Long Forgotten

Chapter 7

Nobody’s POV

Next day…

Haruhi had helped Arisa applied for leave from school the moment she reached school and had also told the Anna-sensei (their teacher) not to let anyone know the reason why she’s not in school today.




Flashback to yesterday…

“Ano ne Haruhi, help me tell Anna-sensei not to let anyone know that I wasn’t in school was because I’m sick.” Arisa added when Haruhi was about to leave her room.

“Why?” Haruhi asked.

“First, if Tamaki and the others know, they’ll definitely stomp their way here.” She answered and Haruhi nodded in agreement. “Secondly, it’ll be more fun to let them think that I’m still mad at them that’s why I’m not going to school.” Arisa giggled and coughed, sticking her tongue out.

“Hai. They’ll definitely be panicking, especially you-know-who.” Haruhi added and giggled along.

Haruhi giggled inwardly at the thought of how the others would react as she walked to Music Room Three. ‘At least Arisa-chan is feeling slightly better now.’

“HARUHI!!!! I HEARD FROM THE TWINS THAT ARISA DIDN’T COME TO SCHOOL TODAY!!! IS IT REALLY TRUE?!!!!” Tamaki screamed, running towards Haruhi the moment she stepped into the music room.

“Senpai, since you heard from them already, why do you still need to ask me?” Haruhi sighed.

“That is because their words are ought not to be trusted! They’re lying right? Ne, Haruhi?” Tamaki asked in panic, shaking Haruhi in process of making her drop all her books.

“Senpai, they’re correct! Now could you please stop shaking me?” Haruhi said. Tamaki immediately moved away from her obediently and went away with the other Host Club members, babbling things that she could not hear. “Any way senpai,” Haruhi continued as she started picking up her books which were dropped again when Tamaki suddenly appeared in front of her again. “Why are you looking for Arisa-chan anyway? You know, you actually made her so upset yesterday.”

“And she probably didn’t come to school because she was mad at you!” Hikaru and Kaoru taunted as they smirked.

Immediately, Tamaki went straight into his depression mode and grew mushrooms again in a corner.

“Ohohohoho! Hi Minna! Tadaima!” Renge pops in from the door.

Everyone except Kyoya and Mori groaned.

“Now now, minna! It’s time for your training on your characters!” She clapped to catch all of our attention.

“Remember! Tamaki, the lonely prince! Honey-senpai, a cute face with a horrible personality (a bully)! Mori-senpai, you’re his childhood friend! The twins, basketball players who are in the own world! Haruhi, an honor student and victim of bullying!” she demanded and suddenly turned to Kyoya speaking sweetly. “Kyoya-sama, you’ll just need to stay as you are, as being caring and nice!”

“Arigato,” Kyoya replied and went on to writing on his black notebook.

“The lonely prince…! Such a perfect title for me!” Tamaki muttered dramatically at a corner.

“Come on Kyoya-senpai! Do we really need to do these?” the twins asked in annoyance as they pulled Kyoya to a side.

“Why? The king seems to be very involved in his part.” Kyoya replied casually as he pointed to Tamaki, who was doing depressed poses and asking Renge for her opinion.

“Wow Tamaki! You’re really good at it! Hmmm… I think it’ll even be better if you were standing in the rain!” Renge complimented.

“This is going to be interesting as always. We’ll see how things will turn out.” Kyoya stated and smirk.





Sigh… I wonder how Arisa-chan will react if she sees this. Haruhi wondered. She’ll definitely be laughing at how the others are acting... Come to think of it, how did we end up making a movie?

First it was the twins playing basketballs, then Kaoru got ‘hurt’ and the twins started with their brotherly-love act. After, Tamaki stepped in saying that he was the idol of the school but he would rather be alone and stuffs. Then it went on to Honey trying his best to act tough (well since he’s suppose to be the bully), with Mori advising him to stop as Hauhi was cornered to a tree. But it didn’t go well since Honey broke down and started apologizing to Hauhi about being mean to her, causing Renge to turn into a demon with her hair turning into snakes as she reprimanded him and commanded the movie crews. (Well, seriously she kind of went overboard with the making of the movie).

