to the hospital, she leaned back against her seat to rest.

“Hai,” Rin replied. Turning to Haruhi, who was anxious about her well-being of her friend, he told her that Arisa was alright now and added to her not to tell anyone about what happened.

“I know. I’ll drop by your house later to check on you ok?” Haruhi asked Arisa, who nodded, and she went off back to the Music Room Three where the rest of the Host Club was.





Haruhi’s POV

I hope Arisa-chan would be alright… She seemed to be in great pain just now…

“Haru-chan! How’s Ari-chan doing?” Honey rushed up to me when I entered the music room.

“She must still be angry with what baka Tono and Renge had said.” Hikaru remarked.

“Ne Haruhi! Is Arisa alright?! Please tell me she’s not mad at me!” Tamaki demanded as he grabbed me by the shoulders, shaking me continuously.

“She went home,” I replied bluntly and carried on hosting my customers.

The Host Club is now closed for business

“Jaa ne. I’m going back home now.” I said and went out of the room quickly before Tamaki and the others start pestering me with their questions again.

I went straight to Arisa’s house right after I left school. To tell the truth, I’m really worried about her. I knew that she was keeping something from me.

Walking up to the front gate of her house, I rang the doorbell.

“Yes, how may I help you?” A lady spoke through the speaker. Without asking, I knew who it was. It was one of Arisa’s maids, Lucy, whom I’ve met the last time I was invited for a sleepover by Arisa.

“Konnichiwa Lucy-san. I’m here to see how Arisa-chan is doing.” I replied.

“Oh Haruhi-san! Hai, Arisa-san is in her room right now.” Lucy said as the gate opened, I went into the house and to Arisa’s room.

“Thank you for helping Arisa-san just now Haruhi-san.” Lucy added as she knocked Arisa’s room door and let me in.

“You’re welcome.” I nodded and entered the room.

Arisa was sitting up on her bed, leaning against the wall.

“Hi Haruhi…” she sighed as I walked over to her and sat on the chair that was placed beside her bed.

“Are you feeling better now?” I asked. I know it was stupid to ask that since her face was still as pale as before.

She nodded.

“I’ll help you take a leave from school tomorrow so you just need to rest in bed alright?” I added. There’s no way she’s able to go to school in this condition anyway.

“Arigato Haruhi.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome. You should get lots of rest. I’ll help you come up with an excuse for the Host Club alright? Or else they would come and pester you.” I grinned, trying to cheer her up; but she ended up looking even more upset.

“Ano ne Arisa-chan. You know Tamaki-senpai never meant what he says. They were all really worried when you left…” I added.

“I thought I was not wanted again…” she looked even more depressed and began to tear up again.

“No… That’s not true!” I rebutted. I knew what she meant. She had told me before during one of the sleepovers that she was adopted by the Hitori family when she was five years old. She said that it seems like she was involved in some incidents, but she could not remember anything about it or anything before that incident. “You’re not unwanted! Really! You’re the best friend I’ve ever had!”

“I guess so… maybe I’m just overly sensitive… Arigato ne Haruhi.” Arisa replied and grinned at me. She was not upset anymore.

Arisa’s POV:

It’s really nice to have a friend like Haruhi to talk to. It feels like a load had been lifted off my chest.

I looked at Haruhi, who was staring at me, and knew what she was going to ask me next. It’s all written on her face. She’s curious about the incident earlier. I knew it’s really difficult to keep anything from her either.

“I’d heart disorder ever since I was born.” I told her just when she was about to ask me. “I had an attack just now. That’s why I was so weak and pale”. I began to play with my fingers as I continued.

“It happens to me most of the time when I get too agitated or upset. But today’s attack was also due to my cold.” I explained, smiling sheepishly. Haruhi just sat there looking more worried then ever.

“Arisa-chan!” Haruhi suddenly stood up and put her hands on my shoulder shaking me. “Why didn’t you tell me?! Do you know how worried I was?”

“Gomene… (sorry) I didn’t want to be treated differently…” I coughed as she continued to shake me. “If they knew, especially Tamaki-senpai, he’ll definitely throw a fit about it.”

“Well I guess you’re right.” We giggled at the though of how Tamaki would react.

“Oh my! I forgot about the time! I’ve got to go back now, Arisa-chan! I need to prepare dinner for my dad. I’ll see you back in school alright? Rest well.” Haruhi flustered, picking up her belongings and headed for the door.

“Thank you Haruhi. See you then,” I replied smiling as though nothing had happened in the afternoon.






Meanwhile, when Haruhi left the school and headed to Arisa’s house…

“Haru-chan seems to be mad too…” Honey sobbed, as he was almost breaking into tears.

“And it’s all Tono’s fault…” the twins stated, both folding their arms as they sat on the couch.

“What should I do?...” Tamaki whimpered, crouching at his dark corner and growing mushrooms.

“She’ll probably ignore us all because of you.” Hikaru added as he turned to look at his brother. Kaoru had been acting real strange ever since the incident just now.

“Mommy?...” Tamaki called out desperately for Kyoya, who had been ignoring them all and busy typing away on his laptop.

“Yes, Daddy?” Kyoya answered, playing along with the host king, as he shifted his gaze away from his work and to Tamaki.

“What am I going to do?” Tamaki pleaded, looking at Kyoya with puppy eyes, hoping that his friend would be able to give him a solution.

“Simple, you just need to apologize to her and cheer her up again.” The shadow king sighed.

“YOU’RE RIGHT!” Tamaki exclaimed, suddenly jumped up and away from his corner.

“We could throw a party for Arisa-chan and also apologize to her! That way she would forgive us and not get mad at us anymore!” Tamaki shouted, beaming happily at the rest.

“YEH! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A PARTY!!!” Honey applauded.

“That’s one possible solution.” Mori said.

“But why do we have to apologize to her too?” Hikaru pouted.

“Yeah. You are the one she’s mad at anyway…” Kaoru added unhappily.

“But we were the ones who hadn’t paid much attention to her anyway…” Tamaki whined.

“We’ll throw that party after tomorrow’s Host Club activities then,” Kyoya sighed.

“Well then, let’s start planning now!” Tamaki shouted.

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