Haruhi was resting at a side, while the others tried their best to comprehend their scripts given by Renge, when Tamaki ran towards her.

“Haruhi! Haruhi! How did I do?” Tamaki shouted as he was drenched from head to toe due to the ‘rain act’ he was supposed to perform.

“Well senpai, you were really good,” Haruhi replied.

“Hmm? Hontoni (really)?!” Tamaki exclaimed excitedly. “You know, I’ve discovered that I should start behaving like this for a while. It’s fun!”

“Are you sure senpai?” Haruhi asked as she handed him a towel to dry himself off. “I think you’re just fine the way you are.”

It’ll be really troublesome if he gets even more depressed easily. Hmm… I guess being himself is still better. Haruhi thought.

Tamaki blushed a little as he hid it with the towel on his head, “Well if y-you s-say so…”

“Haruhi! You’re next!” Renge called out.

“Hai! Gambate ne senpai!” Haruhi said, giving Tamaki a smile before going to where Renge was.





“Ne Tama-chan. What are we going to do about the party now that Ari-chan’s not in school?” Honey whispered to Tamaki, after Haruhi had left for her ‘act’.

“Hmmm… That’s really a problem…” Kyoya stated.

Everyone (except Haruhi of course) looked at their Host King, waiting for his reply.

Tamaki started to think of another possible plan. Light bulbs seemed to pop above his head as he replied confidently, “We’ll change to venue to Arisa’s house!”

“Well then, we’ll just stick to the new plan then,” the twins replied boredly.

Suddenly a loud crash could be heard from where Haruhi was.

“HARUHI!!!” Tamaki shouted as he ran to where she was, only to find her kneeling in pain on the ground with two guys beside her.

Haruhi turned to look at Tamaki with tears in her eyes. Tamaki snapped. He punched one of the guys and slammed them again the wall, “Which one of you hurt her?!!!”

“H-h-hey! It’s wasn’t us!” the guy stammered.

“Y-yeah! It was that girl who started it!” the other added, as he helped his friend up and both of them ran away.

Tamaki ran to Haruhi and held up her face to examine her.

“Are you alright Haruhi?” Tamaki asked worriedly. “Are you hurt?”

“Ouch…” she rubbed her right eye. “One of my contacts slipped out…” she showed him her contact on her index finger.

“Con… Contacts?!” Tamaki froze and then sighed in relieved.

“Did you get that scene?!” Renge ordered the cameraman as she pointed to him.

“Hai! We’ve got that perfectly!” the cameraman replied, giving her a thumb-up.

“We’ll now just end it with the scene of my sweet Kyoya!” Renge said dreamily.

Out of nowhere, Kyoya smashed the camera lens with a rock.

“NO!!!! My camera!!!” the cameraman cried.

“K-kyoya s-sama?!” Renge blurted.

“Sorry, but I cannot allow anyone else seeing the club members engaging in violence. Stop being a nuisance, causing so much trouble for us.” Kyoya said bluntly.

“But… but… Kyoya-sama! You’re supposed to pat me on my head and assure me not to worry…” Renge broke into tears as she fell to her knees.

“Well, because that’s not the real Kyoya.” Tamaki smiled.

“It doesn’t matter now, does it?” Haruhi crouched down in front of her and smiled, “I think it’ll be more fun to get to know more about the person little by little. Don’t you think so Renge-chan?”





After everyone had returned back to the Music Room 3 & Renge had finally returned to France…

“Well then minna! Let’s get the plan started shall we?” the Host King announced.

“Eh?... What plan?” Haruhi asked in confusion.

“Well, we were planning to throw Arisa an ‘I’m sorry’ party in school today after what happened yesterday; that was our plan A. However, since she’s not here today since she’s still mad at us that she’s not coming to school, we’ll move to plan B!” Tamaki shouted in excitement.

“And what’s plan B?” Haruhi asked. A part of her knew that it’s not something good.

“We’ll be changing the venue of the party to her house!” the twins exclaimed in unison, appearing on either side of Tamaki.

“EH?!!!!” Haruhi shouted in shock. “W-wait a minute!” Haruhi called out to stop the club members in their tracks, before they leave for Arisa’s house. “You can’t just go to her house unexpectedly?!”

“Why can’t we Haru-chan?” Honey asked, sitting on Mori’s shoulder, hugging his favorite pink bunny.

“Yeah, why can we?” the twins taunted as they walked nearer to Haruhi, causing her to back away and sweat dropped.

That’s because if you guys go over, you’ll definitely find out about her being sick! Haruhi thought anxiously to herself.

“It seems like Haruhi here is keeping something from us.” Kyoya stated as he slammed shut his coughcoughDeath Notecoughcough that he was reading. He was obviously unhappy that there were some things that he did not know.

“Oh no! HARUHI!!! You’re keeping a secret from DADDY??!!!!!” Tamaki cried out.

Arisa-chan, what am I supposed to do now? Haruhi begged inwardly, hoping that the club members would stop pestering her about it. But it was no use. Haruhi sighed heavily. She gave in.

“Ok… I’ll tell you all. But don’t over-react about it after I told you everything alright? Because Arisa would HATE it.” Haruhi said reluctantly, purposely emphasizing the word ‘hate’.

“HAI!” everyone agreed.

“Ano…, to keep the long story short, Arisa-chan didn’t come to school today because she was sick.” Haruhi explained.

“BUT! She’s fine now.” She added quickly when everyone looked so shocked and worried.

“Oh? So it happened again?” Kyoya asked as he wrote in his coughcoughDeath Notecoughcough.

“Yeah.” Haruhi replied casually, but it turned to shock. “EH?!!! Kyoya-senpai, you knew?!!”

“Knew about what?” Kaoru demanded worriedly. He frowned.

“Arisa had heart disorder ever since she was born. From the information I’ve, it seems that her condition used to be really bad when she was young. Although, it’s getting better now, she would still suffer from attacks which are somewhat similar to asthma attacks but worst. Hn… For worst case scenario, it may cause death.” Kyoya stated seriously.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this Mommy?!!!” Tamaki cried devastatedly as he fell down on his knees. “It’s my fault… It must be because I made her upset that’s why she fell sick!”

“That’s because she didn’t want anyone to know,” Kyoya replied flatly.

“It’s not your fault senpai. Arisa-chan said it was most probably due to her cold.” Haruhi said as she tried to comfort him.

“Poor Ari-chan…” Honey cried as tears start to form in their eyes.

“Kaoru?” Hikaru said, looking up in confusion at his brother, who had moved away from him and to the door.

“Well? Aren’t you guys going to her house?” Kaoru replied, standing at the door.




Kaoru’s POV

Listening to what Kyoya and Haruhi said made me felt all achy inside. I’m not too sure why either. I couldn’t keep myself from frowning. It made me have the urge to rush over to Arisa’s house to double check for myself if she’s alright.

Wait, am I worried? It can’t be right… It must be the heat getting into me… I sighed. Everyone was silent, trying to absorb what Kyoya and Haruhi had told us while Tamaki, as always, the first one to react to it… He started being all emotional again like a drama king.

“Ne Kaoru, daijou bu deska (are you alright)?” Hikaru whispered in concern, breaking me away from my thoughts.

“Hn… ya…” I replied and stood up, walking towards the door. I didn’t know what I was even thinking or doing. My legs just moved as though they have a mind of their own!

“Kaoru?” Hikaru called out, obviously not believing what I’d said.

“Well? Aren’t you guys going to her house?” I said, standing at the door.





It didn’t take long for us to reach Arisa’s house. We all sat in Tamaki’s limousine which was waiting for us at the school gate after we had decided to go to Arisa’s house for a visit.

“Remember everyone! Arisa didn’t want us to worry about her! So, remember not to over-react or get overly concern for her!” the Host King ordered.

“Well, it’ll just apply to you though,” Hikaru and I replied in unison, grinning at each other. “Aren’t we right Haruhi?”

“Well… I suppose so…” Haruhi pointed out, after giving some thought.

The Host King immediately went into his usual depression mode.

In just fifteen minutes, we’ve arrived in front of the blue gates of the familiar mansion in front of us. We got down and Haruhi pressed the doorbell button. No one answered.

“Hmm? That’s odd. Arisa-chan should be at home.” Haruhi wondered out loud. She pressed the button again. But there was no response.

Tamaki gasped worriedly (and also dramatically), “Could it be that something has happened to her?!” (well you can just figure out what kind of things he’s imagining)

He started to ring the doorbell vigorously.

“It’s not possible.” Hikaru said.

“Yeah. Her maids or butler should be around.” Renge stated.

“Maybe the doorbell is spoiled.” I added boredly, though part of me was a little worried.

“But everyone has gone back home for the weekends,” Haruhi said, a frown started appearing on her face.

“Ne, Takashi, will Ari-chan be alright?” Honey asked as he started to tear up again.

“Yeah,” Mori replied.

“NO! We’ve got to rush in and save her!” Tamaki shouted. “What if she fainted?! Or she got sick again?! Mori-senpai, could you bring us over the gate?” (well he was referring to Mori bring them over by jumping over the gate, in case you don’t understand ^_^)

“Ok,” Mori replied.

However when he was about to bring them each over the gate, a voice was heard through the intercom.

“Y-yes?” A voice cracked. It was Arisa.

“Arisa!” Tamaki exclaimed.

“Tamaki-senpai?” she quaked in disbelief. “Why are you here? Wait, everyone is here too?” she started coughing.

“YAP!” Honey exclaimed.

“G-give me a minute… Let me open the gate for you.”

The blue metal gate in front of us squeaked a little as it opened slowly. We rushed in and passed the garden, not taking any notice of the scenery of the garden like we usually did when we came here previously. All we thought was to check on Arisa because she seemed to be coughing badly when she was speaking through the intercom.

When we arrived at the house, I sighed in relief inwardly. She looked fine despite looking slightly pale. Arisa was leaning at the door with her arms folded in front of her, waiting for us.





Arisa’s POV

Before the Host Club member came…

“Arisa-san, are you sure that you’ll be alright alone at home? Your parents won’t be back till late at night. I don’t mind not going back home for the weekends.” Rin said in concern, carrying a bag.

It was Friday. Everyone had gone home for the weekends, except Rin; because he was worried for me since there would be no one at home to look after me.

I shook my head smiling and replied, “It’s alright Rin. I can take care of myself. Anyway, Haruhi will be coming over later, so don’t worry. Just relax and enjoy yourself with your family alright?” I pushed him gently out of the door. “I’ll see you back on Monday morning then. Bye!”

“Alright then. Do take care Arisa-san.” Rin bowed and left.

Sigh… I leaned on the wall tiredly. The medicine is making me all drowsy and dizzy again…

Coughing badly again, I dragged myself to my room to take a nap.





“Argh… Who is it?” the constant ringing of the doorbell woke me up. “Cough… cough… Wait… I’m… cough… coming…” I tried my best and pulled myself away from the bed and stumbled clumsily downstairs to the monitor.

“Y-yes?” I asked. My voice sounded horrible, since I just woke up.

“Arisa?” a voice shouted back. It didn’t take me long to know whom the dramatic voice belong to. It was Tamaki’s.

“Tamaki-senpai?” I almost shouted in disbelief, though part of me knew this might happen. “Why are you here? Wait, everyone is here too?” I started coughing again.

“YAP!” I heard Honey exclaimed.

“G-give me a minute… Let me open the gate for you.”

I click on the controller for the gate to open.

They must have made poor Haruhi tell them. I kind of expected this would happen. I was kind of in a bad mood, because of the medicine and the constant ringing of the doorbell, which woke me from my nap. I leant on the door for some support, because I was still a little dizzy, with my arms folded in front of me. It was kind of windy outside and I’ve only worn a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

“Arisa-chan, I’m sorry… I told them in the end…” Haruhi apologized.

I shook my head. Ok bad idea, now I’m getting even dizzier.

“It’s alright. I have a feeling it would end up like this.” I sighed, smiling a little.

“Arisa! Are you alright?” Tamaki shouted as he ran forward and shook me vigorously by my shoulders.

“S-stop! I’m getting even dizzier!” I remarked. He immediately let go of me and I stumbled back. “Ouff!” I fell against Kaoru who was behind me.

“Daijou bu deska?” Kaoru asked, his eyes filled with much concern. He held me up gently, which made me blushed a little. I looked down so that my bangs could cover them.

“Ne minna-chan, let’s go in so that Ari-chan can sit down and rest.” Honey announced. “It’s windy here. Ari-chan might catch a cold again.”

“Yeah,” Mori agreed.

Kaoru and Haruhi helped me back in to the house and I sat down on the couch. Everyone surrounded me except Haruhi, Kyoya and Mori; observing me as though I might breakdown any moment.

“I’m alright now. It’s because of the side-effects of the medicine I ate just now. So can you guys have a sit?” I pointed out.

“Here, Arisa-chan.” Haruhi handed me a cup of warm water that she’d gotten from the kitchen. I thanked her as she sat beside me.

“Arisa!!! Daddy is sooo very sorry for yesterday! Please forgive me!!!” Tamaki broke down in front of me.

“It’s alright. I’ve forgotten about it already.” I assured them. (Boy, I know this part is a little weird xp) “I was just over-sensitive. I’m alright now.”

I smiled and continued after everyone had sat down on the couch. “So, mind telling me the other reason for your visit?”

“How did you know Arisa-chan?!” Haruhi asked shockly.

“Simple. If there wasn’t, they’ll not know that I’m sick. You guys should be up to something right?” I stated as-matter-of-factually. It’s easy to tell if they’re up to something. “So, what is it?” I raised an eyebrow.

“AMAZING! My daughter has TELEPHATHY POWERS!” Tamaki announced.

Everyone face palmed.

“Ari-chan! Ano ne, we wanted to throw you an ‘I’m sorry’ party! But you didn’t come to school, so Tama-chan wanted to change the venue to your house! But then Haru-chan stopped us, and she told us that you were sick in the end. So… we ended up coming to your house to pay you a visit!” Honey exclaimed loudly in a proud tone.

I sighed out loud. These guys… I really don’t know what to say…

“Please don’t be mad us Arisa!” Tamaki cried.

“I’m not mad senpai, but your apology is accepted; so there’s no need for a party.” I said. “So you can go back now, except Haruhi of course.

“Why is it only Haruhi can stay?” the twins asked.

“Simple, she was going to stay over at my house today.” I pointed out as-a-matter-of-factually.

“Why can’t daddy stay too?” Tamaki looked at me with puppy eyes.

“Those eyes don’t work on me.”

“Please Ari-chan…” Honey hugged my legs and asked pitifully.


“Aww~ Arisa’s so cold” the twins said as they appear on either side of me


“Mommy!!!” Tamaki rushed over to Kyoya for help, but was ignored.

“She needs some rest.” Mori stated.

In the end, they all left reluctantly and I spend the rest of the day with Haruhi. She explained to me what happened when I wasn’t in school and we also talked about some other random stuffs till we fell asleep that night.

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